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What exactly is an endangered species?

Habitats can be destroyed in many ways. More and more people live in our world. They need more space to live in. Rainforests, grasslands and other parts of nature are cleared and people start to settle there. They take away the natural home of plants and animals.

 of How to Help Endangered Animals was reviewed by  on November 4, 2015.

(Hoefnagles, 2012) In other words, ecology is all living things together in a specific environment, such as the plants and animals of the rainforest, and how they interact.

Do you think it is important to protect animals?

The methods and causes of many species becoming endangered and extinct are many and varied.

It teems with animal life, particularly insects.

he growth of fungi in this layers helps in the decay of the dead flora and fauna present.

ince the soil of tropical rainforests remains damp year-round, it often suffers from leaching and poor quality of nutrients.

hus, the roots of the trees travel laterally rather than vertically inside the ground in search of nutrients.

he chances of efficient uptake of nutrients increase when the trees cover large horizontal distances on the surface of the ground, thus forming a dense network.

ince the roots are long and wide, the trees get larger area for water intake and exchange of gases, thus competing with the other trees who tend to absorb water at a faster rate.

he buttress roots also help trees to maintain stability when they reach towering heights and also during thunderstorms.

ven though water is beneficial for plants to survive, excess of the same accelerates the growth of fungi on the plant.

hus, the leaves of plants have adapted to the high rainfall pattern by using their elongated tips to shed off the water as soon it drops on them.

his helps the leaves to keep their surface clean and protects them from fungal growth, which is common in a wet and damp environment.

hese are plants that thrive on the moisture provided by rain and atmosphere, often growing on other plants.

ven though these plants are not parasitic in nature, they take the support of branches of other trees which help them in acquiring more sunlight.

ometimes the plants, such as epiphytic vines (strangler fig), grow their roots till they reach the ground, forming a network of roots surrounding the trees they live on.

n due course of time, the roots of the vines entwine around the trees eventually strangulating them.

One of the most important factors that resulted from this expansion of environmental consciousness occurring over the last several decades has been the protection of endangered species....

All of these animals are endangered.

Under the ESA, species are specified into two categories; endangered or threatened.

The 1969 act also called for an international meeting to adopt a convention on the conservation of endangered species, and in 1973 a conference in Washington led to the signing of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). It restricts international commerce in plant and animal species believed to be actually or potentially harmed by trade. After that conference, the U.S. Congress passed the ESA of 1973. This law combined and strengthened the provisions of earlier laws. It also had the effect of intensifying the controversy.

This has caused the black rhino to be placed on the endangered species list.

The elephant seems to represent all that is strong and wild in Africa.

Pylori and its Interactions with Humans in “An Endangered Species in the Stomach” by Martin J.
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Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing or capturing of animals....

An unhealthy or small population of sea otters allows the sea urchin’s number to explode thus decimating kelp beds, which is the sea urchin’s food source, and causing a “chain reaction that depletes the food supply for other marine animals consequently causing their decline....

Another reason is the beauty of the animals themselves.

It also mandated Federal agencies and departments to protect endangered and threatened species in their own operations, as well as work with State and local agencies to further promote conservation and protection of identified species....

Each species of animal is special.

Here is a list of the endangered species, 91 endangered birds, 76 endangered mammals, 36 endangered reptiles, 21 endangered amphibians, 115 endangered fish, 70 endangered clams, 35 endangered snails, 44 endangere...

This leads to the endangerment of hundreds of species worldwide.

Others become extinct because pesticides are put on the food we eat, causing the animals that eat the insects off the plant to become contaminated, which causes their predators to become contaminated, which often affects the shell of that organism?s egg.

We destroy animals that get in the way of farming or building.

If the current trend continues, at least 50% of all currently existing species will be either extinct or endangered by the year 2050 (Today’s Situation)....

A poacher is someone who hunts and kills rare animals for profit.

Two agencies, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service, are responsible for reviewing the status of species in trouble to see if they warrant listing as either threatened or endangered....

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