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(Fixed wrong link.) This interview shows Johnny with his native dialect, which is hard to catch, since in both his songs and his interviews he often seems to suppress it. It is clearly Lowland. This song probably shows it best, though even here it is not as southern as the interview: .

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However, even with various features crossing the border,this does not mean that towns on opposite sides of the border will soundparticularly similar. As mentioned above, Windsor and Detroit sound extremelydifferent, sharing only one important feature. But even towns sharing morefeatures don’t really sound that close: Tammy Faye Bakker Messner fromInternational Falls, Minnesota, and Duncan Keith from across the river in FortFrances, Ontario pronounce their vowels the same, and alsotheir vowels in words like “down”, but many oftheir other vowels are very different. The fact that they are neighboring townsin a remote area doesn’t seem to matter: one is American and the otherCanadian, and that matters more!

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I am a professional linguist and a Christian missionary,working in indigenous Amerindian languages. My work has nothing to do withEnglish, so that is why this project is just a hobby.

On the other hand, at least one section of Canada, southernBritish Columbia, was evidently settled mostly by Americans or Europeans, withlittle direct immigration from previously settled areas of Canada, since thecenter of the country was still largely unpopulated, as discussed in the And yet all of these settlers adopted the Canadian raising, and the linefollows the U.S.-Canadian border all the way to the Pacific. Why did thishappen unless at least some people felt that this was a for Canadians?

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My father was born and raised in Port Chester, New York. Hespoke a number of different languages. He did not have a Port Chester accent(Eastern North; check out the two Ihave listed), but instead spoke essentially General American, the one relic ofhis Eastern North upbringing being that he distinguished words like “merry” and “marry” .

, (Replaced bad link.) These are two different renditions of the same song, separated by decades. But her accent never changes, and is one of the best examples of Inland Southern I have heard! (The song’s message is right on also, and she sure feels it as she sings it!)

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In the above, we sawthat there are a limited number of vowel sounds that can come before at the end of a word, or when the comes before another consonant, and that these are usually “colored” by the , that is, they are changed so that they don’t reallymatch any of the ordinary vowels. (These vowels are also known as “r-controlledvowels”.)Some speakers have as few as 5 of these r-colored vowels in stressed syllables,others have 6 or 7, and this variation is found in both North America and GreatBritain.

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American English (and most other varieties of English) has on each syllable of a word, primarystress, secondary stress, or no stress. Only one syllable in the word can haveprimary stress, and this is the syllable that is pronounced with the greatestintensity or loudness. The other syllables can have either secondary stress orno stress. An example is the word “”, pronounced .This word has 8 syllables, divided with hyphens as .It has one syllable with primary stress, , marked with bold and underline in the dictionaryspelling and with before it in the IPA. It hasthree syllables with secondary stress, syllables 1, 3, and 7, marked with boldin the dictionary spelling and with before themin the IPA, and four with no stress, syllables 2, 4, 6, and 8. As is true withmany words in English, especially long ones, every other syllable is weak(unstressed).

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The answer to this one is a bit less complicated, but againthe answer is not based on the traditional English alphabet. Most Englishspeakers have 24. (The sound, which is usually spelled inEnglish, is really just a combination of followedby , and was spelled this way in . Most English speakers no longer have thissound, though I and many other older speakers do in many parts of NorthAmerica, and in certain regions, particularly the South, nearly all speakersdo.)

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Starting in 1765, the Stamp Act was intended by Parliament to provide the funds necessary to keep peace between the American settlers and the Native American population....

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Thissystem has been in use at least since the in a form veryclose to the one used here, except that the weak (completely unstressed) vowel is not handled consistently. Check out a samplepage . Note the pronunciation guide at the bottom of eachpage. It seems to have been used even earlier, and was certainly used in bothAmerican and British dictionaries, as shown in the , which was based onWebster’s. The pronunciation system is a bit different, and I have not beenable to determine whether any earlier editions of Webster’s were closer to thissystem. did not use thissystem, but had a more haphazard way of showing pronunciation, mostly justindicating the stressed syllable, though they did occasionally use a long orshort mark over a vowel. A comparison is shown below, with differences from thecurrent American Heritage Dictionary marked with a yellow background.(Merriam-Webster and Ogilvie’s leave the breve mark ˘ off the shortvowels, but I am not treating this as a difference.)

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