The interface of an aesthetic jdl688 web page is the graphic design of your virtual window. This is the one that gives your clients access to the contents of your website comfortably and fluidly. This is why the interface becomes so essential. Navigating quickly, effectively, and pleasantly through a website gives success to a page and ensures you get new customers

The first thing to think about on the interface of your aesthetic website is your “index.” This is a guide map of the website that will tell your customers all the content they can get. Generally, when entering any web page, the site map is shown at the top.


In our case, we summarize the sitemap to these links. However, you have the opportunity to do many more. Everything will depend on the limit of your creativity. You can have links for your clients to see the promotions on the website of your aesthetic services. Also, you will have a link so that they subscribe through a form and receive offers.

You could also add a link to locate your aesthetic center and find out about your work hours. A recommendation that we give you, regardless of the design you choose for your map, is that your customers can enter the links you place with a number no greater than two clicks.

This will make browsing smoother for them, and they don’t have to go through many pages to find the one they are looking for. Also, Google scores these characteristics to position them among the pages of its search engine.


Make the branding to make your aesthetic website

The image of your aesthetic center should be the engine that drives everything else to create your aesthetic website. But the image is not just the logo of your clinic, and that’s what branding is all about. This is a concept widely used in digital marketing and refers to the image that is left in front of the public.


We talk about what identifies your aesthetic center, what sets it apart from other clinics, its personal and unique touch. To carry this out, branding must be well reflected within your aesthetic website. The strategy and creativity you promote the image of your aesthetic center are the most important thing to achieve good branding.


I recommend that you look for those elements that are characteristic of your clinic. That is, identify the characteristics that differentiate your brand from the others. Then think about how to build content that enhances those characteristics from your aesthetic website. The purpose is to make them relevant, distinctive, and attractive.

The contents created for the branding of a website are divided into those that are visible and invisible. For example, if we talk about visible elements for your content, elements are referred to as a visual identity, consistent with your marketing strategy. And the latter would be one of those invisible elements of branding.


Another example: when we talk about invisible elements to create content, it is possible to refer to the clarity of the objectives of your aesthetic center, the values ​​you promote, your ideal clients, etc.


Make sure of the adaptability of your aesthetic website.

It is important to highlight the adaptability required to accommodate a website to the type of device with which it is entered. For example, the Facebook interface on a computer is different from that of your Smartphone or Tablet.

If you wonder why I am talking about adaptability and why I give you this example, I invite you to do the same on your website. When we talk about an aesthetic web page, it is important that the client feels comfortable reviewing the contents you have, from any device that enters or whatever he wants to see it. When this doesn’t happen, customers often leave websites.

There is a technique called Adaptive Web Design, or Responsive Web Design (RWD). This technique consists of creating a web page that adapts to any type of device. This can be from a Phone or Tablet with a vertical or horizontal view or on Computer.