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Argumentative Essay In Physician Assisted Suicide Free …

What would you do if you only had a month to live? This hypothetical question for most healthy individuals is the unfortunate reality for many terminally ill patients. Death is as inevitable for those who are healthy as a horse as it is for those battling incurable diseases; the only uncertainty in this matter is time. We do not know when we are going to die, but in the back of our minds, we know that at some point the blood will stop pumping through our veins and the world will continue without us. Most of us view death as an unfortunate occurrence, a painful loss. This is certainly true in many and perhaps most instances. However, we sometimes forget that death can also mean the end of suffering, or the ultimate source of closure. As complicated as death is, it is dichotomously simple. Because of its complicated consequences, physician-assisted suicide is a popular topic of debate in America’s changing health care policies. The American Medical Association (AMA) formally rejects the validity of physician-assisted suicide. However, it has already been legalized in 4 states. In appropriate times, physician-assisted suicide can serve as a solution, and should be a legal and viable option for Americans.

The policeman’s dilemma is commonly referenced in support of physician-assisted-suicide, or PAS.

In addition, Euthanasia legalization would lead to an increase in the number of patient suicide cases and other related abuses. By lessening assisted suicide laws, many patients and other individuals would misuse it through misinterpretation leading to careless loss of life. For example, there are countless people around the world who are suffering from psychological problems and illnesses which are manageable. In the presence of such law which allows assisted death, such people would convince doctors to qualify for induced death. It may lead to random committing of suicide without any justifiable reason. Moreover, many patients would not be patient enough to go through the healing and recovery processes some of which take a long period of time (Harris, 2005). For example many patients would prefer to die than to endure suffering and pain caused by treatable diseases which may require longer time for complete recovery to take place. As a result, the time for the patient to spend with his or her family is eliminated leaving. It may also deny doctors and other medical practitioners time for them to identify and correct the errors made during the entire process of treatment.

Argumentative Essay In Physician Assisted Suicide

With freedom comes responsibility, and this is true in terms of physician-assisted suicide.

Fear of prosecution is not the only hurdle facing advocates of death with dignity. Disability rights activists and religious conservatives have been very vocal about the ethics regarding assisted suicide laws. “There are hundreds — or thousands — more people who could be significantly harmed if assisted suicide is legal,” , wrote in response to Maynard’s announcement. Golden maintains that prognoses of terminal illness are often wrong and the disabled or terminally ill may be encouraged to choose assisted suicide for cost reasons. She adds that dying from illness is not necessarily painful because of “palliative sedation.”

As mentioned above, the concept of assisted suicide is one of the most controversial debates in human history. How important is human life? When should it be terminated? Who should decide when a person should die? The understanding of these questions is quite essential in the comprehension of the legality of assisted suicide commonly referred to as euthanasia.

Physician- assisted suicide | Ideal Essay Writers

Getting approval for physician-assisted suicide in Oregon is a long process with many guidelines and restrictions.

Belgium was the second country in the world, after the Netherlands, to decriminalize euthanasia; it was followed by Luxembourg, in 2009, and, this year, by Canada and Colombia. Switzerland has allowed assisted suicide since 1942. The United States Supreme Court has recognized that citizens have legitimate concerns about prolonged deaths in institutional settings, but in 1997 it ruled that death is not a constitutionally protected right, leaving questions about assisted suicide to be resolved by each state. Within months of the ruling, Oregon passed a law that allows doctors to prescribe lethal drugs for patients who have less than six months to live. In 2008, Washington adopted a similar law; Montana decriminalized assisted suicide the year after; and Vermont legalized it in 2013.

Considering that the Oregon law is now 20 years old, and has been a much watched ‘laboratory’ for the physician-assisted suicide subject, it is taking an awful long time for other states to catch up. This is due to opposition by churches.

The fact of the matter is that physician-assisted suicide is neither morally nor ethically acceptable under any circumstance....
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Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Can You …

On Oct. 12, Brittany Maynard, 29, , announced plans to voluntarily end her life on Nov. 1. Maynard’s diagnosis means she will eventually lose all cognitive capabilities. Refusing aggressive chemotherapy treatment, Maynard decided to move to Oregon, where physician-assisted suicide is legal. Under Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act, mentally competent terminally ill patients by taking lethal doses of prescribed drugs. With only a month left to live, Maynard has made her death into a campaign for terminally ill patients’ right to die.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Physician Assisted Suicide ..

Oregon is — along with Vermont, Washington, Montana and New Mexico — that allow medically assisted suicide. In the rest of the country, assisting people with suicide (even if they are terminally ill) is a crime. Maynard’s campaign highlights just how intrusive and unfair the laws criminalizing assisted suicide are for terminally ill patients and their families. For one, these patients must accept and live with their diagnosis. Second, asking a loved one to help end their suffering bears the cost of exposing them to the threat of prosecution and jail time.

Physician assisted-suicide is a ..

The question of whether a person should have the right to choose when to die has gained significance within the public domain not only in the United States but across boarders with different nations and individuals taking varying stances. Is it wrong to die? Is death a crime? Should people be assisted to die and commit suicide? These are among questions which have remained controversial in the understanding of the concept of assisted suicide. It is clear that everybody has the right to live. Many laws and constitutions always protect the life of citizens under whichever circumstances. However, there have been arguments that people should be allowed to terminate their lives under certain conditions as defined by assisted suicide proponents (Marzilli, 2004). The question of whether assisted suicide should be legalized has always been based on existing advantages and disadvantages of the practice. Why should a person be helped to die when they have the right to live? Most laws in the world prohibit assisted suicide with very few nations allowing Euthanasia as a way of relieving people from incurable illnesses. How ethical or unethical is assisted suicide? It is in this regard that this paper explores facts and reasons for and against the practice as argued globally

FREE Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legal? Essay

Medicine is one of the professions with dignity and respect in the world. Many lives have been saved by doctors through committed and sincere service delivery. On the other hand, countless people have lost their lives in the hands of doctors. Like other people employed in different departments, doctors have a code of ethics which determine their actions especially with regard to the life of a patient. A major component of doctors’ code of ethics is the Hippocratic Oath which is usually signed by every doctor immediately after receiving a degree (Jonsen, 2006). The basis of the oath is to ensure that doctors do not perform any form of harm to patients. If the code of ethics for doctors does not allow harm to patients, what would legalization of assisted suicide do to patients? Assisting suicide would be nothing but a violation of the oath which guards the rights of patients from being harmed by doctors. This would further lead to the disintegration of doctor-patient trust which has been witnessed throughout history. The main purpose of the oath was to reassure patients that doctors had no intention of doing harm to them other than giving treatment in a safe and professional way. Such legalization would dump patients in the valley of hopelessness and wonder.

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