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The Modern Essay by Virginia Woolf - ThoughtCo

Mosquitoes, butterflies, caterpillars, ants, moths, their kind and their neighbours..."
•This essay appeals to the emotional feelings of the reader

•It attempts to show the pain and suffering Corporations are causing

•Talks about how Corporations have a constant need for greed.

Part of this forward progression is the incorporation of technology into modern education.

Now the post in postmodern can be taken in a temporal chronologicalsense. Anything that comes after something else is "post"that something else. But this isn't quite the way in which postmodernis used. It's supposed, rather, to mean or imply art that supersedes,replaces, succeeds the modern in terms of stylistic evolution,the way that the baroque succeeded mannerism and the rococo succeededthe baroque. The corollary is that the modern is over and donewith, just as mannerism was over and done with when supersededby the baroque. But the problem for those who claim this becomesto specify what they mean, not by post, but by modern. Anythingin its own time can be called modern. However, what we usuallymean by modern is something considered up-to-date, abreast ofthe times, and going beyond the past in more than a temporallyor chronologically literal sense.

Modern History Essay Guide - Bored of Studies

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So I come at last to what I offer as an embracing and perdurabledefinition of Modernism: that it consists in the continuing endeavorto stem the decline of aesthetic standards threatened by the relativedemocratization of culture under industrialism; that the overridingand innermost logic of Modernism is to maintain the levels ofthe past in the face of an opposition that hadn't been presentin the past. Thus the whole enterprise of Modernism, for all itsoutward aspects, can be seen as backward-looking. That seems paradoxical,but reality is shot through with paradox, is practically constitutedby it.

How much Manet knew of Pre-Raphaelism, I can't tell. But hetoo, ten years or so later than they, when he was starting out,became profoundly dissatisfied with the kind of painting he sawbeing done around him. That was toward the end of the I850s. Buthe put his finger on what dissatisfied him more "physically"than the Pre-Raphaelites had, and therefore, as I think, to morelasting effect. (From the seventeenth century on the English anticipatedever so much, in culture and the arts as well as in politics andsocial life, but usually left it to others to follow through onwhat they'd started.) Seeing a "Velazquez" in the Louvre(a picture now thought to be by Velazquez's son-in-law Mazo),he said how "clean" its color was compared to the "stewsand gravies" of contemporary painting. Which "stewsand gravies" were owed to that same color-muffling, grayingand browning shading and shadowing that the Pre-Raphaelites hadreacted against. Manet, in his own reaction, reached back to anearer past than they had in order to "disencumber"his art of those "halftones" responsible for the "stewsand gravies." He went only as far back as Velazquez to startwith, and then even less far back, to another Spanish painter,Goya.

Modern-Day essay writing - The South African | News …

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Well, how are you to decide what is and what isn't modern inpresent-day art in a sense that goes beyond the literal one? There'sno rule, no principle, no method. It comes down to a questionof tastes, or else a terminological quibble. Different stylisticdefinitions of the modern have been proposed in every generationsince the word first came into circulation as applicable to paintingand sculpture in more than a merely temporal sense, and none ofthem have held. Nor have any of those offered by the proponentsof the postmodern, whether stylistic or not.

There are reasons and reasons here. One possible reason isthe return to the foreground of figurative or representationalpictorial art. But there's been enough precedent, since De Chiricoand surrealism and neoromanticism, for including figurative artin the modern. There have to be other, less obvious, and at thesame time more general reasons for the currency of postmodernin talk about recent painting and sculpture. All the more becauseno critic or journalist I'm aware of who makes free with postmodernpoints to any specific body of work he or she feels really confidentin calling that.

Emerson's essay, Self-Reliance translated into modern …
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Ordos, China: A Modern Ghost Town - Photo Essays - TIME

One reason why Tiger Woods could be characterized as a modern day tragic hero is because he demonstrates the tragic flaw of excessive pride in the way he felt he was superior to be committed to just his own wife....

Modern Love - The New York Times

Obviously Chaplin wasn’t against progress or technology; after all, cinema itself, even silent cinema, is a quintessentially modern medium. And it goes without saying that the modern era has brought many extraordinary advances in such areas as medicine, food production, and so on. It’s easy to imagine someone making a companion film called highlighting the difficulties of life in premodern conditions. Still, even if we decide in the end that, all things considered, we prefer today’s quality of life to that of earlier periods, that shouldn’t prevent us from recognizing the social ills and failings of our own day.

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Can postmodern be identified in an equally agreed upon wayin any of the other arts? I haven't yet seen or heard the termapplied in earnest to anything in recent literature. It's comeup in connection with music, but haphazardly and with no agreementabout what it means there. And from what I can tell it comes uphardly at all in talk about the dance or the movies. Away fromarchitecture, it's in the area of painting and sculpture thatI've mostly heard and seen postmodern used -- but only by criticsand journalists, not by artists themselves.

Essay Example On Importance Of Education In The Modern World

For example, a recurring theme in is the phenomenon of unemployment. Now, obviously there’s nothing new about widespread poverty and want, but unemployment as we know it today is a comparatively recent development — a byproduct of the modern workforce economy that requires everyone to "get a job." (In premodern societies, generally speaking, the challenge for able-bodied people was often less "finding work" than being able to survive on the work one did.)

Medieval to early modern times holt online essay

At the same time, Chaplin’s critique of "modern" times sometimes reminds us of the progress made in this country even since his day. We still have unemployment, of course, but at comparatively low levels — and with a far more robust system of social "safety nets" (unemployment benefits, welfare and social services, shelters and food pantries, etc.) than existed in Chaplin’s day. Few Americans today are in a position of having to steal in order to eat, like Chaplin’s heroine (vivacious Paulette Goddard, Chaplin’s real-life wife at the time), said to be a "" or "child of the waterfront" who "refuses to go hungry." Or like the burglars the Tramp encounters while working as a security guard, one of whom happens to know the Tramp and says plaintively,

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