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It makes me question my perception of reality.

Here’s another thought exercise that will help make it clear that what we think is “out there” is largely a function of our perceptual apparatus. Imagine that beings from another galaxy arrived on earth. Imagine further that instead of human eyes they had a different “viewing sense.” When they viewed our world they might not see the solid objects we see; instead they might see atoms: electrons spinning around protons and neutrons. They might notice that almost all of what they were viewing (the atom) was empty space. So if these creatures were the inhabitants of earth, they might not even have a concept of solid matter.

This is where my perceptions began to give way to reality.

Everything in life comes down to a perception. Depending on your life experiences, current mood, and more is how you will perceive something. You may seem something one way while someone else sees it another way. Reality isn’t necessary real, it is just what we believe we think is real. We are more influenced by the outside surroundings than many of us would like to give credit to.

Will unfortunately your proception of reality stucks lol.

However my point as made above is in regard to the our interpretation of events. When an event occurs – one person will see it one way, another will see it totally differently. Who’s reality is correct? Neither, as both are interpreting the event through their own experience and bias.

Wishing or believing or hoping or perceiving something does not make that something real. I think I would be safe in saying that there may be people on this planet that at some point believed they could fly, in a dream, perhaps, due to illicit substances, or any number of other reasons. Now if we asked all these people en masse to line up on one side of the Grand Canyon and fly to the other side, I feel I’m pretty safe again in saying that gravity would not allow this to happen. So, although a potentially large number of people percieve they are immune to the laws of physics, this perception of “reality” or “their reality” does not make unassisted flight for humans a reality.

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I think there are two oranges on the table. You think there are three. Therefore our perception and reality are different. Which could be a catalyst to this ending: we now perceive each other wrong and the reality is we do not agree. (This last sentence I hesitate to use reality) lastly there is now the reality that we don’t not know for sure how many oranges on the table. Whose does this reality belong to and if it belongs to is and we have the ability to have unlimited realities, what does that say about reality? Or does it revert to an alternate perception?

I’m not here to argue definitions of words, but our various filters, modalites, definitions, define our reality, or our perception of what is real, what what they mean to us each as individuals.

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Our Perception Of Reality Philosophy Essay

When you talk about perceptions you are not talking about reality, and when you talk about reality you are not talking about perceptions. We could send myself back in time 500 years, with my childhood notion that the moon is made of green cheese, before Neil Armstrong proved me wrong, would the moon turn from basalt to cheese??? NO! because it is only my perception, not reality.

Reality and Perception Essay - 507 Words - StudyMode

There is nothing wrong with someone saying, my perception of a certain event is different to your perception of the same event, but there is something wrong with calling perceptions reality, whoever’s perceptions they maybe, because like I said reality is not perceptions and perceptions are not reality (believe your dictionary, it does not lie).

Perception and Reality Essay - 2616 Words

If you would care to look up the word “Reality” and the word “Perception” in your dictionary, you will see the two words have nothing to do with each other, and they are definitely not interchangeable, one would not exist without humans, Perceptions. And one simply has to do with that which is real (not a certain humans notion of what is real and not real), nothing more and nothing less, like I said, If there were no humans, there would be no perceptions. If there were no humans, there would still be reality.

Free perception reality papers, essays, and research papers.

So why not call them that, instead of calling them “reality” and confusing the more easily confused amongst us. There is nothing wrong with calling a knife a knife, but start calling a knife a fork and you will start to confuse the issue, for yourself and others.

The Affects Of Perception On Other People Psychology Essay

I do see you make the same mistake as many in believing reality is a human thing, and that and if there were no humans, there would be no reality. Concepts, notions and perceptions are human things. Which is what you are talking about, not reality! but concepts, notions and perceptions.

Perception and Reality Essay Example for Free

I don’t recall saying you were talking about the laws of physics in your article, I do recall you talking about reality being something that is not truly real, but only a concept or notion or perception within a humans mind, and because humans are all different then reality will differ from person to person.

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