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To keep Nature beautiful fighting global warming is essential.

Students' investigations at this level can be expected to bear on detecting the similarities and differences among the things they collect and examine. They should come to see that in trying to identify and explain likenesses and differences, they are doing what goes on in science all the time. What students may find most puzzling is when there are differences in the results they obtain in repeated investigations at different times or in different places, or when different groups of students get different results doing supposedly the same experiment. That, too, happens to scientists, sometimes because of the methods or materials used, but sometimes because the thing being studied actually varies.

The forces and processes that produce and control these phenomena:  the balance of nature.

Having tracked the deep into the northern forest, one night they encounter a legless man who turns out to be his former owner. Many years ago, the man purchased him on a whim, having a lifelong affection for the creatures but not knowing anything about them. Further, being often away from home on business, the owner heedlessly left him in the care of a vicious scamp, returning one day to find him tied up to a tree, malnourished, and scarred from frequent beatings. The keeper (who was nowhere to be found until he was discovered locked up for fighting in a bar) was immediately fired, and a kinder one employed to nurse the back to health. But a few weeks later, the old keeper showed up again, belligerently drunk, demanding money from the owner and taunting the elephant. At the sight of his tormenter, the elephant broke out of his restraints and smashed the keeper to the ground repeatedly, crushing the owner’s legs on the way out.

Simple essay on nature conservation biodiversity

The processes and functions of the body, as in healing:  The doctor decided not to do anything and let nature take its course.

If it is a bull, he will stay with his family until the age of ten or twelve, when his increasingly rough and suggestive play will cause him to be sent off. He may loosely join forces with a few other young males, or trail around after older ones he looks up to, but for the most part he will be independent from then on. Within the next few years he will start going into “musth,” a periodic state of excitation characterized by surging levels of testosterone, dribbling urine and copious secretions from his temporal glands, and extreme aggression responsive only to the presence of a bigger bull, who has an immediate dominance that the young male risks injury or death by failing to defer to. Although he reaches sexual maturity at a fairly young age, thanks to the competition he may not sire any children until he is close to thirty. (Ancient Indian poetry lauds bulls in musth for their amorous powers, even as keepers of Asian elephants have respected the phase as one highly dangerous to humans since time immemorial. Until 1976, it was widely believed in the scientific community that African elephants do not enter musth. This changed when researchers at Amboseli National Park in Kenya were dismayed to note an epidemic of “Green Penis Syndrome,” which they feared signaled some horrible venereal disease — until they realized it was nothing more nor less alarming than the very definition of a force of nature.)

An increased recycling rate would also reduce Co2 carbon dioxide levels helping ocean conservation, Water conservation, protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, protecting natural resources equals the protection of the life of our children, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful.

Simple essay on nature conservation fund

Wilson, E. O. (1988). The current state ofbiological diversity. In E. O. Wilson (Ed.). pp. 3-18. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.

To many Westerners, Africa is Eden or the Heart of Darkness, maybe both. To Africans, Africa is where they live. Many see the tremendous foreign interest in and power brought to bear on protecting their wildlife as just the latest version of imperialism. It is all very well, it seems, for people whose countries have never dealt with native elephants to have the luxury of tooling around in the barren strip malls that support a comfortable lifestyle and counting on far-off places to hold the soul of the natural world in trust, occasionally piped into our living rooms via nature documentaries — but there are people living there as well, with their own needs and aims and points of view.

he good news for elephants is that, as the most charismatic (and most mega) of the so-called charismatic megafauna, they have many friends. Countless organizations exist to save them from all kinds of harms — hunting, habitat loss, circuses, any number of other things that until even very recently we’ve found acceptable. These groups and their messages have not been ineffective, either, with the audiences that they reach. But even a basic aim such as turns out to be dazzlingly hard to effect. It is one thing to boycott ivory and even pass international laws against it; it is another to confront the situation on the ground, entangled in a web of other issues.

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Education, protection of air, for all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, because humans need healthy air.
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Simple essay on nature conservation

~Thích Nhất Hạnh

Such a beautiful world God gave to us,
With its sunshine, its trees and flowers;
And fleecy white clouds and the skies of blue,
Its rainbows and April showers!
Such a beautiful world, a gift so rare,
That was given to us at birth;
But man has abused this great gift from God,
This wondrous, colorful earth!
He is so filled with his craving for power,
And earthly possessions, while here...
But some day he'll waken to what he's lost,
In his scramble for gold to keep;
His eyes will be opened and he'll be sad,
For as he has sowed he will reap!
~Gertrude T.

Simple essay on nature conservation south

Buckingham (b.1880), "Such a Beautiful World"

Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed; if we permit the last virgin forests to be turned into comic books and plastic cigarette cases; if we drive the few remaining members of the wild species into zoos or to extinction; if we pollute the last clear air and dirty the last clean streams and push our paved roads through the last of the silence, so that never again will Americans be free in their own country from the noise, the exhausts, the stinks of human and automotive waste. ~Wallace Stegner, letter to David E.

An Essay about Nature Protection – School Bus Blog

When the capture of images made with light was discovered by Niepce in 1822, multiple, almost identical (depending on exposure and processing), images could be made for the first time. The possibility of creating images without the rigorous training of a draftsman, captured the imagination of the technologically inclined during the Industrial Revolution from the working person, to the Sunday nature lover and the aristocrat: male and female. Albumen Prints made the process of producing high resolution, broad tonal range images, in multiples, simple and economical.

An essay about nature protection should serve to remind people ..

Some observers might propose reshaping the human gene pool by endowing all children with many naturally occurring “protective” variants. However, genetic variants that decrease risk for some diseases can increase risk for others. (For example, the CCR5 mutations that protect against HIV also elevate the risk for West Nile virus, and multiple genes have variants with opposing effects on risk for type 1 diabetes and Crohn's disease.) The full medical effect of most variants is poorly characterized, let alone the combined effects of many variants. Safety studies would be needed to assess effects across various genetic backgrounds and environmental exposures. The situation is particularly dicey for rare protective heterozygous variants: most have never been seen in the homozygous state in humans and might have deleterious effects. Yet heterozygous parents would routinely produce homozygous children (one quarter of the total) — unless humans forswore natural reproduction in favor of IVF.

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