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Maladaptive Behaviour Custom Essay – A Research Paper

A recent review of psychological research concluded that human behaviour was influenced by both conscious and unconscious mental processes (Baumeister et al 2011). It seems reasonable then to divide self-talk into two types, one reflective self-talk which is conscious and the other automatic and unconscious. An example of conscious self-talk would be “If I turn right at the first junction and then left after the following junction, I will reach my destination.”

A Study On Theoretical Perspectives In Maladaptive Behavior

In a number of works I have described the earliest ontogeny of these adaptive brain functions, and have argued that the essential events that allow for the emergence of the regulatory systems that control such functions occur during the brain growth spurt (Schore, 1994; 1996; 1997b, 1998a, b, 2000b, d). Moreover, I have offered data which suggests that the inceptive stages of development represent a maturational period of specifically the early maturing right brain, which dominant in the first three years of human life (Schore, 1994; Chiron et al., 1997). The right brain is centrally involved in not only processing social-emotional information, facilitating attachment functions, and regulating bodily and affective states (Schore, 1994, 1998a), but also in the control of vital functions supporting survival and enabling the organism to cope actively and passively with stress (Wittling & Schweiger, 1993).Furthermore, in a series of contributions I have proposed that the maturation of these adaptive right brain regulatory capacities is experience-dependent, and that this experience is embedded in the attachment relationship between the infant and primary caregiver (Schore, 1994; 1999b; 2000a, b; in press, c ). But it is important to point out that this experience can either positively or negatively influence the maturation of brain structure, and therefore the psychological development of the infant. This developmental psychoneurobiological model clearly suggests direct links between secure attachment, development of efficient right brain regulatory functions, and adaptive infant mental health, as well as between traumatic attachment, inefficient right brain regulatory function, and maladaptive infant mental health.

Maladaptive behavior Essay Examples & Outline

Deterrence is a theory based on behavioral psychology about preventing or controlling actions and behavior through fear of being punished....

Recently Dechene et al (2010) have reviewed both basic psychological research and research on consumer behaviour and found the evidence compelling as to the validity of the repetition truth effect. Indeed billions of dollars are spent in advertising based on this simple principle that merely repeatedly telling someone that your product is superior to all others will sooner or later lead them to believe it to be true and finally to purchase your product instead of your competitors.

It is our contention that the desire for alcohol would constitute a perceived psychological and social need that might easily prompt changes in subsistence behaviour' (Katz & Voigt 1986:33).

This view is clearly compatible with ours.

What Is Maladaptive Behavior Free Essays - StudyMode

Astin, H. S.(1984). The meaning of work in women's lives: A sociopsychological model ofcareer choice and work behavior. ,117-126.

• Probably the most abundant source of evidence for the role of self-talk in controlling behaviour comes from sports psychology where focussing on the self-talk of athletes and modifying it has proven effective in improving athletic performance (see extensive review by Hardy (2006)).

An example of unconscious (and maladaptive) mental talk would be “I just cannot stop smoking (drinking, gambling, etc). It could be unconscious not because we repress it but because it occurs so quickly that we miss noticing it. However it does have an effect on subsequent behaviour.

This definition is based on that we observe and what behaviors are rare or that don’t occur frequently in a specific environment....
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Maladaptive Behaviour In Substance Abuse Families

A theoretical concept that is shared by an array of basic and clinical sciences is the concept of regulation (Schore, 1994; 1996; 1998d; 1999c; 2000b), and because it integrates both the biological and psychological realms, it can also be used to further models of normal and abnormal structure-function development, and therefore adaptive and maladaptive infant mental health. Interdisciplinary research and clinical data are affirming the concept that in infancy and beyond, the regulation of affect is a central organizing principle of human development and motivation. In the neuroscience literature Damasio asserts that emotions are the highest order direct expression of bioregulation in complex organisms (1998), and that primordial representations of body states are the building blocks and scaffolding of development (1994). Brothers argues that emotion occurs "in the context of evolved systems for the mutual regulation of behavior, often involving bodily changes that act as signals" (1997, p. 123). Emotions and their regulation are thus essential to the adaptive function of the brain, which is described by Damasio:

System Safety Inc. - Maladaptive Behaviour Essays

The defined mission of The Infant Mental Health Journal is to focus upon infant social-emotional development, caregiver-infant interactions, contextual and cultural influences on infant and family development, and all conditions that place infants and/or their families at risk for less than optimal development. In this work I want to suggest that although the unique importance of "optimal development" has long been addressed by the psychological sciences, due to the advances of "the decade of the brain," developmental neuroscience is now in a position to offer more detailed and integrated psychoneurobiological models of normal and abnormal development. The incorporation of this information into developmental psychological models could forge closer links between optimal brain development and adaptive infant mental health, as well as altered brain development and maladaptive mental health.

maladaptive behaviour essays - YouTube

An essential principle of the developmental psychopathology perspective is that atypical development can only be understood in the context of typical development, and so the focus is on underlying mechanisms common to both. This model suggests that any overarching conception of early development needs to integrate both the biological and psychological realms, and that it must incorporate models of both adaptive and maladaptive infant mental health. It also implies that infant mental health can not be defined solely as a "psychological" construct - rather, it is more precisely characterized as "psychobiological."Utilizing such a perspective, in these two papers I will contrast the neurobiology of a secure attachment, an exemplar of adaptive infant mental, with the neurobiology of an insecure disorganized/disoriented ("type D") attachment, the most severe form of attachment pathology. This attachment category is associated with early trauma, and will be presented as a prototype of maladaptive infant mental health. Throughout I shall underscore the effects of the caregiveris stress regulating and dysregulating psychobiological interactions on the infantis maturing coping systems that are organizing in the limbic circuitries of the early developing right hemisphere. An increasing body of evidence indicates that "maternal care during infancy serves to eprogrami behavioral responses to stress in the offspring" (Caldji et al., 1998. p. 5335).

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