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John Wayne Gacy – Forensic Psychology – Serial Killer

For this and other reasons I consider the actor, John Wayne, to have had a tremendously positive impact on our and other societies around the world....

John Wayne Gacy – Forensic Psychology – Serial Killer

Prior to his capture, John Wayne Gacy, was very much involved in his community and volunteered to entertain children in hospitals. At the same time he had murdered his victims and buried them in the foundations of the house he was building.

The Killer Clown The John Wayne Gacy Jr.

John Wayne, one of America’s greatest actors and directors of all time.

John Wayne Gacy was one of those individuals that gained the attention of the mid west of our nation just outside of Chicago Illinois, with the murders of 33 young men and boys.

John Wayne Gacy, accused of killing 33 young men and adolescents, was executed in May 1994, after serving 14 years on death row and appealing his sentence on various grounds. Your task is to complete stages 4 and 5 of the motivational model analysis of Mr. Gacy. Tonight, we will review two media studies of Mr. Gacy, the first focusing on his adult criminal activities, and the second, providing more background and biographical information.
One major comments that I can suggest to improve the overall motivational model papers. Remember, the stages are very specific as to where the information is inserted. Stages 1, 2, and 4 should all have the important aspects of the offender’s childhood, while details concerning the adult offender are found in stages 3,4, and 5. Stage 4 is the one stage where we see both child behaviors and adult behaviors (actions towards others) specifically combined within a section. Stage 5 deals almost exclusively to the mental state of the adult criminal and how they change their offending patterns due to their own internal review of the crime after the fact.
Remember, information should be unique to each section and not repeated. Since you are concentrating on these stages exclusively, it is not necessary to have a standard paper introduction or summary, only the information found in that stage should be included.
Remember, for stage 4, you must include the following information about each victim : When/Where they disappeared, how old, what they looked like, where/when the body was found, how they were killed, and any post mortem mutilation or evidence of binding or torture. 33 homicide victims were traced to Gacy, and don’t forget his first adolescent rape victim who was not killed.
For stage five, be sure to include how specifically Gacy changed his method of killing as a result of his internal feedback filter.
Information on Stages 4 and 5 are found in chapters 4,5, and the complete model is covered in Chapter 6. Stage 4 is going to run several pages b

C RIMINAL By: Feisal Shariff Brief Introduction John Wayne Gacy Jr.

After this evidence was found, a search warrant was issued (Gacy, John Wayne: The Killer Clown).

John Wayne Gacy
(3/17/1942 - 5/10/1994)
Serial killer who raped and murdered 33 young boys/men in the 1970's.
Known for his sociability and his clown character that he would do at children's parties.
Neighbors and guests of Gacy commented on a fowl smell in his house for years, but claimed that is was a "moisture buildup".
Police found 29 bodies in a crawl space underneath Gacy's house on .
Upon trial, Gacy was pronounced schizophrenic, but was still found guilty of 33 murders.

Killing spree began in 1972, ended 1978.
Body count of 33 teenage boys and young males, 29 of which he buried under his house and 4 of which were discovered in the nearby Des Plaines river of Illinois.
There are a few victims of John Wayne Gacy Jr.

December 28 - Gacy confesses to murders (Gacy, John Wayne: The Killer Clown).
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Theory of Criminology for Gacy Traditionally, John Wayne Gacy Jr.

careful who he chose as his victim
after committing crime, would go back to "normal life" and pretend nothing happened
wouldn't kill immediately
devised a ploy/routine of luring victims unsuspectingly, that he was satisfied with.
Had an IQ of 115 "bright normal range" Had a normal childhood except for a few things:
abusive alcoholic father, passive mother
developed a blood clot in the brain by age 11, discovered when he was 16, cured after given medicine
17 years old, developed a heart disease.
18 years, dropped out of school, ran away from home but returned months later Offender's sister claimed the beatings with a leather strap toughened Gacy up.
Didn't seem to affect offender because he striven in his early adult years to make a name of himself, politically and in business.
Before the murders, John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Later found to be a victim of John Wayne Gacy jr.

John Wayne Gacy was married twice, had a job, and was involved and respected in the community. 29 bodies of men in the ages between 9 and mid-twenties , endured savage sexual torture were found in his crawlspace. Gacy was sentenced to death and executed.

December 14, 1978 - John Wayne Gacy Jr.

The trial went on for weeks and the State had called 60 witnesses to the stand.
February 24, 1980 - The defense began their proceedings and called Jeffrey Ringall to the stand, Gacy's mother (Marion Elaine Robinson) sister Karen Gacy (now Karen Kuzma) and others.
March 19, 1980 - John Wayne Gacy is found guilty of all 33 counts of murder and receives 12 death sentences and 21 life sentences.

December 21, 1978 - John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Began his murdering rampage at the age of 23. Murdered 6 and injured 7 in one year. Ended up being sentenced to 365 years.
Berkowitz was given up for adoption and subsequently adopted by Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz. Despite the fact that the couple reportedly adored him, Berkowitz grew up feeling abandoned and rejected due to the fact that his birth mother had abandoned him. His adoptive parents did not help matters when they falsely told him that his mother had died giving birth to him, leaving Berkowitz with feelings of intense guilt as a child. After a troubled childhood and a disastrous stint in the Army, he found out his birth mother was still alive.

is charged with murder.Friday December 22, 1978 - John Wayne Gacy Jr.

In the days to follow, police obtain a second search warrant to search the crawlspace of the house and find human remains.
December 20, 1978 - John Wayne Gacy Jr.

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