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Essay on The Relationship between Parents and their Children

Thus, parenting is a complex process, involving much more than a mother orfather providing food, safety, and succor to an infant or child. Parenting involvesbidirectional relationships between members of two (or more) generations; can extendthrough all or major parts of the respective life spans of these groups; may engage allinstitutions within a culture (including educational, economic, political, and social ones);and is embedded in the history of a people--as that history occurs within the natural anddesigned settings within which the group lives . Given, then, thetemporal variation that constitutes history, the variation of culture and of its institutionsthat exist in different physical and designed ecological niches, and the variation, withinand across generations, in strategies for and behaviors designed to fit with these niches,we may note that diversity is a key substantive feature of parenting behavior. Focus onthis variation, rather than on central tendencies, is necessary in order to understandparenting adequately. In addition, there are multiple levels of organization that change inand through integrated, mutually interdependent or "fused" relationships; theserelationships occur over both ontogenetic and historical time ;. As such, context, as well as diversity, is an importantfeature of parenting.

Parent-child relationships can bring joy and security but also pain and restrictions.

There is diversity in these child-social context relations. As a consequence oftheir characteristics of individuality, children elicit differential reactions in their parents,and these reactions provide the basis of feedback to the child, that is, there is returnstimulation which influences his or her further individual development. The bidirectionalchild-parent relationships involved in these relationships may be termed "circularfunctions"(Schneirla, 1957); these functions underscore the point that children (andadolescents, and adults) are producers of their own development and that people'srelations to their contexts involve reciprocal exchanges ; . The parent shapes the child, but part of what determines the way inwhich the parent does this is the child himself or herself.

Relationship between Parent and Child Essay Example …

This essay builds upon influences on the well-being of parents and children.

The characteristics of parent-child interaction that are associated with positiveoutcomes for the adolescent are similar in that they reflect support for and acceptance ofthe developing youth. Indeed, when parent-adolescent relationships provide support forthe youth's behaviors, interest, and activities, numerous positive developmental outcomesare likely to occur. For instance, support has been associated with better school gradesand scholastic self concept ; with perceiving that socialrelationships could be more beneficial to one's development than risky ; withbeing more satisfied with one's life ; and with adecreased likelihood of involvement in drinking, delinquency, and other problembehaviors .

According to the Encyclopedia of Psychology, parenting practises is universal because of three common goals: ensuring children's health and safety, preparing children for life as productive adults and transmitting cultural values.

the relationship between parent and child is among the most ..

Parents didn't - and didn't have to - fret about their children's safety as much as they do today.

While one may not sit and observe the relationship between the parent and child, some may wonder how the parent interacts with the child when at home or in a different public setting.

For instance, public policies pertinent to the eligibility of adults to receive publicassistance for their children (e.g., Aid for Dependent Children), and cultural attitudesabout people who receive such welfare support, may result in specific communitiesplacing time limits on an adult's eligibility for welfare and requiring that the personenter either job training or educational programs. The challenges and stressors that aperson has in such a program may influence the emotional character of interactions withhis/her child, and the child may carry the "residue" of his/her interaction in the homewith the parent into the child's interactions with peers in the classroom.

Many Greek and Roman myths contain twisted relationships between parents and children.
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Relations between Parents and Children--The Pressure …

Certainly, receiving support from one's parents may elicit in the young personfeelings of positive regard, or emotions characterized by a sense of attachment. Whensuch emotions occur in adolescence, positive outcomes for the youth are seen. Forinstance, parent child relations marked by attachment are associated with high self-perceived competence, especially across the transition to junior high school, and with lowfeelings of depression or anxiety (Papini & Roggman, 1992). In addition, attachment islinked to feeling cohesive with one's family . Otherresearch has found also relationships among attachment, a positive sense of self, and lowlevels of problematic behaviors/emotions, such as depression .

Study of relationships between adult children and parents

In turn, nonhostile parent-adolescent relations are associated with betteradjustment by the adolescent to the transition to middle school and greater peerpopularity ; in addition, nonhostility isrelated to a better self concept for girls and better classroom behavior for boys. Moreover,when parents are attuned to their child's development and support his or her autonomy indecision making, the youth is better adjusted and gains in self esteem across the juniorhigh school transition . Furthermore, parentalreligiosity, cohesive family relationships, and low interpersonal conflict are associatedwith low levels of problem behaviors and with self regulation among rural, AfricanAmerican youth .

An Essay on Parent/Child Relationships essays

In turn, in a study of over 1,800 Latino, African American, and EuropeanAmerican parents of adolescents, conflicts were said to occur in the main over everydaymatters, such as chores and style of dress, rather than in regard to substantive issues, suchas sex and drugs . [Similar findings were reported in research conducted ageneration earlier , suggesting that the nature of parents' views ofreasons for arguing with their children may not change very much across time.] Parentsfrom all racial/ethnic groups reported arguing about the same issues; however, EuropeanAmerican parents reported more conflict than parents from the other two groups (Barber,1994).

Parent Child Relationship Essay Examples | Kibin

How successful are parents' attempts at socialization? By virtue of the fact thatsociety continues to evolve, and is not characterized by intergenerational warfare orrevolution, and that the vast majority of youth become contributing adults to society, wecan conclude that socialization "works," that the "apple does not fall far from the tree"; . Indeed, during adolescence very few families--estimatesare between 5% to 10%--experience a major deterioration in the parent-child relationship. Moreover, not only do parents expect to see change in their sons' anddaughters' behaviors as they socialize them during adolescence , but--through their interactions on a day-to-day basis--parents can model and/or shape the cognitive, emotional and behavioral attributes theydesire to see in their offspring ; ; ;. It is through therelationships that parents and their adolescent children have that the most immediatebases are provided of youth behavior and development.

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