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9 Ways To Improve Your Attention To Detail | OPEN Forum

Broadbent’s own account of the distribution of processingbetween the pre-attentional system and the post-attentional systemdefines the ‘early selection’ theory of attention. Heclaimed that only very simple properties are detected by the largecapacity system, and that any semantic properties, or propertiesrelating to the particular identity of a stimulus, aredetected only after representations of the stimulus have passedthrough the attentional-bottleneck and into the smaller capacitysystem.

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One can easily see why the spotlight metaphor is appealing. If we arepresented with an array of differently coloured shapes, appearing anddisappearing in various places, then there will be various attentiondemanding tasks that we might perform regarding that array. Some tasksmight require us to attend to whatever is going on at the top of thescreen, others might require us to attend to all the red shapes, or toall the triangles, or to something else. Some of these ways ofattending seem to be more basic than others. It seems, for example,that attending to things in the top part of the screen might be aprimitive task, whereas attending to the triangles could not beprimitive in the same way: we cannot simply attend to thetriangles. If we want to attend to the triangles, we need first towork out where the triangles are. If, on the other hand, wewant to attend to the things in the top part of the screen we do notneed to work out whether they are triangles. It is therefore plausiblethat when we attend to the triangles we do so by attending totheir locations. In this sense attending on the basis of locationseems to be more basic than attending on the basis of shape.

2014/02/25 · Best Advice: Pay Attention to Detail

This will help you to see where the details fit in and to determine which details are most important.

A quite different explanatory role is assigned to attention in BishopBerkeley’s Principles of Human Knowledge, although hereagain we find that it is in order to remove an epistemological glitchthat the notion of attention is brought in. In the Introduction toPrinciples of Human Knowledge Berkeley rejects Locke’sclaim that there exist such things as Abstract Ideas. But Berkeleyretains Locke’s commitment to the core empiricist claim that thethinking of thoughts is always a matter of handling ideas receivedfrom experience. This would seem to lead to the conclusion that it isnot possible to think about abstractia, but Berkeley realizes thatthat conclusion is unacceptable. It is, as he says, perfectly possibleto think about the properties of triangles in general.

In these sentences Berkeley is not attempting to elaborate a theory ofattention. He says nothing more about the idea that attention mightenable thought about abstractia. It is nonetheless clear that herequires attention to play an important role in his picture of themind.

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Attention is involved in the selective directedness of our mentallives. The nature of this selectivity is one of the principal pointsof disagreement between the extant theories of attention. Some of themost influential theories treat the selectivity of attention asresulting from limitations in the brain’s capacity to processthe complex properties of multiple perceptual stimuli. Other theoriestake the selectivity of attention to be the result of limitations inthe thinking subject’s capacity to consciously entertainmultiple trains of thought. A third group of theories account forattention’s selectivity in ways that need not make any referenceto limitations in capacity. These latter theories relate theselectivity of attention to the selectivity required to maintain asingle coherent course of action, to the weighting of sensoryinformation in accordance with its expected precision, or tocompetition between mutually inhibitory streams of processing.

Attention is also a topic of philosophical interest because of itsapparent relations to a number of other philosophically puzzlingphenomena. There are empirical and theoretical considerationssuggesting that attention is closely related toconsciousness, and there are controversies over whether thisrelationship of consciousness to attention is one of necessity, orsufficiency (or both or neither). There are also controversies –thought to be important to the viability of representationism aboutconsciousness – over the ways in which the phenomenal characterof a conscious experience can be modulated by attention. Differentconsiderations link attention to demonstrative reference, tothe development of an understanding of other minds, and tothe exercise of the will. Some work in the tradition ofvirtue ethics takes attention to be morally important, sincethere are at least some virtues that require one to attendappropriately.

Why it is important buy audison thesis for me to slow down and pay attention to detail
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Word meaning paying attention to detail essay

People suffering from the Attention Deficit Disorder are different from “normal” people, yet are not necessarily inferior in any respect. There are many bright and gifted individuals who suffer from ADD, who nevertheless, might find many things that require attention to detail as difficult (Mercugliano 833).

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When dealing with people affected with Attention Deficit Disorder it is important to know that they require a different approach in communication, and education. Sometimes, it might be necessary to take special medicine to improve concentration and attention, things that people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder lack.

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One important thing that needs to be noted here is the fact that those affected with Attention Deficit Disorder are typically very creative. They have a unique view of the world and the environment that surrounds them simply because their superficial concentration allows them to remain more aware of numerous things around them. At the same time it is important that those who have ADD are aware of their condition and thus know their weaknesses.

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Typically schools are aware of the students who might have Attention Deficit Disorder and thus strive to accommodate their needs by conducting frequent seminars on ADD, group therapy, and workshops on how to improve concentration and attention to detail. Students affected with ADD are advised to take classes that require creativity and are recommended a career that would not demand much attention to detail.

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But those discussions may miss the point. Our culture has fewer and fewer opportunities for absorption. Not enough people care about the arts. Not enough of us quest for truth. The doctor’s office is an assembly line. The artist turns matters over to her assistant. The prof is busy fattening his resumé. But we have plenty of opportunities for attention, yes we do. Under the reign of the computer, jobs are more and more about attention: Get it right, pay attention to detail, fill out the chart, and fill it out again. Did I say opportunities to pay attention? No, they are compulsions and requirements. In short, if attention does not lead to absorption, or if there is little possibility of absorption in a given life, then there will be deficits of attention.

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