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Free example essay on Julius Caesar:

Calphurnia: The wife of Caesar, she begs her husband not to go to the Senate on "the ides of March" (March 15) when she cries out "'Help, ho! They murder Caesar!'" three times in her sleep, the day before Caesar's death. This and strange occurrences such as a lioness whelping in the streets of Rome,"Fierce fiery warriors" fighting in the clouds (Act II, Scene II, Lines 12-24) and graves yawning and yielding up their dead, convince Calphurnia that her husband Julius Caesar, must stay home on the "ides of March" (the fifteenth of March). Unfortunately just as Calphurnia convinces Caesar to stay home and avoid the death that awaits him, Decius Brutus (not to be confused with Brutus), arrives at Caesar's home convincing him that these images mean that Rome will be revived by Caesar's presence at the Senate the following day. Caesar ignores his wife's pleas and meets his bloody destiny at the hands of Brutus and company the very next day.

Julius Caesar Characters guide studies each character's role and motivation in this play.

It is a true story based on Plutarch's "Life of Julius Caesar." Several of the major players are struck by jealousy and greed -- certainly Cassius, who begins this evil conspiracy to assassinate Caesar out of personal jealousy, but needs Brutus' credibility to make it happen....

One perfect example being his infamous play Julius Caesar.

However, Julius Caesar apparently never witnessed such a sacrifice or spoke to someone who had.

This is a line harder to scan than it might seem at first. The hardest word to scan is lives; if you scan it as stressed, you have four consecutive stresses in a row, and the line scans ////. While that isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, it's a bit of a stretch. Besides, the real subject of Antony's rhetorical parallelism is good and evil, not living and dying. Also, while Antony is clearly referring to Caesar in the line and the one that follows, it's not hard to imagine him making a subtle here about the conspirators.

Here is a case where the regular rhythm following the more varied rhythm of the line above aids the contrast that Antony conveys. is a common Elizabethan contraction for ; Shakespeare often uses to avoid the extra unstressed syllable in his verse. The marked pronunciation of (Middle English , via French , which derives from Medieval Latin meaning "within earth") is another trick to keep the meter strict in this line; otherwise, he would have written it as . Here, only two lines after Antony say he hasn't come to praise Caesar, he already slips in the backhanded implication that some good died with Caesar.

Brutus was the only noble roman in Julius Caesar....

- Marcus Junius Brutus Research Papers look at his role in the stabbing of Julius Caesar.

The Senator’s of Rome murdered Julius Caesar by stabbing him with daggers. They felt they had to kill him to prevent him from ruling and to save Rome. Caesar’s pride, carelessness, and arrogance led to his demise, and he blindly drove others to this end with his own actions.

Popilius Lena: The Senator who terrifies Cassius by telling Cassius that he hopes his "enterprise [assassination attempt] today may thrive" or be successful just as Caesar goes into the Senate house on the "ides of March" (Act III, Scene I, Line 13).

However, imagine if not only Brutus did not love Caesar, but he hated him....
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In this case Macbeth, hamlet and Julius Caesar are no exceptions.

As William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar progresses, the character of Marc Antony slowly reveals that he is not who he at first seems, a cunning manipulator rather than a blindly obedient lapdog.

Julius Caesar was written in 1599, near the end of the Queen’s reign.

Antony, when he is introduced in Act 1 is running a traditional race on the Lupercal and is asked to touch Calpurnia by Caesar, who is referring to a superstition at the time that the touch of a runner in the race could cause...

Caesar's descriptions as well as his attitude contain excessiveness.

We're sure you can find other intense issues from the play that are highly relevant to our modern world. Chew on these questions for us, and fill in the blanks about how each of these points resonates with your personal life, your experience at school, or even in the country or world as a whole. It seems like the real question is: how can you not care about Julius Caesar?

That is the story of Julius Caesar.

The pronoun, given the preceding reference to Brutus, can sometimes be a tad confusing at first; the "He" refers to Caesar. The second foot of the line is the only tricky one to scan. An seems the best choice—scanning as unstressed—given that Antony is emphasizing the "many captives" Caesar brought, rather than stressing that he brought captives.

Julius Caesar, a great, noble man....

Caesar was murdered to save Rome according to the Senator’s. While Caesar had many talents, his pride, carelessness, and most of all his arrogance, would have caused far more problems for Rome than any good he might have done.

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare was written in 1599.

It's tempting to think that Shakespeare meant (meaning "public" in this context) to be pronounced more like to adhere more strictly to meter. As it stands, it's just as easy to read as a substitution in a predominantly line. "General coffers" refers to the public treasury of Rome, and Antony uses Brutus's logic about acting for the good of Rome to show that Caesar was also acting for the good of Rome. Antony also displays the mark of a true politician: he appeals to their wallets, reminding the crowd that what was good for the economy was good for them.

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