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Alan Moore Had Batman Kill the Joker and No One Noticed

The Joker’s surprisingly understanding about why Brown betrayed him and gives the would-be engineer a shot at redemption in the form of a suicide bombing. Joker sends Brown to Batman again, this time armed with explosives meant to blow them all to smithereens, but when Brown tries to detonate the vest.. nothing. At first, he thinks it’s a joke, but we soon learn the meaning of the bomb failure in the form of a riddle.

The Joker keeps killing people and Batmans throws him in jail anyways.

Release Date: 25th July 2008 Certificate: 12A Director: Christopher Nolan Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman Batman (Christian Bale) is hoping to hand on his crime fighting duties to D.A Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) yet when Batman’s cards are on the table the twisted mastermind who goes by the name of the joker (Heath Ledger), forces the masked vigilante to go against everything he ever stood for....

Is Batman Right, or Jason Todd? Should The Joker Be …

He had a whole collection of Batman toys: the batcave, the batmobile, Joker, Mr.

In Telltale’s bespoke Bat-continuity, the Joker and Harley are in different places in their criminal careers. The John Doe character we first met last year isn’t the Joker yet. He’s volatile and dangerous, yes, but not yet the alpha-villain that menaces Gotham in other iterations. It’s already clear that your interactions with John Doe will feed into the inevitable clash between Bruce Wayne and the Joker-to-be. Harley, however, already seems to have a history of being on the wrong side of the law.

The game tells an epic tale in a lively vivid Gotham City and puts you in the cape and cowl of Batman himself using everything he possess at his disposal; both in his skills as a detective and his legendary arsenal of gadgets.

Do you think that Batman should have killed the Joker?

Most people forget that the Joker has been a villain since 1940 in Batman #1 (spring edition)....

In a perfect world, Batman would have stepped out of the shadows at Brown and the Joker’s meeting, apprehended the two criminals, and brought the War of Jokes and Riddles to a prompt end. But again, this is Gotham City, where everything is terrible.

Charles Brown never quite realized his dream of going into legit aeronautics, instead turning to a life of crime-by-proxy when he agreed to work as one of the engineers responsible for creating the Jokermobile. In an attempt to track the Joker down and put an end to his feud with the Riddler that’s tearing Gotham apart, Batman corners Brown in a bar one night and orders him to arrange a meeting with the Joker, which Brown begrudgingly agrees to do.

As I was watching the last scene of the movie, I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer when Jim Gordon handed Batman the Joker playing card.
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Check out the online debate Batman Should Kill The Joker

Moreover, it seems like Batman: The Enemy Within will be making Harley a criminal mastermind in her own right, long before Joker even starts spraying laughing gas across Gotham. It’s a change that totally ignores the power dynamic of so many other Harley/Joker stories. The Joker isn’t an creepy boyfriend who remakes a psychiatrist in his own image and Harley isn’t the woman who is seduced by his madness. Instead, it’s strongly suggested that she’s already been at the top of a villainous food chain on her own merits, which makes me even more excited to see this version of Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

Why Batman Shouldn’t Kill the Joker | Steve Watts

The Joker keeps killing people and Batmans throws him in jail anyways. If it was real sure, but its an ongoing fictional work which thrives on the recycling of similar ideas in different situations.

Should Batman Kill The Joker | Zen Buddhist

But Brown has to make further changes to his schedule when the Riddler catches wind of Batman’s plan to use Brown to flush out the Joker. The Riddler arranges a meeting with Brown of his own and tells the man that he’ll kill Brown so unless Brown double-crosses Bats and the Joker, giving him a chance to kill them all and be done with their feud.

Should Batman Kill the Joker - Batman - Comic Vine

Batman is getting older and he kills joker in anger so the government send superman after him.

So when batman is older, he becomes darker and will kill joker in his anger.

Should Batman kill the Joker? | Yahoo Answers

Not long after their phone call, Charlie dies and Brown, distraught, retreats into his home where he’s bombarded with newscasts discussing the Joker’s war with the Riddler. Despite the fact that their beef is technically over whether who gets to kill Batman, the Joker and the Riddler’s conflict is continuously impacting the citizens of Gotham who have little to no direct dogs in the fight.

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