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Geography will similarly be presented in its factual aspect, with maps,natural features, and visual presentment of customs, costumes, flora, fauna,and so on; and I believe myself that the discredited and old-fashionedmemorizing of a few capitol cities, rivers, mountain ranges, etc., doesno harm. Stamp collecting may be encouraged.

What is it that "America most wants"? Does this phrase refer to criminals--orto crimes, to objects of desire in their real presence, unrepresented, unmediated,literally stolen & appropriated? America most wants...to fuck off work,ditch the spouse, do drugs (because only drugs make you feel as good asthe people in TV ads appear to be), have sex with nubile jailbait, sodomy,burglary, hell yes. What unmediated pleasures are NOT illegal? Even outdoorbarbecues violate smoke ordinances nowadays. The simplest enjoyments turnus against some law; finally pleasure becomes too stress- inducing, andonly TV remains--and the pleasure of revenge, vicarious betrayal, the sickthrill of the tattletale. America can't have what it most wants, so it has instead. A nation of schoolyard toadies sucking up to an elite of schoolyardbullies.

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The grammar of History should consist, I think, of dates, events, anecdotes,and personalities. A set of dates to which one can peg all later historicalknowledge is of enormous help later on in establishing the perspectiveof history. It does not greatly matter which dates: those of the Kingsof England will do very nicely, provided that they are accompanied by picturesof costumes, architecture, and other everyday things, so that the meremention of a date calls up a very strong visual presentment of the wholeperiod.

Popular Topics; quizzes; galleries; lists; projects; An Essay on the Picturesque Work by Price Contribute your ideas for this topic; Thank you for helping.

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What, then, are we to do? We cannot go back to the Middle Ages. Thatis a cry to which we have become accustomed. We cannot go back--or canwe? Distinguo. I should like every term in that proposition defined. Does"go back" mean a retrogression in time, or the revision of anerror? The first is clearly impossible per se; the second is a thing whichwise men do every day. "Cannot"-- does this mean that our behavioris determined irreversibly, or merely that such an action would be verydifficult in view of the opposition it would provoke? Obviously the twentiethcentury is not and cannot be the fourteenth; but if "the Middle Ages"is, in this context, simply a picturesque phrase denoting a particulareducational theory, there seems to be no a priori reason why we shouldnot "go back" to it--with modifications--as we have already "goneback" with modifications, to, let us say, the idea of playing Shakespeare'splays as he wrote them, and not in the "modernized" versionsof Cibber and Garrick, which once seemed to be the latest thing in theatricalprogress.

I would draw your attention particularly to that last sentence, whichoffers an explanation of what the writer rightly calls the "distressingfact" that the intellectual skills bestowed upon us by our educationare not readily transferable to subjects other than those in which we acquiredthem: "he remembers what he has learnt, but forgets altogether howhe learned it."

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Here is a sentence from no less academic a source than a front- pagearticle in the Times Literary Supplement: "The Frenchman, Alfred Epinas,pointed out that certain species (e.g., ants and wasps) can only face thehorrors of life and death in association." I do not know what theFrenchman actually did say; what the Englishman says he said is patentlymeaningless. We cannot know whether life holds any horror for the ant,nor in what sense the isolated wasp which you kill upon the window-panecan be said to "face" or not to "face" the horrorsof death. The subject of the article is mass behavior in man; and the humanmotives have been unobtrusively transferred from the main proposition tothe supporting instance. Thus the argument, in effect, assumes what itset out to prove--a fact which would become immediately apparent if itwere presented in a formal syllogism. This is only a small and haphazardexample of a vice which pervades whole books--particularly books writtenby men of science on metaphysical subjects.

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In her essay The Picturesque and Ready to Wear, Birmingham uses 18th century art critics to illustrate her point Theorectiocal: Three Essays, Price Favorite : Story Author Follow.

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An essay on artificial water, and on the method in which picturesque banks may be practically formed.--An essay on the decorations near the house.--An essay on architecture and buildings, as cnnected with scenery.

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This reminds me of the grammar of Theology. I shall add it to the curriculum,because theology is the mistress-science without which the whole educationalstructure will necessarily lack its final synthesis. Those who disagreeabout this will remain content to leave their pupil's education still fullof loose ends. This will matter rather less than it might, since by thetime that the tools of learning have been forged the student will be ableto tackle theology for himself, and will probably insist upon doing soand making sense of it. Still, it is as well to have this matter also handyand ready for the reason to work upon. At the grammatical age, therefore,we should become acquainted with the story of God and Man in outline--i.e.,the Old and New testaments presented as parts of a single narrative ofCreation, Rebellion, and Redemption--and also with the Creed, the Lord'sPrayer, and the Ten Commandments. At this early stage, it does not matternearly so much that these things should be fully understood as that theyshould be known and remembered.

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