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An Essay on the Principle of Population - Wikipedia

Full documentation on these subjects will be found in my soon-to-be-published book, "None Dare Call It Genocide." At this point let me simply offer a few examples of the views expressed by those who publicly advocate population reduction and/or genocide.
David Graber, a research biologist with the National Park Service, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times Book Review Section, October 22, 1989, as saying:"Human happiness and certainly human fecundity are not as important as a wild and healthy planet.

World Population Day Essay - 346 Words

The following graph is helpful in correlating population growthof the world with population estimates for the Jewish populationin the world from Jewish scholars. Adapted from Ed. by Eli Baranavi, SchockenBooks, New Yoprk, 1992, by .

Essay on the Problem of Population Growth (657 Words)

WPP94: United Nations, 1993. World Population Prospects: The1994 Revision (United Nations, New York)

Probably the world population by the time of the Flood wasindeed many billions of people, but there is a lot we do not knowabout this amazing period of human history before the Flood.

Small family sizes when men and women were capable of bearingchildren for more than 400 years seems strange to us today--unlessthe sexual drive was much different then as compared to now. Onthe other hand, death rates have been very high beforethe Flood. When a new disease appeared suddenly amongst the Antediluviansthe death rate might have been enormous. Human bodies as yet hadno immunity to new diseases back then, no antibodies to fighta new disease. Humans were created with the capacity to adaptover time to fight germs and infections. Nowadays, late in time,our bodies carry all manner of antibodies against a myriad ofgerms and infections. But what was it like when our race was justadjusting in a fallen world full of deadly perils?

Essay on the Problem of Population Growth

The current worldwide population is around 6.9 billion and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 (Baird).

There are literally dozens of other examples of population- control programs which have been implemented throughout our world by modern-day "Malthusians" in their effort to ensure that the world population is dramatically curtailed.

The main weakness in the models comes from migration. As theauthors point out, if one region is totally isolated (somethingthat they do not simulate), with no migrants connecting it toother subpopulations, then the universal ancestor must logicallyhave lived before the period of isolation began. Only after thatperiod ends would the dates for the universal ancestor becomeless distant. Because of the effects of isolation, had we beenliving in 1700, say, and tried to work out when our universaland identical ancestors lived, the answers would have been furtherback in time than the answers we obtain now. Tasmania, for instance,was conceivably completely isolated at the time, and probablyhad been for millennia; this would therefore have pushed backthe dates for universal and identical ancestry. So uncertaintiesabout population structure introduce uncertainty into the proposeddates.

World Population Balance Essay - 871 Words | Cram
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Essay on the World Population Growth and Distribution

From Adam to Noah, average human lifetimes were very nearly1000 years. First-born children arrived when their parents wereof the order of 100 years in age. The time period from Adam toNoah is 1656 years in a tight reading of the genealogy, or 2256years if one chooses to use the preferred Hebrew text of the OldTestament. The First-century historian Josephus, ( Chap. 2 vs. 3 footnote), says that Adam and Evehad 33 sons and 23 daughters, that is, c = 28. If this was a typicalfamily size, the total world population before the Flood wouldhave been totally beyond any reasonable numbers. There were tengenerations from Adam to Noah and a more reasonable family sizewould appear to be at least 5 children per family. Based on theassumption of 4 to 9 children per family on average, the followingsets of curves have been prepared.

World Population Essay Example for Free

What you probably have never been told, however, is the segment of the Holocaust tragedy recorded by Professor Norman Cohn in his historical account of the Jewish Holocaust, "Warrant for Genocide." Professor Cohn chronicled the dark days of World War II, noting:Only about a third of the civilians killed by the Nazis and their accomplices were Jews ...Other peoples were marked out for decimation, subjugation, and enslavement, and the civilian losses of some of these (countries - Ed.) amounted to 11 per cent to 12 per cent of the total population." 12
If Professor Cohn's figures are accurate - and I feel certain that they are, because other Jewish researchers have come up with similar figures - then why haven't the Christians of America been allowed to learn the fact that in addition to the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, somewhere between 7 and 12 million non-Jews were also ruthlessly liquidated in Hitler's Germany?

World Population Essay - 1222 Words | Bartleby

All these dangers are caused by human intervention ...The real enemy, then, is humanity itself." 16
he Los Angeles Times of April 5, 1994 quoted Cornell University Professor David Pimentel, speaking before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as saying that,"The total world population should be no more than 2 billion rather than the current 5.6 billion."
In the UNESCO Courier of November 1991, Jacques Cousteau wrote:"The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics - it is equal to the degree of development.

Free human population Essays and Papers

Analysis of the pollution problem as a function of populationdensity uncovers a not generally recognized principle ofmorality, namely: Using the commons as a cesspool does notharm the general public under frontier conditions, because thereis no public; the same behavior in a metropolis is unbearable. Ahundred and fifty years ago a plainsman could kill an Americanbison, cut out only the tongue for his dinner, and discard therest of the animal. He was not in any important sense beingwasteful. Today, with only a few thousand bison left, we would beappalled at such behavior.

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