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Social Darwinism is the opposite of socialism.

I believe that if we compare Fiume with the Paris uprising of 1968 (alsothe Italian urban insurrections of the early seventies), as well as withthe American countercultural communes and their anarcho-New Left influences,we should notice certain similarities, such as:--the importance of aesthetictheory (cf. the Situationists)--also, what might be called "pirate economics,"living high off the surplus of social overproduction--even the popularityof colorful military uniforms--and the concept of music as revolutionary social change--and finally their shared air of impermanence,of being ready to move on, shape-shift, re- locate to other universities,mountaintops, ghettos, factories, safe houses, abandoned farms--or evenother planes of reality. No one was trying to impose yet another RevolutionaryDictatorship, either at Fiume, Paris, or Millbrook. Either the world wouldchange, or it wouldn't. Meanwhile keep on the move and live intensely.

Social Darwinism was first brought up by British philosopher and sociologist, Herbert Spencer.

The Hegelian dialectic presupposes the factual basis for the theory of social evolutionary principles, which coincidentally backed up Marx. Marx's Darwinian theory of the "social evolution of the species," (even though it has been used for a century to create a vast new scientific community, including eugenics and socio-economics), does not adhere to the basis for all good scientific research, and appears to exist mainly to advance itself, and all its sub-socio-scientific arms, as the more moral human science. To the ACL this means the entire basis for the communitarian solution is based on a false premise, because there is no FACTUAL basis that "social evolution of the species" exists, based as it is only on Darwinian and Marxist ideology of man's "natural" evolution towards a British version of utopia.

The London-Marxist platform in 1847 was "to abolish private property." The American Revolution was based in private property rights. Marxist societies confiscate wealth and promise to "re-distribute it equally." America promised everyone they could keep and control what was the product of their own labor. Modern Marxist adherents openly claim they will "rebuild the world," and they train activist "change agents" to openly support overthrowing the legitimate governments of the world. Since their inception, Marxist agent provocateurs can be linked to every anarchist assassination and student uprising that caused chaos to the established European civilization throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Modern Americans have succumbed to the conspiracy theory label and will only listen to what the propaganda machines tell them. Now our people don't believe anyone other than maybe the Arab world "hates our freedom." Most modern Americans will never know what went wrong with their "great experiment in democracy."

While the Marxist-communitarian argument has not provided a shred of evidence to prove their utopian vision, and their synthesis does not match their own projected conclusions of world justice, we are convinced their argument does in fact substantiate our conclusion, that the entire philosophical dialectical argument is nothing but a brilliant ruse. We used to call it "a cheap parlor trick" until a responder to this page wondered how we could call it "cheap" when it's been so successful. And he was right. The dialectical arguments for human rights, social equity, and world peace and justice are a perfectly designed diversion in the defeated British Empire's Hegelian-Fabian-Metaphysical-Theosophical Monopoly game. It's the most successful con job in the history of the modern world. (For a well presented Christian overview of the con, see American Babylon: Part Five-the Triumph of the Merchants by Peter Goodgame.)

The communitarian synthesis is the final silent move in a well-designed, quietly implemented plot to re-make the world into colonies. To us it doesn't matter if there is some form of ancient religion that propels the plotters, nor does it really matter if it turns out they're aliens (as some suggest). The bottom line is the Hegelian dialectic sets up the scene for state intervention, confiscation, and redistribution in the U.S., and this is against our ENTIRE constitutional based society. The Hegelian dialectic is not a conspiracy theory because the Conspiracy Theory is a fraud. We've all been duped by global elitists who plan to take totalitarian control of all nation's people, property, and produce. Communitarian Plans exist in every corner of the world, and nobody at the local level will explain why there's no national legal avenue to withdraw from the U.N.'s "community" development plans.

These soldiers believed in Social Darwinism.

As Capitalism modifies culture, its connection to Social Darwinism becomes obvious.

These sequences and their recurrence define the changing relationship between economics and the public sphere, and it is only through activities in the public sphere that any renewal will take place. Déformation professionnelle of the Economic Mainstream importantly “a social science turned in on itself.” Francis Bacon (1561-1626) describes this process of science turning in on itself very well, and also how such an inward-looking science may lead to the decay of sound knowledge: “Surely as many substances in nature which are solid, do putrefy and corrupt into worms, so is the propriety of good and solid knowledge to putrefy into a number of subtle, idle, and unwholesome questions with no soundness or goodness of quality.

The most common answer is - not very much. For there is a very widespread belief among many observers of international relations that underneath the skin of ideology is a hard core of great power national interest that guarantees a fairly high level of competition and conflict between nations. Indeed, according to one academically popular school of international relations theory, conflict inheres in the international system as such, and to understand the prospects for conflict one must look at the shape of the system - for example, whether it is bipolar or multipolar - rather than at the specific character of the nations and regimes that constitute it. This school in effect applies a Hobbesian view of politics to international relations, and assumes that aggression and insecurity are universal characteristics of human societies rather than the product of specific historical circumstances.

A social-psycho Darwinian evolution, if you will.

Herbert Spencer is sometimes named as the founder of social Darwinism.

It is simply wrong to brand the pirates as mere sea-going highwaymen oreven proto-capitalists, as some historians have done. In a sense they were"social bandits," although their base communities were not traditional peasantsocieties but "utopias" created almost ex nihilo in terra incognita, enclavesof total liberty occupying empty spaces on the map. After the fall of Tortuga,the Buccaneer ideal remained alive all through the "Golden Age" of Piracy(ca. 1660-1720), and resulted in land-settlements in Belize, for example,which was founded by Buccaneers. Then, as the scene shifted to Madagascar--anisland still unclaimed by any imperial power and ruled only by a patchworkof native kings (chiefs) eager for pirate allies--the Pirate Utopia reachedits highest form.

In this, but not in his social Darwinism, Spencer’s influence lingers on in today’s evolutionary economics.To sum up: The science of economics may be seen as being subject to the same mechanism of “destabilizing stability” as Hyman Minsky describes as a cause for financial crisis.

He is considered to be vigorous and influential social Darwinist in America.
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The ideas of Marxism appeared during the time when working people really experienced much pressure and discrimination. The development of Marxism was conditioned by the social necessity and two prominent ideologists of this theory reflected the main problems of their epoch. During the time when Marxism appeared working class did not receive appropriate pay for its work, people had to work in poor conditions. According to the research during the nineteenth century working people got only about 10 per cent of the cost of their labor (Sowell, 1985). Despite Marxism brought new ideas, it still did not provoke much controversy as it completely reflected the spirit of the epoch and the mood of people. Darwinism, to the contrary, questioned the very foundations of religion and thus provoked great controversy among people. The theory of Darwin contrasted the basic religious beliefs which existed since the development of religion and this gives the way to treat it as a more controversial teaching of the nineteenth century.

Free social darwinism papers, essays, and research papers.

A collection of essays that examine the historical relationship of Marxist theory to sociological thought, highlighting in particular the ways in which the growth of sociology has reflected an ongoing dialogue with Marxism.

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Social Darwinism in our capitalist society compares wealth with fitness, but historically, unregulated markets given the false sanction of natural law have proven out that Darwinist economic competition has a destructive side for society.

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