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This is an essay on Ontological Arguments

Sorcery works at creating around itself a psychic/physical space or openingsinto a space of untrammeled expression-- the metamorphosis of quotidianplace into angelic sphere. This involves the manipulation of symbols (whichare also things) & of people (who are also symbolic)--the archetypes supplya vocabulary for this process & therefore are treated as if they were bothreal & unreal, like words. Imaginal Yoga.

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I'm tempted to try to describe the way satori "is" like the r. of e.d.l.--butI can't. Or to put it another way: nearly all I write revolves around thistheme; I would have to repeat nearly everything in order to elucidate thissingle point. Instead, as an appendix, I offer one more curious coincidenceor interpenetration of 2 terms, one from Situationism again & the otherthis time from sufism. The or "drift" was conceived as an exercise in deliberate revolutionizing ofeveryday life--a sort of aimless wandering thru city streets, a visionaryurban nomadism involving an openness to "culture as nature" (if I graspthe idea correctly)--which by its sheer duration would inculcate in thedrifters a propensity to experience the marvelous; not always in its beneficentform perhaps, but hopefully always productive of insight--whether thru architecture,the erotic, adventure, drink & drugs, danger, inspiration, whatever--intothe intensity of unmediated perception & experience.

The Anselm Ontological Argument Philosophy Essay

i) Examine the key concepts of the ontological argument for the existence of God

Descartes often compares the ontological argument to a geometricdemonstration, arguing that necessary existence cannot be excludedfrom idea of God anymore than the fact that its angles equal two rightangles, for example, can be excluded from the idea of a triangle. Theanalogy underscores once again the argument's supremesimplicity. God's existence is purported to be as obvious andself-evident as the most basic mathematical truth. It also attempts toshow how the “logic” of the demonstration is rooted in ourordinary reasoning practices.

In this paper Arnold T. Guminski examines the modal ontological argument based upon possible worlds semantics expounded by Alvin Plantinga and further developed and defended by William Lane Craig. In section A Guminski discloses the flawed underlying assumptions of this Plantinga modal ontological argument (PMOA). In section B he defends the "anti - Plantinga modal ontological argument - argument" (or anti-PMOA-argument) by showing that a maximally great being is not broadly logically possible. In section C Guminski shows that the anti-PMOA-argument is amply confirmed since the procedure used to construct the PMOA plausibly allows the construction of arguments relevantly similar to the PMOA, but inconsistent with it. Section D explains why that which is ought to be distinguished from that which is . Section E considers the plausibility of premise 1 of the PMOA according to the writings of other scholars.

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Essay Ontological Argument Revision

(1) God calls us to be a peculiar people.
(2) Stop laughing, foul non-believer.
(3) In order to preserve our own particular peculiarity —
(4) Stop laughing, I said.
(5) We must be a people apart.
(6) This means not listening to anyone who believes differently than we do, because this would taint our peculiarity.
(7) If you do not stop laughing —
(8) (Oh, I have to do the end of the argument?)
(9) Therefore, God exists.
(9a) And God especially exists because non-believers are laughing at us, which means we're persecuted, which means we're special.
(10) Therefore, God exists.

Because of its simplicity, Descartes' version of the ontologicalargument is commonly thought to be cruder and more obviously fallaciousthan the one put forward by Anselm in the eleventh century. But whenthe complete apparatus of the Cartesian system is brought forth, theargument proves itself to be quite resilient, at least on its ownterms. Indeed, Descartes' version is superior to his predecessor'sinsofar as it is grounded in a theory of innate ideas and the doctrineof clear and distinct perception. These two doctrines inoculateDescartes from the charge made against Anselm, for example, that theontological argument attempts to define God into existence byarbitrarily building existence into the concept of a supremely perfectbeing. In the Third Meditation, the meditator discovers that her ideaof God is not a fiction that she has conveniently invented butsomething native to the mind. As we shall see below, these twodoctrines provide the resources for answering other objections aswell.

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The TAZ may perhaps best find its own space by wrapping its head aroundtwo seemingly contradictory attitudes toward Hi- Tech and its apotheosisthe Net: (1) what we might call the Fifth Estate/Neo-Paleolithic Post-Situ Ultra-Green position, which construes itselfas a luddite argument against mediation and against the Net; and (2) theCyberpunk utopianists, futuro-libertarians, Reality Hackers and their allieswho see the Net as a step forward in evolution, and who assume that anypossible ill effects of mediation can be overcome--at least, once we'veliberated the means of production.


Is the meme that “modern economic growth relies on inflation” another example of Gramscian damage? It came up in an argument about currency economics, and I couldn’t help feeling it fits the pattern — everyone ‘knows’ it, but no-one can say where it came from.

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Oh, bullshit. That line of argument was already a dead cliche in 1900, because theism and nihilism simply don’t exhaust the possibilities. For example, we might live in a universe with no God but an iron law of karma, as Theravada Buddhists believe we do.

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WildMonk, I think you’ve uttered a better summary of what I’ve experienced reading Left theory than I could write. I’d add only that the similarity between postmodern-left and modern Islamic critiques is not accidental parallelism, but reflects a common inheritence from Leninism. The Islamists got their version through Fascism; as I’ve pointed out before, both the Baath party and the Muslim Brotherhood consciously imitated classical-Fascist doctrine and organization, which were in turn largely constructed by former Leninists like Mussolini.

Assess the Ontological Argument Essay

You write your posts as if we’re already inside your head and we know what you’re thinking, when such is not the case. If this is giving you cramps, then why don’t you write clearly? I think the fact that you never do indicates that you don’t actually have anything meaningful to say, and if there is some nugget of a substantial position buried in your posts, when you actually dig it up — it’s a turd.

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