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Essays on Physiognomy : Johann Caspar Lavater , …

-- W Ashton Ellis
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p110 - review - Giordano Bruno - A Martyr Theosophist (Gli Eroici Furori, The Heroic Enthusiasts by GB) -- Charles Johnston
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p114 - From the East of Time (1) -- Charles Hannan
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p125 - Development (vf) -- Mary W Gale
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p126 - A Sufi's Mystical Apologue -- AJC
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p131 - Editors' Note -- (HPB & MC)
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p131 - Miscellaneous Notes -- (HPB)
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p132 - The Great Man Fall'n (vf) -- M Mull
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p133 - Aspiration & Environment -- Ernest Hawthorn
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p136 - (Illness of Mabel Collins) -- HP Blavatsky
Lucifr y1888 v3 October p137 - A Glance at Theosophy from Outside -- James A.

Hands-On Heads - National Portrait Gallery Lavater's Essays on Physiognomy,.

-- (Annie Besant)
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p466 - Letter to the EST Council, Eastern Division -- Annie Besant
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p469 - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (4) -- Vera Petrovna Jelihovsky
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p478 - The Book of the Azure Veil (6) -- Aretas
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p483 - A Master of Occult Arts (4) -- NS Leskoff
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p491 - The Sacred Haoma Tree -- Nasarvanji F Bilimoria
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p500 - The Clash of Opinion - A Letter to the European Section -- GRS Mead
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p505 - reply to GRS Mead -- Bertram Keightley
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p508 - Letter -- Alexander Fullerton
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p509 - The Indian Section -- anon
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p510 - Chiswick Lodge -- John B Cox
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p511 - Leeds Lodge -- Mary Lees
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p511 - Zurich Centre -- Julius Sponheimer & Alfred Gysi
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p511 - Essex Correspondence Club -- EM Morris
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p512 - Bristol Lodge -- Catherine Stone & three others
Lucifr y1895 v15 February p512 - Brighton Lodge -- A.

Essays on physiognomy : Lavater, Johann ..

from Lavater, Essays on physiognomy, 1789-1798 9 Nov 2015  File:Silhouette L.

One of the handsomest works printed during the great age of the illustrated book in England was John Caspar Lavater’s Essays on Physiognomy, translated by Henry Hunter. It was “A sumptuous Edition” issues in five folio volumes with “more than eight hundred engravings . . . executed by, or under the inspection of Thomas Holloway,” and published by John Murray, by the translator, and by the supervising engraver in 41 Fascicles over 11 years, from January 1789 to March 1799. (As the three titlepages are dated 1789, 1792, and 1798, this edition is identified here as that of 1789-98.)

The work suffered in a number of ways as it passed through the press. For one thing, the original publisher, John Murray [I] died on 6 November 1793, not long after the titlepage to the second volume had been issued (1792). During the minority of his son John Murray II (1778-1843) and for a few years beyond, the firm was knows as Murray & Highley (1793-1803), and the only Lavater titlepage issued during this period (for Volume III) bears the names of Murray & Highley.

Essays on Physiognomy - Johann Caspar Lavater - …

Essays on Physiognomy, designed to promote the knowledge and LAVATER, Johann Kaspar (1741-1801).

The evidence seems unambiguous that the “1792” edition of Lavater’s Essays on Physiognomy is a line-for-line reprint of the 1810 edition printed in or after 1817. But what was the incentive to print another edition so soon after the edition of 1810? If it took from 1789 until about 1810 to exhaust the stocks of the first edition (1789-98), it is unlikely that only about seven years would have sufficed to exhaust the stocks of the 1810 edition.

But the problem with Lavater’s Essays on Physiognomy is even more intricate than we have yet seen. We have thus far established that there were three editions, the first honestly dated 1789-98, the second honestly dated 1810, and the third marked 1792 but really of 1817 or later. Two or three libraries claim to have editions of 1789-1810, but these are clearly mixed sets of the first and second editions.

Generally dismissed in the Essays on physiognomy; for the promotion of the knowledge and the Author: Lavater, Johann Caspar, 1741-1801.
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Essays and criticism on Johann Kaspar Lavater - Criticism

Lavater trod down the center road of typical psychiatric quackery when he equated a persons personality and aptitude based on physiognomy and the meaning of expression in nineteenth-century Wellcome Institute Library, London.

Lavater essays on physiognomy - HOME | AAHomestayUK

The Physiognomical Portraits of Johann Caspar Lavater - JStor The Swiss minister Johann Caspar Lavater (1741-1801) was certain that the and Essays on Physiognomy, Designed to Promote the Knowledge and the Love His Physiognomische Fragmente zur Beförderung der Menschenkenntnis und Menschenliebe, 4 vol.

Lavater Essays On Physiognomy | Marilyn Tuck

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media For a full list of editions, and a bibliography of reviews in the British press, see John Graham, Lavater's Essays cm Physiognomy: A Study in the History of Ideas.

Johann kaspar lavater essays on physiognomy

Essays on physiognomy 1853 edition; Physiognomical sketches by Lavater · Johann Caspar Essays on Physiognomy - Johann Caspar Lavater - Google Books Life of Lavater Reasons why the science of physiognomy is so often ridiculed Essays on Physiognomy: Designed to Promote the Knowledge and the Love Johann Caspar Lavater | Essays on Physiognomy for the Promotion Essays on Physiognomy for the Promotion of the Knowledge and the Love of Mankind.

Barter Books; Lavater, John Casper; ; Essays on Physiognomy

-- William Butler Yeats (1865 - )
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p405 - A Vision Produced by Music -- AJC
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p407 - Dialogue on the Mysteries of the After Life -- X & M (by HPB, acc G: see Corbett ExtVah)
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p417 - My Thrush (vf) -- Mary R Shippey
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p419 - Another Automatic Writing -- (a great materialist)
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p420 - Occult Axioms & their Symbols (I) -- Amaravella
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p429 - Theosophical Activities - Ltte - What Theosophy & its Society should Be -- Camille Lemaitre
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p431 - Miscellaneous Notes -- (HPB)
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p435 - Miscellaneous Notes -- (HPB)
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p436 - correspondence - "The Empty Vessel makes the Greatest Sound" -- Susie C Clark
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p436 - Answer -- (HPB & MC)
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p437 - Lodges of Magic (3) -- AE
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p438 - reply to AE -- HP Blavatsky
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p439 - Ltte - The Life of Jehoshua -- Franz Hartmann
Lucifr y1889 v3 January p440 - Supermundane Metaphysics -- James A.

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