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Contemporary Dance - Essay by Deangelocar - Anti Essays

There should be evidence of familiarity with, and the accurate and effective use of, dance terminology. Some dance forms, such as ballet and East Indian dance, have particular words to describe movement and movement phrases. The meaning of these terms needs to be-made clear in the essay.

is an essay on "Contemporary Dance" from Anti Essays, ..

Like the composer John Cage, who was his life partner as well as professional collaborator, Cunningham championed the use of chance procedures. As a compositional tool he found that throwing dice (or more typically, casting the hexagrams of the I Ching) allowed him to invent new movements that avoided the ruts of his personality. He focused on time and space, having concluded that dance should not depend on a musical accompaniment but needed to live independently. He would rehearse his dancers to rhythms, not music; they would typically hear the music (as well as see the sets) for the first time at the premiere. He wanted to decentralize his compositions, forsaking buildups and climaxes in favor of a democratized space in which every spot on the stage deserved attention. While in the ballet of the 19th century the principal dancers would appear stage center, opposite the royal box, and the corps de ballet would fan out alongside them, in a Cunningham dance, as on a New York street, the protagonists moved without hierarchy. All of these choices made Cunningham coolly “modern,” in a way that the neo-primitivist founders of modern dance, like Duncan and Graham, were not. It also made his choreography notoriously tough to dance and confoundedly complex to recreate.

Modern Dance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays

A version of this article appears in print on November 8, 2009, on Page MM38 of the  with the headline: Can Modern Dance be Preserved?.

From the earliest history of Filipino immigration, we have been able to preserve our identity through food and through language. When Filipinos began to live in neighborhoods with other people, and because of their jobs, they wanted to rise on the ladder of success. As far as the social heritage, they had to preserve it as Filipinos. They had to be successful in the general population and also to remain part of the smaller community— it is a balancing act between the public and private life. The thing that would symbolize the Filipinos might be the tinikling— the dance between the bamboo sticks, learning to move in and out of the two worlds with good grace, courage, and humor.

Because most of the observations and celebrations in the community, both sacred and secular, include dance at some point in the day, dance assumes a prominent role in the culture and most people remain familiar with at least some of the traditional dances. Marina Espina sees tinikling as symbolic of the life of the modern Filipino immigrant:

Essay on post modern dance essays - …

Modern Dance Essay 53217 - AcaDemon

Despite having finally exited the stage, Cunningham is once more proposing the unprecedented. No modern-dance choreographer has ever implemented a plan that would keep the dances but dissolve the company as a way of preserving his evanescent legacy. When Balanchine bequeathed his ballets to the people he loved, he was disposing of property; the monetary value of the ballets would be determined by how many companies licensed them, but the artistic value of the pieces rested mainly on the collective memory of the performances during his lifetime. When Graham died and risked letting her dances sink in the chasm between her company and her heir, she may have been indirectly declaring that without her, the work could not or should not go on. Any choreographer would be ambivalent: it is painful to consider that a life’s work will disappear, but it is also hard to think that it will be diminished by inexact performances, as fuzzy as fourth-generation photocopies. In establishing the trust and endorsing the extinction of the foundation, Cunningham seemed to be creating a structure as intelligent and farsighted as a Cunningham dance. But as any of his dancers will tell you, his steps are fiendishly difficult to carry out.

“This invention of photomontage represents the willingness to engage with the modern world, especially the new technology.” (Hemus 2009) Commenting on mass media and consumerism, Hoch is not afraid of taking the forms of it by taking both technique and content from it.

15/10/2004 · An overview of the history of modern dance
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Isadora Duncan, the Mothr of Modern Dance - College …

Does this explanation truly make sense, though? To someextent, it seems very plausible, even probable. These words dooccur in songs that were well-known at one time, and mothersand grandmothers to this day "do-do" their babies to sleep ("do"from "dors," stemming from the imperative of dormir, to sleep). Itis quite a leap, however, from an action done to soothe a baby, toan adult activity so very different from soothing a baby. Parentsput babies on hush mode at any number of locations using suchtechniques: the home, of course, the homes of relatives, or (as Isaid before) church, or while riding in the back of a car. Would ithave been as likely to designate Catholic mass the "fais do-do,"because babies are tranquilized in a sequestered baby area meantfor the same purpose? Mothers "do-doed" and continue to "dodo"their babies constantly, without regard to location. As thesaying goes, there is nothing as wonderful as a sleeping baby,and a public dance is only one of a practically infinite series ofdesirable slumbering baby situations. In my own experience,babies tend to like the ambient noise of public places,particularly public places filled with fairly loud, rhythmicpulses, and it strikes me that a baby would be as likely to "dodo"on the dance floor as in an isolated baby area. When askedwhat they would be doing over the weekend, did young adultsonce really say, in so many words, we're going to "make thebaby go to sleep"? Possibly.

Modern Dance: An Interpretive, Contemporary Style

Dance has been a big part of my life. I believe it shows parts of my past and has become who I am as an individual today. My mother took me to my first ballet class when I was 5 years old and I refused to participate. One day, a few months later, I told my mother that I wanted to take dance classes and the rest is history.

MODERN DANCE Free Essay, Term Paper and Book …

Increasingly frail during his last weeks, Cunningham died in his apartment in Manhattan’s Flatiron district at the age of 90. Although he is generally regarded as a master of modernism, who during a half-century career unchained dance from its reliance on music and charged it inventively with the chaotic overflow and technological buzz of contemporary life, it is by no means certain that his work will survive him. Indeed, until recent years, he himself hardly seemed to care if it would. “It seemed to be that he was not interested in what happened to the work after he was no longer there,” says Allan Sperling, a lawyer and a board member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation. “He seemed very present-oriented.”

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