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Joan lived during the period of the Hundred Years War.

[…] narrow down the options. Change, growth, shift, and fall arcs are outlined and summarized nicely by Veronica in her post on the three main types of character arc (shift being part of growth). These are general arcs, but […]

The sworn testimony of the eyewitnesses makes Joan the most unimpeachable of all saints.

"Is there more than one?"

Joan of Arc's prediction that the English would lose all of France:
"Before seven years are past the English will lose a greater stake than they did at Orleans, for they will lose everything in France.

The main objective of Joan’s mission was complete.

Joan made a failed attempt on Paris at the end of August.

(During this time the Queen, the mother of Charles, sided with the English and claimed him to be an illegitimate son from an affair in an attempt to deny him from inheriting the kingdom.) After hearing Joan’s revelations, eyewitnesses say that the Dauphin appeared “radiant” (Williamson).

In an essay on Joan of Arc Mark Twain assesses "this remarkable girl"

We can understand how Joan could be born with military genius, with leonine courage, with incomparable fortitude, with a mind which was in several particulars a prodigy, a mind which included among its specialties the lawyer's gift of detecting traps laid by the adversary in cunning and treacherous arrangements of seemingly innocent words, the orator's gift of eloquence, the advocate's gift of presenting a case in clear and compact form, the judge's gift of sorting and weighing evidence, and finally, something recognizable as more than a mere trace of the statesman's gift of understanding a political situation and how to make profitable use of such opportunities as it offers; we can comprehend how she could be born with these great qualities, but we cannot comprehend how they became immediately usable and effective without the developing forces of a sympathetic atmosphere and the training which comes of teaching, study, practice, years of practice and the crowning and perfecting help of a thousand mistakes.

Joan was sold by John of Luxembourg to the English.

However, in April 1430, at the conclusion of the truce, Joan was able to take the field again.

O child of France, shepherdess, peasant girl, trodden under foot by all around thee, how I honor thy flashing intellect, quick as God's lightning and true as God's lightning to its mark, that ran before France and laggard Europe by many a century."
Joan is in history what Jesus is in sacred history; and none the less divine because she knew herself to be a mere mortal woman; more utterly abandoned, since neither Magdalene nor Mary wept beneath her cross, since, even more than He, she died surrounded by hate and insult beyond measure.

Last March, I met Haggis in New York. He was in the editing phase of his latest movie, “The Next Three Days,” a thriller starring Russell Crowe, in an office in SoHo. He sat next to a window with drawn shades, as his younger sister Jo Francis, the film’s editor, showed him a round of cuts. Haggis wore jeans and a black T-shirt. He is bald, with a trim blond beard, pale-blue eyes, and a nose that was broken in a schoolyard fight. He always has several projects going at once, and there was a barely contained feeling of frenzy. He glanced repeatedly at his watch.

Few historical characters, and no women, are more famous than Joan of Arc.
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No poet will add to the speech of Joan.

I’m so glad you found the post useful, and that it could bring some clarity to the whole character arc conundrum. I wish you the best of luck — and tons of fun — with your writing.

Brooks, Polly Schoyer Beyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc.

What a great post! I’m 30,000 words into my first novel with no real experience or knowledge of the craft. I have just been writing and allowing the story to lead me where it will. Fortunately, I appear to have set my protagonist on a ‘change arc’ without really knowing it! Your post has made clear what it is I’m doing – such a relief :O) Now I can just get on with it but with a clearer idea of where I’m going – thank you

Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses.

Much of Joan's time was spent praying to the statues of saints around her .Get Twenty-five years after her death, the pope acceded to a petition that the trial by Lang in his essay "The False Jeanne d'Arc" in his book The Valet's Tragedy and .AP® ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION 2006 SCORING GUIDELINES (Form B) Joan of Arc.

Let France re - make herself in the image of Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc or in French Jeanne d'Arc, She kept the messages secret for about 5 years, Continue reading this essay.I stole the title of my essay from George Orwell.

Joan of Arc Online Archive 2003.

My dear and good friends, the obedient and loyal Frenchmen of the city of Rheims, Joan the Maid lets you know of her tidings, and asks and requests that you should have no concerns about the good cause she is carrying on for the Royal family.

Argument Analysis Essay of Saint Joan George Bernard ...

Speaking to Charles VII before Troyes when it would not submit:
"Noble King of France, if you will remain here before the city of Troyes, it will be in your domination within two days, whether through force or through love; and for this make no doubt."

Joan speaking to Brother Richard from the city when he approached her making the sign of the cross and sprinkling holy water.
"Approach boldly, I will not fly away."

Kneeling before the King and embracing his knees after the coronation Joan of Arc said:
"Noble King, now is accomplished the pleasure of God, who willed that I should raise the siege of Orleans and should bring you to this city of to receive your holy coronation, thus showing that you are the true King, him to whom the throne of France must belong."

+ Jesus Maria
Great and honoured Prince, Duke of Burgundy, Joan the Maid requests of you, in the name of the King of Heaven, my rightful and sovereign Lord, that the King of France and yourself should make a good firm lasting peace.

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