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Are they always wrongto the same degree?

Reflecting on this harsh reality has confirmed some conservatives in their belief that the managerial order is inherently left wing, and that the goal of a conservative politics should be to sweep the managerial class away entirely. This is part of the appeal of Trump to a small cohort within the right’s intelligentsia, who imagine that his strongman approach can unweave the administrative state and strip the overclass of all its powers.

The struggle over what is right and what is wrong can be a lifelong endeavor.

The fact that there are immoral forms of individualism doesnot usually cause people to consider all forms of individualismto be immoral. In spite of the immoral individualists the mainstreamculture generally sees individualism as a positive value, as morallyright and good, and regards its immoral practitioners as exceptionsto the rule. In modern Western culture individualism is more likelyto have a positive connotation than a negative, more likely tobe regarded as moral than immoral. This is because the moral formsof individualism have been successfully defined as distinct fromthe immoral forms, and so purified of any association or confusionwith them. The same should also be true of racism.

“And how do you make right decisions?” “One word.”

“Two words”“And, Sir,what are they?” “Wrong decisions”

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“This is the crisis of the conservative intellectual,” writes Matthew Continetti, the editor of The Washington Free Beacon, in a tracing how the highbrow conservatism of Burnham and William F. Buckley sought to work with and through the anti-establishment impulses of the Middle American right. “After years of aligning with, trying to explain, sympathizing with the causes and occasionally ignoring the worst aspects of populism, he finds that populism has exiled him from his political home.”

Right and Wrong Racism - Racial Compact

The curvatureof the earth is nearly 0 per mile, so that although the flat-earth theoryis wrong, it happens to be nearly right.

Besides, if he turns out to be right, satisfaction enough may surely be found in what we still can get — clarity, demystification and truth.

NOTE: A response to this post by

microscopic) level.— The third main claim of Wittgenstein’s metaphilosophy — an immediate consequence of the first two — is that traditional philosophy is necessarily pervaded with oversimplification; analogies are unreasonably inflated; exceptions to simple regularities are wrongly dismissed.— Therefore — the fourth claim — a decent approach to the subject must avoid theory-construction and instead be merely “therapeutic,” confined to exposing the irrational assumptions on which theory-oriented investigations are based and the irrational conclusions to which they lead.Consider, for instance, the paradigmatically philosophical question: “What is truth?”.

The right side, usually told by the first person to speak, and the wrong side, inferred irrationally by the opposed.
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The South Was Right, the Historians Are Wrong: Taking …

Entrepreneurs are mostly started from a dreamer. In this day and age, many people especially parents thinks that these shows give you no education and joy only. This is not entirely wrong but not true either. You must determine your own fate and what to learn. That way you can reach what you supposed to have in this life.

The Right vs. the Wrong Essay - 1997 Words | Cram

A child may look silly and careless, but look at them carefully, you might see “something” in them. Something that can either surprise or disappoint you. You can look back at yourself for example. Remember when you’re still young, you might play house as dad, mom, brother, or sister with your friends. How you played it might be reflected, even for a bit, in your life right now. There are also dangerous things such as playing hero with a sword/knife toy that you do a lot that time and end up enabling you as a potential assassin, soldier, etc.

free essay on Right and Wrong in Antigone

Future historians won’t find all that much of a foundation for Trumpism in the grim essays of William F. Buckley, the scrupulous constitutionalist principles of Barry Goldwater or the bright-eyed optimism of Ronald Reagan. They’ll need instead to study conservative history’s political surrealists and intellectual embarrassments, its con artists and tribunes of white rage. It will not be a pleasant story. But if those historians are to construct new arguments to make sense of Trump, the first step may be to risk being impolite.

Is there any real right and wrong? « Power to Change

If there is such a thing as moral progress, and one shouldhope there is, then humanity can learn from past errors and enjoyprogress in the moral or ethical sphere much as it has in thematerial, technical and scientific spheres. It would not be limitedto the same standards of morality practiced by generations ofpast centuries or long-ago millennia. The pre-human law of nature,the brutal struggle for survival, of rule or be ruled, kill orbe killed, has been superseded by the cumulative efforts of thousandsof generations of humanity to rise above it through the recognition(or social construction) of human rights and the Golden Rule oflive and let live. Immoral racism applies the law of pre-humannature to racial relationships. But the relationships betweenraces can be raised above this brutal law by a morality that respectsand affirms racial rights, just as the relationships between individualshave been raised above it by the morality that respects and affirmsindividual rights. There are limits to how far conduct can deviatefrom the laws of nature before the individual or race engagesin conduct that is self-destructive, but within those limits humanityhas sufficient leeway to create a just, humane and civilized society.

Is there any real right and wrong

The mutual recognition of racial rights, the central principleof moral racism, would foster a cooperative relationship betweenraces and a common effort to promote and protect racial independenceand preservation. Whereas extremist immoral racism believes thatother races must lose for it to win, moral racism believes thatall races can win, that the interests of all can be served andprotected, so that all can coexist -- which first requires thatthey continue to exist -- on the same planet in peace, each intheir own homelands, each in control of their own destiny, eachrespecting the rights of the others in accordance with the RacialGolden Rule.

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