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Malaria papers – Medical Research Papers

Unbridled urbanization, drought, migration of workers, and lax control efforts are all contributing to the resurgence of malaria in India and the problem is expected to exacerbate in the years to come. With increasing global warming, it is projected that in 2050s, malaria is likely to persist in Orissa, West Bengal and southern parts of Assam, bordering north of West Bengal, but may shift from the central Indian region to the south western coastal states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. Also the northern states, including Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram in the northeast may become malaria prone.[18]

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Westling, Jennifer et. al. “Plasmodium falciparum, P. vivax, and P. malariae: A comparison of the Active Site Properties of Plasmepsins Cloned and Expressed from Three Different Species of the Malaria Parasite.” Experimental Parasitology 87: 185-193. Academic Press. 11 Feb. 2009.

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Another paper estimates the malaria burden in India at India at 180 million, with as many as 90 million cases of  malaria per year.[15]

Malaria, at one time a rural disease, diversified under the pressure of developments into various ecotypes. These ecotypes have been identified as forest malaria, urban malaria, rural malaria, industrial malaria, border malaria and migration malaria; the latter cutting across boundaries of various epidemiological types. Further, malaria in the 1990s has returned with new features not witnessed during the pre-eradication days. These are the vector resistance to insecticide(s); pronounced exophilic vector behaviour; extensive vector breeding grounds created principally by the water resource development projects, urbanization and industrialization; change in parasite formula in favour of ; resistance in to chloroquine and other anti-malarial drugs; and human resistance to chemical control of vectors.[6]

Study Contradicts NVBDCP and WHO Data: A study conducted by teams from the office of the Registrar General of India, Centre for Global Health Research at St Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto, Canada, published in on 20 November 2010 has reported that malaria causes 205 000 malaria deaths per year in India before age 70 years (55 000 in early childhood, 30 000 at ages 5—14 years, 120 000 at ages 15—69 years) with a 1.8% cumulative probability of death from malaria before age 70 years. The report says that 90 per cent of the deaths were recorded in rural areas, of which 86 per cent occurred at home without any medical attention. It also found that Orissa reported the highest number of deaths — 50,000, followed by Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Assam. The study, which began in 2002, covered 6,671 areas, each with about 200 households.[9-11] However, WHO has rebutted these estimates.[12]

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I can not have a delay!!!Subject of disease of paper : MalariaThis is an Epidemiology subject paper!!!

alaria has been a problem in India for centuries. Details of this disease can be found even in the ancient Indian medical literature like the and . In the 30’s there was no aspect of life in the country that was not affected by malaria. During the latter parts of nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, nearly one-fourth of India’s population suffered from malaria, particularly in the states like Punjab and Bengal.[1] The economic loss due to the loss of man-days due to malaria was estimated to be at Rs. 10,000 million per year in 1935.

The vector of transmission of the parasite is the female Anopheles mosquito and many different species have been shown to transmit the parasite at least experimentally. Collins and Jeffrey report over thirty different types of species, which vary by geographic region. Similar to the other human- infecting Plasmodium parasites, Plasmodium malariae has distinct developmental cycles in the Anopheles mosquito and in the human host. The mosquito serves as the definitive host and the human host is the intermediate. When the Anopheles mosquito takes a blood meal from an infected individual, gametocytes are ingested from the infected person. A process known as exflagellation of the microgametocyte soon ensues and up to eight mobile microgametes are formed. Following fertilization of the macrogamete, a mobile ookinete is formed, which penetrates the peritropic membrane surrounding the blood meal and travels to the outer wall of the mid-gut of the mosquito. The oocyst then develops under the basal membrane and after a period of two to three weeks a variable amount of sporozoites are produced within each oocyst. The number of sporozoites that are produced varies with temperature and can range from anywhere between many hundreds to a few thousand.

Malaria Malaria is a potentially fatal illness of tropical and subtropical regions
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Clemente, José et. al. “Structure of the aspartic protease plasmepsin 4 from the malarial parasite Plasmodium malariae bound to an allophenylnorstatine-based inhibitor.” Research Papers. International Union of Crystallography. 16 Feb. 2009

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Montrose and DFID Myanmar co-hosted a one day workshop in Yangon to publically launch five papers on issues surrounding the containment of artemisinin resistant malaria in Myanmar. The papers have been produced by Montrose, in partnership with Tropical Health, as part of a long term independent evaluation of DFID’s Artemisinin Monotherapy Replacement Programme (AMTR), which seeks to contribute to artemisinin resistant malaria containment in Myanmar through replacement of artemisinin monotherapy drugs in the private health sector. Implemented by PSI, AMTR works with pharmaceutical suppliers, private pharmaceutical vendors and clinics, and communities, and includes drug subsidy and supply components as well as behavioural change communications. Montrose was contracted by DFID in early 2013 to provide an independent evaluation of AMTR. Led by leading malariologist Dr Albert Kilian, as well as routine monitoring of the quality and impact of AMTR, the evaluation is producing a series of working papers and case studies on elements critical to the success of the programme. Four of these working papers and one case study were launched at the event in Yangon on 1 April:

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i thought there no Malaria at all in india but with this large progresss has been made to combat and curd the issues of malaria kudus to GOD who gave man Scientific research kmowledge

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The continuing work with the plasmepsin associated with P. malariae, plasmepsin 4, by Professor Ben Dunn and his research team from the University of Florida may provide hope for long term malaria control in the near future. Until then, mosquito nets, insect repellents and mosquito control measures are probably the best preventative strategies to date. Improved diagnostic tools are allowing for better characterization of this often ignored Plasmodium parasite. With an estimated minimum of 67 million infections alone, this parasite proves that despite its comparatively low prevalence to its relatives, it is not to be taken lightly.

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