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Pro-Life Philosophy: 10 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion

How many? During the 1980s and 1990s total abortions stayed about 1,550,000 annually, slowly decreasing in the 1990s. Note that the Guttmacher Institute reported that 10% of known abortion providers did not report. Adding 10% to its 1,550,000 equals 1,700,000. The total reported slowly decreased in the 1990s. When the unreported abortions are added (income tax evasion, cover-up for privacy, etc.), a figure of 1,800,000 may be more realistic. Live births have hovered just under 4,000,000. Therefore: Almost every third baby conceived in America is killed by abortion. 112 Abortion Surveillance U.S. 1988 Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, July 1991. S.K. Henshaw et al., "Abortion Services in the U.S., 1987-1988," Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 22, No. 3 (May-June 1990), p. 103.

There are many reasons why a woman would choose to have an abortion

It is poorly done from a scientific standpoint, and its authors’ conclusions do not accurately reflect some of its actual findings. Dr. Brind, mentioned above, has called it the "Swedish data massage." It compared Swedish women with breast cancer, to the entire Swedish population, which contains all of the same Swedish women who have breast cancer. Therefore, this comparison to the control group is invalid. Even in this study however, there is proof of the very thing its authors deny. In their article’s conclusion, the authors state that there is no overall risk of breast cancer from abortion. However, within the report, a table of results shows that women who aborted after having a live birth had 58% of the average risk of breast cancer, while women who aborted before their first live birth had 109% of the average risk. This is an 88% increase in breast cancer, and it is clearly shown in the heart of this study, a study that is routinely held up as proving exactly the opposite.

10 reasons not to have an abortion

Nov 11, 2013 · On Thursday, we dealt with an article from a parenting website that advocated for ten (well, actually nine) reasons to have an abortion

Continuing this comparison we see that, if abortion is in fact causative, then it is responsible for 10,000, plus 5,000, or a total of 15,000 deaths annually from breast cancer that would not have occurred if the women, who had aborted their first pregnancies, had instead carried those pregnancies to term.

Usefulness a burden a burden
Wanted unwanted unwanted
Degree of perfection handicapped handicapped
Age too young too old
Intelligence not yet conscious not really conscious anymore
Place of residence in the womb in a nursing home
"Meaningful life" "does not yet have"
Roe vs. Wade "no longer has"
Euthanasia Bills
Cost too poor too poor
Numbers too many children too many old folks
Marital Status unmarried widowed

Three Most Common Reasons Women Have an Abortion

11/7/2013 · So I've been made aware of an article on a website called Mommyish, 10 Reasons to Have an Abortion -- Illustrated by Adorable Cats, and written by Eve Vawter.

While it is true that pregnancy causes changes in your body, many women today actually celebrate those changes and stay in great shape. But, if you are honestly fearful of what being pregnant may do to you, consider also what abortion can do. The most common, immediate, and short-term complications include excessive bleeding, infections, intense pain, high fever, incomplete removal of the baby or placenta (which can cause life-threatening infections and sterility), PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), and a punctured or torn uterus. Abortion can also result in problems with reproductive organs that can make it difficult to conceive or carry a child to term in the future. For pregnant women who have previously had abortions, they now have a 160% increased risk of tubal pregnancy and 200% increased risk of miscarriage. You are not doing your body any favors by subjecting it to an abortion.

i also think that it should be illegal because the child didnt even get to see the outside world and what it smells,look, or seem like because the very non smart mom had to kill her baby wat is the point of going trough all that stuff if you/her were going/did kill that baby or if they sometimes didnt have any money they would propably just kill the baby at theire house or kill them in a crazy way and if u have an abortion u would have to think about the sign affects that would happen to u after which could be harmful and even worse and this is my reason why i think that abortion should be illegal.

This equals to 1 pregnancy A look at why women choose abortion and the most commonly given reasons why women have an abortion.
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Essay about What Causes Women to Have Abortions - 833 …

- Japan has had abortion-on-demand for over 4 decades. It is used there as a method of birth control, but "cases of infanticide have been increasing so much that social workers have made appeals to Japanese mothers in newspapers and on television not to kill their babies." The Sunday Times, June 23, 1974

What Causes Women to Have Abortions

Thomas totally condemned abortion for any and all reasons. Aquinas did question when the soul was created. He spoke of the then-current scientific conviction that a male child was not fully enough developed to be judged human (and therefore to have a soul) until forty days, and that the female fetus could not be judged fully human until eighty days. This obviously says something about scientific knowledge of that age.

Should Women Have the Right for an Abortion Essay ..

The description of what "extrudes" from the "cervical os" (cervical opening) is the normal leftover from a nearly completed miscarriage. The report then further states that the lower third of the uterus was "without obvious evidence of instrumentation." The report describes the remaining tissue in the upper two-thirds as exactly what one would expect from a miscarriage. Then the report speaks of the serosa, which is the outer covering of the womb, which is described as "smooth, glistening and without exudate." Exudate would be pus or oozing if the organ was infected. If this had been a case of septic abortion, this tissue would be shaggy and discolored (not "smooth, glistening and without exudate"). Further, the report stated, "there are no areas of perforation or pus." Finally, there are "no injuries of the vagina." Clearly she did not have an induced abortion. The autopsy report of the lungs and pleural (chest) cavities take up over half a page of single-spaced reporting, and describe the near total destruction of those organs by infection.

Reasons for Abortion Essay - 1071 Words - StudyMode

One reason is that, prior to legalization, a second doctor almost always was the one who tried to save her life. In today’s age, however, it can be the same doctor. Since this abortionist does not want to have a reputation for having mothers die from his work, he or she has strong motivation to list some other cause of death. Since abortion is no longer a crime, this can be done with relative impunity. Another reason has to do with a substantial bias in reporting by the staff at the Center for Disease Control. As exhaustively documented by Mark Crutcher’s book, Lime 5, the CDC seems to have had an ongoing unspoken policy of under-reporting and minimizing induced abortion mortality and morbidity and maximizing that of full term pregnancy M. Crutcher, Lime 5, Pub. by Life Dynamics, Inc., Denton, TX

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