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I decided to do something about the lack of standards used in local restaurant reviews. To tell the truth about Dallas restaurants, by giving an honest appraisal of each establishment, from the point of view of someone walking in off the street, wanting a good meal for their money. Although some of my reviews are negative, I also identify those restaurants I feel still care about the diner.

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The Sovereign reservations recommended 12 SE 2nd Ave. 375-6307 Do you know the old Marx Brothers joke about restaurants and reservations? Host: Do you have reservations? Groucho: Yeah, but I'll eat here anyway. Well, that joke captures a Sovereign-like experience. This is the only place in Gainesville that consistently makes the lists of best restaurants in Florida, but the food doesn't always live up to the hype. Stick to the heavy meats in fattening creme sauces for a reliably fabulous dinner, e.g. chateaubriand, beef Wellington. Definitely save room for dessert. Bonus: the chef is a minor local celebrity named Elmo.

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Thai Bahn Thai 1902 SW 13th St. 335-1204 is the best restaurant in Gainesville. Quite honestly, we can't think of anything nasty or back-stabbing to say about this place. If you like Thai food, you'll love Bahn Thai. If you've never tried Thai food before, this is the place to start. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can choose from an elaborate menu of authentic appetizers and entrees, ranging from mildly-seasoned dishes that are friendly to the western palate to scorching hot curry recipes and other exotic fare. If you can't find anything on the menu that suits you, ask about Mi Kratee, Gang Kua, Panang, or Emerald Curry. Bonus: if you're really nice, they sometimes give free dessert.

This is probably the barbecue joint that has the widest disconnect between what the PigTrip review says (written in 2006) and what I currently think about the place. The downhill spiral started shortly after the review, connected most to the centralization concept that removed smokers from the restaurants (the other is in Arlington) and smoked all the meats at a commissary. The objective was to ensure quality, but what it ensured more was reheats. Around the same time, Blue Ribbon pulled several familiar faces out of the restaurants as well; some relocated to the commissary and some departed to parts unknown. In place of veteran meatcutters, Blue Ribbon employed baby-faced newbies with less of a connection to barbecue. They also experimented with different rib cuts and suppliers, switching to dinky St Louis cut for a while, then back to meatier spares, then back again, and back and forth. On some visits, it was a merely a slight drop from the Blue Ribbon I loved. On other visits, drop drifted into disappointment. And on a few, the drop and disappointment were so impactful that had it been my first visit, I probably would not have returned. Blue Ribbon never returned to the level of quality enjoyed shortly after the turn of the century, but they did show flashes of a potential to do so. There'd be one really promising visit, then a so-so one, then a dreadful one. And just when I thought they were through, they'd bounce back again. And sink back down again. And again and again. My most recent visit this week was a mixed bag: slightly firm, juicy, very smoky ribs (A-), steamy but very porky pulled pork (B), and bland, barkless, potroasty brisket (C-).

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The short story: it's good. Real good. But the long storyhow goodis still unwritten, both literally and figuratively. Smoke Shop holds the record for most visits by me without logging a review; it's close to 20 now. Most of the reason for that is my having been too busy to get all the photos processed, but a part of it is that I haven't reached a full verdict for where Smoke Shop stands in the pantheon of best barbecue restaurants in New England and New York. My favorite analogy when discussing Smoke Shop to friends is that they're the barbecue equivalent of an NFL team that's a likely division winner, but they're closer to the 11-5 outfit I've experienced so far than the 15-1 juggernaut portrayed by their fiercest fandom. Smoke Shop's wings are a must and would have been the top choice of a 2016 PigTrip Wings List had I had time to do it. Their ribs are superb if you like 'em saucy (not that the sauce is a crutch). Brisket, though inconsistent, is the best in the city. Chicken, pulled pork, sausage and burnt ends have their good nights and their lesser nights, but unlike most joints, there's rarely a dud. Comparisons to Sweet Cheeks are inevitable. Sweet Cheeks has a better supporting cast (killer biscuits, beans, black-eyed peas and even salads) that ensure a good visit even when the meats are off, but Smoke Shop almost always comes through meatwise. "Coming through" and "achieving great" are two different things; while they've certainly achieved greatness more often than most joints in the greater Northeast region do, the question for me is whether they're in the top 10% (absolutely), 5% (probably) or 2% (possibly).

I stopped in on a Saturday for a visit whose combination of quality and service was shaky at best and return-preventing at worst; I haven't written them off yet but I'm not exactly eager to revisit. Gotta Q is hardly the sole reason for this, but I'm starting to rethink my original goal of visiting every joint, whether expectations are high or not, and even revisiting the joints that disappointed the first time in hopes that they'll improve. Is not revisiting a joint "unfair"? Hardly. What's "fair" is not giving one joint an advantage over another by only visiting at certain times, or tipping off the owner that I'm coming to get non-representative samples. And not jumping to conclusions about a supbar visit that might be explained by the time of day or time of year or the weather (a snowstorm the day before impacts a barbecue restaurant's quality). But as someone with limited calories, limited time and limited funds (it's not like I'm on someone's expense account), I no longer feel obligated to return to a joint I'm not likely to like just so I can have more evidence that I don't like it.

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Chaucer's 112 NW 16th St. 373-8866 We've often said it would be worth writing a restaurant review just so we'd get the chance to slam Chaucer's. We could fill this entire guide with anecdotes and lamentations about this place--which is a shame since the food's actually very healthy and tasty. The problem? The service and management is inexplicably and hopelessly confused. Even if you're the only customer in the entire building, you can count on an aneurysm-inducing dining experience. The last time we ate there, the waitress actually put her tray up to hide her face, hoping we wouldn't notice her walk by and ask her to take our order. You've been warned. If you still insist on going there, order one of the smoothies and see where that gets you. Be sure to bring snacks along to hold you over during the wait.

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The reviews page is now one of the most popular destinations of visitors to SENTENCE. I'm glad it is. Like any other business, many restaurants, although not all, will try to get away with offering as little value as possible. They certainly have the right to do that if they wish to, but diners, as consumers, also have the right to know which restaurants care about the food they serve, and which restaurants don't.


This relative newcomer is the one of the two restaurants from last fall's four-stop Albany trip that I didn't review (and the other was only because I only had one item). While Warehouse was the most camera-ready of the bunchincorporating every 2016 restaurant trend in the decorit left much to be desired in the execution of the barbecue, even though it drew the best slot (dinnertime) of the bunch and even though its website tagline is "smoked to perfection." Wings were plated impressively but very dry. Ribs were an obvious reheat. Pulled pork seemed too heavily sauced, but there was enough going on under it that it wasn't just a crutch. Brisket cubes looked, tasted and felt microwaved. Warehouse was only a couple months old at the time of my visit, so there's still room for improvement that may have even happened. But at the time, it was more like the barbecue version of Johnny Bravo, whose questionable singing never mattered because the jacket looked good.

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In other cases, a restaurant was assumed to be great simply because it had been declared great by prior reviewers. A good example in this category is the Addison Café, widely extolled as one of the finest French restaurants in town, crowned with four stars, when in fact it is an absolutely terrible place to eat. Our visit there we were served mealy crab claws that had been obviously frozen and thawed more than once, a bad-tasting mushroom soup, consisting of stems only, the garbage of a kitchen, and the cheapest possible grade of veal, tasteless and anonymous.

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