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Research involving tests done on animals is unnecessary and cruel.

Animal abuse is the knowing or intentional "(1) tortures or serious overworks [of] an animal"; the "(2) failing unreasonably to provide necessary food, care, or shelter for an animal in his custody; kills, injures, or administers poison to an animal; [or] (6) causes one animal to fight with another" (Title 3)....

This research only looks at methods of animal cruelty used, and age of onset abuse.

When it comes to animals, the topicsto mainly consider are the ones where their ethical treatment, rightsand sufferings are most highlighted. Hence choosing proper persuasivetopics on animals can be an easy task to accomplish if you knowhow to hit the right notes regarding animal cruelty and fairtreatment of animals.

Free animal cruelty Essays and Papers

An argumentative essay is organized according to one of these five patterns: pro-con, con-pro, 3-con, claim / counterclaim or alternating.

One of thegreatest debates in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceuticalindustry is whether or not animal testing should continue. Somecompanies have already given up animal testing, claiming themselvescruelty free. You can easily choose a persuasive topic on animalsthat speaks about conducting tests. These can be great researchpaper topics on animals too. Some examples are- 'we should notsupport companies that test on animals', 'we should not buy fromanimal testing companies', 'animal testing should be banned onceand for all', 'China should stop testing on animals', 'theFDA should take a stand against animal testing', 'cruelty freebusinesses should get support from the government', 'cruelty freebusinesses should be encouraged and bought from', 'the price ofbeauty should not be animal lives' etc.

Abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans. Nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their animals. Countless more never leave the home for this very reason. Companion animals like cats and dogs may be threatened or harmed; the vulnerability of other animals like horses may also make it difficult for victims to escape in emergencies. The “link” between violence against humans and animals is clear. But there are resources that can help.

Free animal cruelty papers, essays, and research papers.

Animal abuse isn’t something new, but only recently has there been any research on the motives behind animal abuse....

Animals, especially animal rightsare a great sector to find some very strong and convincing persuasiveessay topics from. Finding persuasive topics about animals canbe a daunting task when you have very little time. As the deadlineapproaches, this article is here to help you find the perfectpersuasive speech topics on animals so that you do not have tostruggle to find one at the last moment.

The very nature of persuasivespeeches, essays and research papers is that an opinion has to bepresented and defended strongly in them. Perhaps the topics onanimals where there is the most scope to present your opinion in aconcrete manner stem from animal rights. In today's world, more andmore people are becoming conscious about ethical treatment ofanimals, questioning practices that threaten the natural habitat andlives of animals. It is such a vast arena that almost anything andeverything can be correlated with animal rights issues. Be it thechoice of a vegan lifestyle to animal testing in the cosmeticindustry- a wide variety is the main advantage of choosing to designyour persuasive speech topics on animals. There are thousandsof research paper topics about animals which focus mainly ontheir ethical treatment and rights.

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Stop Animal Cruelty - Animal Rights Action

Another major advantage of choosinganimals as your persuasive essay topic is the fact that almosteveryone feels strongly about their ethical treatment. If you, forexample, argue that animals should not be kept in confinement thenthe chances of your examiner or your audience agreeing with you isalmost a hundred percent. It may be a little less so if your topic isagainst say, consumption of meat, but it is easy to say that animalrights is a safe area to choose persuasive topics from.


Writing a persuasive essay canindeed be a challenging task as one has to convince the reader tobelieve the views presented in the essay. Even though your readers,teachers or examiners do not necessarily think the same as youregarding the topic, you have to convince them that you have statedyour points well. Persuasive essays are all about defending yourstandpoint, or in many cases, the given standpoint. More than often,it becomes rather difficult to write a persuasive essay when thegiven topic is not something you believe in. However, the ball is inyour court when you choose the topic yourself. In both cases, youhave to make a strong statement about the issue you are puttingforward to your examiner or teacher. Delivering a persuasive speechbecomes easier when you have the rough outline of it alreadyprepared, and same goes for persuasive essay or research papertopics.

a Good Essay Conclusion On Animals Animal Rights …

For convenience and betterunderstanding, some different topic branches are given for persuasiveessay topics on animals. You can either choose a topic from the onesmentioned below, or choose your own topic to put it under a topicpool. The different branches are-

Persuasive essay on animal cruelty - Essay Writing …

There can bemany different topics on animal habitat that you can incorporate inyour research paper or speech. Some example topics are- 'animalsshould not be kept in confinement', 'we should not promote cagingof animals', 'zoological gardens or zoos should be shut down tofree the animals', 'we should not keep pets', 'agriculture isdetrimental to animal habitat', 'violence of animals is a resultof our wrongdoings', 'we should build more animal shelters','new animals should not be domesticated' etc.

is this a good "Stop Animal Abuse" paper? | Yahoo …

Children in violent households, who have likely been abused themselves, represent one-fifth of domestic animal cruelty cases. When a child harms animals it can indicate that serious abuse has been inflicted on the child; consequently, animals are abused in nearly all households in which children have been abused. Furthermore, children who witness animal abuse are at greater risk of becoming abusers. Many violent offenders committed childhood acts of animal abuse.

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