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Tangible Truths is a perfect signal of “positivism” as it turns an overwhelming sad life experience into an unforgettable artefact. It transforms a loss into a precious gift and makes the situation discussable. Tangible Truths is the embodiment of societies changing attitude regarding alter negative happenings into added value. In a way we can even pose that it is the ultimate form of “personalization” as it literally makes a part of our human being immortal.

My grandpa always said when asked about time “time all fools are dead ain’t you sick”

MOOWON is an online magazine unearthing noble values of the past, capturing the essence of a place, and inspiring respect for the ways people make or do things. Its stories connect readers to the unique, extraordinary people and things of our world: masters who revive vanishing arts, ideas and places that embody beauty and authenticity. The following is an excerpt from its story on the rare art of Rogan.

The ancient and rare craft of Rogan art comes from Persia. Rogan in Persian means "oil-based". The motifs used in Rogan art, such as geometric flowers, peacocks, and the tree of life, evoke a once-sublime culture and its understanding of beauty.

In the sleepy hamlet of Nirona in the Kutch district in India, there lives a family who has kept this art form alive while others had decided to abandon it. The Khatri family has held steadfast to this intriguing craft for over three centuries, preventing it from becoming yet another vanishing art.

Mysterious incongruent spheres of vibrant natural colors mixed with castor oil adorn the small bowls within a larger bowl. Sumar Khatri, a soft-spoken craftsman of remarkable humility, takes a rod resembling an oversized blunt needle and dips it into the yellow pod. What follows are a series of enchanting maneuvers instrinic to Rogan art. Nimbly, he twirl-wraps the color around one end of the rod. Against the base palm of his right hand, as if it was an easel, he mixes the color to achieve a perfect consistency. Sumar then gently stretches out a vibrant yellow strand from his "easel" with the rod, creating that perfect fine "thread" to transform it into an exquisite flower.

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My work is informed by three great passions: my need for sensory feedback and my love of both texture and natural fibres. At the heart of my work is the extreme scale the unspun wool allows me to achieve. For the observer, the scale provides the perfect platform to showcase the beauty and rawness of the natural fibres I use. The textures are rich, luxurious and have the ability to imbue both solace and joy to the handler. On a personal level, each piece is as much a physical challenge as a loving creative exercise and pushing the boundaries of what is possible is a huge driver.

However, knitting with unspun wool is problematic due to its delicate nature. To overcome this, I felt each piece once it has been knitted. This is no mean feat given that most of my creations weigh a minimum of five kilograms. The felting gives stability to the unspun wool and allows for a greater stitch definition. The resulting texture is both rustic and sculptural in its appeal. My self-taught process is laborious and often menial but it is equally satisfying. I suspect my lack of technical know how actually helped me push the boundaries of what was possible because I had no concept of what wasn’t.

Essentially, Little Dandelion is my quiet rebellion against mindless mass production and my loving contribution to a kinder and more conscientious world. I am currently developing my own Little Dandelion oversized knitting yarn so that others can experience the joy of slow craft and extreme knitting."

My ex mother in law always used the phrases; That ain’t worth pickin up in the road and That didn’t fill my hollow tooth. I was around her so much it seems normal to say these.

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In my lifetime, I have been privileged to know some of the most gracious southern ladies God made. There was not an insincere bone in their bodies, and they valued kindness above all. Perhaps because I moved to Austin in my early thirties, I have altogether missed encountering those passive-aggressive types who misuse the phrase, “Bless your heart.” Was it perverted by the new generation? Truly, I have never heard it used in a snide way but only read about it on the internet. If this is your habit, you have a plethora of modern day expressions to use, so please do not cast doubt on those of us who use the phrase to express genuine compassion.

I find it odd everyone on the internet saying that “bless your heart” is used as a passive aggressive insult, my grandmother used this saying sincerely when she heard about someone who was sick or going through trouble or who had done a good deed. She didn’t use it in a mean way.

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Jongstra: “I experience the development of my work as a constant unwrapping of gifts. The past comprises an amazing amount of knowledge: botanical knowledge, craft knowledge. This opens a world for me behind the visible world. And I am convinced that this dive in the past also generates knowledge in its turn to develop sustainable production methods.”

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The work of Jongstra is created in a small village in the North-West of Friesland, Spannum, counting not even 300 inhabitants. A small church on a terp, a main street, several side streets – that is all there is. One small street could be called Claudy Jongstra street, having a house which is used as office and wool dyes-works, here living place, a wooden design studio and a shed for the production of the wall tapestries.“I have the feeling of being halfway my development as an artist”, Jongstra says. “We have arrived at a point which we have been working towards step-by-step”, Marleen Engbersen says. Jongstra and Engbersen intertwine the words connections continuously through their story. Jongstra: “My work is never an isolated thing. It connects to buildings which I design it for and intends to call up emotions in the persons in such buildings.

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Today, indigo is experiencing a revival in fashion and interiors, as artisan techniques are incorporated into the serial. Our craving for natural colour and a more intense blue value reflects a need by consumers for authenticity and the handmade, feeling more connected to the textile’s long history of craft.

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A couple my mom used to say; I’m going to box your ears, or I will knock you into next week, and I’m going to whap you so hard your ears will ring for a week! Also there was the phrase I will clean your clock! I guess I was a little devil; she was always telling me things like this. Also she regularly threatened to Tan my hide!

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