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Recount one specific episode in this struggle.

I was terrified . . . I was scared . . . I wrote a bunch of nonsense because I didn’t want toget sued. All I wanted to do was to get some publishers interested in my story and then Iwould give them the other book, which by the way a number of people saw my originalbook . . . it’s not what was put out there to begin with, that was I guess you would call it a“teaser” I put that out there to try to get interest. . . . ( to listen to the clip, andforward to about the 6:07 mark.)

What instability is there early in the story that is resolved and becomes stable by the end?

Weaving a story around the things written in conspiracy books is a bit dangerous: some of the“facts” in the resulting story might be demonstrably untrue. In contrast, writing about private,personal experiences might seem safer. If somebody claims to have had a conversation with LeeOswald, how can anybody know what was said?

What happens in this section of the story?

What is the key moment in the story, the scene which brings illumination or an "ah-ha" moment?

A few weeks before the assassination, U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson visited Dallas, and wastreated roughly by noisy right-wing protestors. According to Judyth, Lee told her that he hadhimself egged on the protests, in hope that a row during the Stevenson visit would cause securityduring the JFK visit to be tightened. Judyth recounts a phone conversation she had with Lee.

Most of us in college now, myself included, grew up and came of age in an era of broken things and people and politics. This is no different from any other time, really Americans base their history on tragedies and triumphs, and not much in between but what is different now is that on campuses protest and public dissent seem less of a constant, less of a defining feature. I am troubled by the political disconnect, even the apathy I sometimes see among my fellow students. I don’t quite know what to say to those who miss the constant demonstrations on campus quads in the names of various causes, much less those who worry about poor turnout among student-aged voters.

What is the primary or central theme of this story?

What life lessons can be learned from the choices made by the characters in this story?

The information that could be included in a personal-type statement is limited only by your own imagination and life history, but you should be highly selective about what you include. There are two things to watch out for: (1) saying too much and/or (2) not saying enough.

It may seem easy to dismiss my experiences as the product of an overstretched high school student justifiably floundering in his transition to college. There are, after all, many others my age and younger struggling with far worse and sacrificing with far less. But my story – however banal it may seem – reflects a generation of young people unconditioned to deal with failure. Perfectionism has become a prerequisite to get into our most elite universities; by the time we leave our nearly immaculate high school records behind, we have never experienced what it means to make a mistake, take a controversial stand, or – as in my case and many of my classmates -get a B+. It’s no wonder that we stifle our creativity and impulse to try something new for fear that it will blemish our academic record, derail our post-graduation plans and catastrophically prevent us from living successful lives.

What are the most dramatic issues relevant to our time that have been presented in this story?
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What elements of irony exist in the story?

Let me just tell you that I am 18 and a senior in high school. Mrs. Baker, Judyth, washired at my school last year as our english teacher. What a mistake it turned out to be. Shenever taught us, she just went on about her “stories” which we all claimed were lies andthat she needed to be cooped up somewhere. She was crazy because every time she hearda “loud noise” she would act like she was having a seizure in the classroom. Our schoolrealized the mistake and fired her after a month and a half. (Post by Paulio, dated 7:55PMPST Nov 19, 2003).

Examples Of Recount Essay Free Essays

That Lee would steal a glass from a packing line, when whole pallets of glasses doubtless residedin some storeroom at Reily, is odd. And of course the Warren Commission, and numerousresearchers since, have examined Lee’s firing at Reily and found no evidence whatsoever that thetheft of a green glass had anything to do with it.

Our MOGO Camp Recount - Sensational Six 'S' - a year …

. . . [r]ose through Mormon ranks and met most of its leaders – very hard to do – and got inside the machinery of that religion, being a state and regional official indifferent areas of function, including publicity and achieving [sic] historian. WhatI wrote became the final version of the church’s history of its members and itsofficial activities in a wide section of Texas. Can I recount historical eventsaccurately? Mormon Apostles, Stake Presidents and Bishops thought so.

A recount is a record of events

This is not to say he is a poster child for the brave new world of gender parity: Karl Ove is a conflicted egalitarian—some of the series’s strongest sections recount his resentment over and unhappiness with his domestic life.Knausgaard’s books swept North America at almost the same moment as Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels.


When I began that long and exhausting process known as “the college search”, I had my own visions of a bohemian paradise, of meeting peers with whom I could debate politics, philosophy and art long into the night. Oberlin College was the site of my college ideal; it was small, politically left-leaning and academically rigorous, and it had a history of racial and sexual inclusivity. It was also my father’s alma mater, and he had the same fond memories of his time there that Mr. Perlstein’s beatnik friend recounted so wistfully – for my father, college was a haven from his parents, the place where he met his oldest and best friends and the intellectual mecca where he turned his interest in Spanish literature into a passion.

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