Today we all use the Internet for everything from finding the best and closest place to buy a television to how to make baked chicken. Therefore, if you have a business, are self-employed or have a small store, you must have a website, since sooner or later, if it has not happened to you, you will notice how your very loyal customers will remain, but you will not receive new customers 3win. – Installation

First of all, go to and click on Create website. The first thing it asks you is to choose a template among several that shows you, but you can skip this step and choose it later.

Personalization of our site

To access our control panel, we must enter the URL we have chosen in the navigation bar of our browser and add “/ wp-admin.” This control panel is where our entire website is managed.

Create an entry and a page

Go to Entry> Add new or Page> Add new, in both cases we are faced with a very easy to use text editor. The main thing you should know here is that you have different titles, that you must always use them from highest to lowest, except for title 1, which already appears as such the title of the entry, and there should not be more than one title 1 in each post.


In the Configuration section, we can modify numerous options. For example, in General, we can modify the date and time, the title of the web, etc. Go through all the sections and configure everything.

A very important configuration is the following: go to Configuration> Reading. In WordPress, we find three main options: You can make a website for use with various static pages, a blog with posts that are being updated, or a website that also has a blog.


Widgets are small applications that we can install in various areas of our website, depending on the template we use. There are different types of widgets: to search, calendar, recent entries, images, Social Networks, etc.

Typically, these widgets appear in the right sidebar of your site, but they are also very common in the footer or even the left sidebar.

As you have seen, creating a website in WordPress is very simple. I have made a summary of everything you can do, but the best way to learn is to change all the options you have and try.

Although it is free, has many features to edit and make a great website; you have no excuse for not being on the Internet! But if you finally decide on, you will learn to use it quickly because it is very similar, and you can also migrate all the content you have on to avoid losing anything (in Tools> Export and then in your new WordPress, in Tools> Import ).

Once you have your website completely personalized, you will wish that users and potential customers visit you, do not forget to place the name of your website on all your Social Networks and make it known. Little by little, it will gain recognition and appear in Google’s search results.