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free essay on Islam A Complete Way Of Life

We also see Islamic law making it necessary for a woman (whether virgin or previously married) to have a male guardian give her away in marriage, for example we learn that when Muhammad married Umm Salamah she was an ‘older widow’ but what we hardly read is that she was “married to the Prophet” by her son, Salamah (Ibn Hisham, 2010, p. 793). On the other hand, the pre-Islamic forms of unions, some of which gave authority to women in a marriage, were replaced by patriarchal order by Islam (see Ahmed, 1986, p. 667) scraping off marriages that assisted women like: uxorilocal marriage (according to Ahmed, Muhammad’s own mother had contracted this form of marriage with Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib), pre-Islamic form of mutah marriage (which according to Robertson in Kinship And Marriage in Early Arabia may have been the type contracted between Khadija and Muhammad since he remained monogamous), and even polyandry practiced by women belonging to matrilineal tribes. In the words of Fatima Mernissi (2011), polyandry, which was banned by Islam, was degrading to men not women:

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To worship God is to live life according to Hiscommands, not to run away from it.

To worship God is to know Him, to love Him, to obey His commands, to enforceHis laws in every aspect of life, to serve His cause by doing right and shunningevil and to be just to Him, to ourselves and to our fellow human beings.

ISLAM - Islam Is A Code Of Life

Islam is a Code of Life

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, European economies began to expand as the need for raw materials increased. Political and economic competition forced the establishment of worldwide territorial empires. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the European powers, including Russia (and China) had completed their conquest of almost all Muslim societies. Colonialism drastically changed all aspects of the political, economic, cultural dimensions of the colonized regions. Muslim and European societies were distinctly different in their philosophies toward elites, institutions, and cultures. One of the effects of the new colonial rule was the suspension of the local legal systems and the imposition of the law of the conqueror. The establishment of the new law, however, did not impact all aspects of life in the society. Local customs still prevailed in many aspects of family life and education. Often this resulted in a more strict interpretation of Islamic law, taking away rights previously available to Muslim women.

Muslim elites generated two principal responses to European pressures. Those Muslim professionals and intellectuals who received their training in Western or Western-style educational institutions generally favored Islamic modernist or secular nationalist concepts for the future of Muslim societies, interpreting Islam in ways that were consistent with European forms of state and economy. (We will be discussing some of these intellectuals in Session Nine.) On the other hand, tribal leaders, merchants and commercial farmers, led by ulama and Sufi shaykhs, wanted a reorganization of Muslim communities and the reform of individual behavior in terms of fundamental religious principles and practices.

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Hi, while the loopholes you pointed out in the article seem valid and open for discussion, debate and further research; the tone used by the proponents of the message presented in the article and the opponents , as you are, is utterly different. The proponents use a mild, objective and soft tone while the opponents are really harsh, unforgiving and truculent. This is not the spirit of Islam. Answer argument with argument, not with complains, sentiments and accusations. Just a suggestion you know after all, all that is important to prove the truthfulness of one’s religion is through exemplary behavior (Uswah-e-Hasna). Anyway it was a perspicacious analysis.

The various intellectual traditions outlined above, namely, Sufism, theology, and philosophy, were brought together by Ash’arite theologian Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali (d. 1111), whose synthesis would be widely accepted as an integration of Sufi mysticism, shari’ah based religion, and philosophical methods. Al-Ghazzali’s biography is itself an embodiment of this synthesis. An accomplished professor in Islamic jurisprudence, al-Ghazzali gave up a prestigious professorship to devote himself to the search for a deeper faith. This search led to an elegant formulation of Islam, which reconciled the teachings of the Quran and the ritualism of shari’ah, with the personal experience of God found in Sufism. Al-Ghazzali argued for an integration of the objective knowledge of the scholars and the subjective knowledge of the Sufis. This fusion of reason and emotion, of outer and inner religious life, was the culmination of centuries of debates between mystics, theologians, and philosophers; to many, it would prove a satisfying solution to these debates, and a successful integration of shari’ah and mysticism.

Islam as a Complete Code of Life
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Islam The Complete Code Of Life Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

7. Cragg states that “Creed, code, cult, community and culture are five ‘c’s in necessary inter-relation in every religion.” (page 41). Use these five concepts to compare and contrast the variations of the Joseph story included in the readings. Include how the sources of the Joseph story reflect Christian, Jewish and Islamic ideologies.

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Several historians tend to confused every actions of the companions during the prophet’s time and during the four caliph’s era, including actions not prevented by our prophet (thus, indicating permissibility) means it is an imposed practice in Islam. Far from that, Islam does not impose strict rules on how women should behave, but left it to the culture as long as it does not go against Islam. This is supported by a narration where Umar Al-Khattab mentioned, that in Makkah, the men have power over the women, and in Madinah, it was the other way round, and after hijrah, the makkan women adopted this practice from the medinan women, and the prophet did not forbid that. Several examples and rules quoted were either incomplete or the wisdom behind them were purposely left out.

Islam Is A Complete Code Of Life Essay

We can trace much of the diversity in the Muslim world to religious, philosophical, and political tensions that arose in the centuries after the Prophet Muhammad’s death. Sunni and Shi’a communities, for example, were divided by disagreements on the succession of leadership after Muhammad, while the rise of a Sufi counterculture was in part a reaction to the un-Islamic lifestyles of political leaders. The early Muslim communities struggled over the authority and legitimacy of community leaders, the relationship between political and religious leadership, and the correct interpretation of the Quran and Muhammad’s life.

Islam is a complete code of life essay

is the very substance of life. It is what nurtures an infant in his crib. It is the mortar of human society. Islam denies the reality and substance of love. A Muslim man who beats and murders his mother, sister, wife, or daughter does not love them. Muslims who impose the humiliating jizya on their non-Muslim neighbors do not love them; etc.

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