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Hummingbirds | Smithsonian's National Zoo

Perhaps the most important of these is that which regards Quetzalcoatl as a god of the air. He is connected, say some, with the cardinal points, and wears the insignia of the cross, which symbolises them. Dr. Seler says of him: "He has a protruding, trumpet-like mouth, for the wind-god blows. . . . His figure suggests whirls and circles. Hence his temples were built in circular form. . . . The head of the wind-god stands for the second of the twenty day signs, which was called Ehecatl (Wind)." The same authority, however, in his essay on Mexican chronology, gives to Quetzalcoatl a dual nature, " the dual nature which seems to belong to the wind-god Quetzalcoatl) who now appears simply a wind-god, and again seems to show the true, characters of the old god of fire and light." [Bulletin 28 of the U.S. Bureau of Ethnology.]

A hummingbird’s wings are shaped so that they are slightly rounded on the top.

Huitzilopochtli was usually represented as wearing on his head a waving panache or plume of hummingbirds' feathers. His face and limbs were striped with bars of blue, and in his right hand he carried four spears. His left hand bore his shield, on the surface of which were displayed five tufts of down, arranged in the form of a quincunx. The shield was made with reeds, covered with eagle's down. The spear he brandished was also tipped with tufts of down instead of flint. These weapons were placed in the hands of those who as captives engaged in the sacrificial fight, for in the Aztec mind Hultzilopochtli symbolised the warrior's death on the gladiatorial stone of combat. As has been said, Huitzilopochtli was war-god of the Aztecs, and was supposed to have led them to the site of Mexico from their original home in the north. The city of Mexico took its name from one of its districts, which was designated by a title of Huitzilopochtli's, Mexitli (Hare of the Aloes).

Humming Birds - Essay - Swiftkyle33

With such a tiny size, a hummingbird’s survival is an even bigger challenge.

In American mythology the serpent is closely associated with the bird. Thus the name of the god Quetzalcoatl is translatable as "Feathered Serpent," and many similar cases where the conception of bird and serpent have been unified could be adduced. Huitzilopochtli is undoubtedly one of these. We may regard him as a god the primary conception of whom arose from the idea of the serpent, the symbol of warlike wisdom and might, the symbol of the warrior's dart or spear, and the humming-bird, the harbinger of summer, type of the season when the snake or lightning god has power over the crops.

the choiring of the birds at dawn, the minute yet miraculous drone of the insects on a hot summer's day — humming of a multitude of flies and bees, chirping of grasshoppers, the almost imperceptible thrum of hovering wings.

Be a Hummingbird | The Green Belt Movement

Humming Bird

By now it was late into the year so there was almost no hope of humming birds visiting. Labor day that year we went to the Labor Day parade in Canal Whinchester, about an hour away. We took our dog, our very nervous little dog, with us. My brother was sitting on a foldable chair that had Porter’s leash wrapped around it and when he stood up for just one moment the dog ran off, into the distance, a chair following him. He managed to get the chair caught on something and pulled out of his collar. There he was, running around a small neighborhood an hour away from home, no collar, and right during a parade. We spend hours looking for him, asking around, driving to see if we could find him, but nothing. He was nowhere to be found. We finally went home, depressed and sad.

That night, a humming bird showed up in the feeder just as my whole family was looking at the feeder in sadness. The bird stayed for a bit, ate some nectar then left. I knew it meant something. Something more than the fact that it was almost dark, chilly and humming bird season was over. I knew it was a sign. And a sign it was, for 10 days later we got a call, which my parents kept secret; Porter had been found in someone’s yard 7 days after the incident. When I came home one day to an empty house, almost about to admit that he may never be coming back, he jumped up at me scaring the death out of me. The joy that I felt – after getting over the scariness of having a creature jump at you when you are home alone in a dark house – was amazing. I could not believe my eyes! My dog, like a brother, was home after 10 days of depression and crying. That night I learned that if you had to keep on to one thing, and one thing only, that thing should be hope. Hope; This I believe.

There are many factors that contribute to the hummingbirds’ ability to fly so easily through the air.
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Humming bird essay - Dog Behaviorist Los Angeles

… To admit to being an essayist is even riskier than comparing writing to something as beautiful as a hummingbird. Conventional publishing wisdom advises authors to avoid the term "essay." There's a preference for "creative nonfiction," "memoir," even "meditation" — anything that avoids the dreaded e-word. I've fashioned the book's subtitle in a way that pays tongue-in-cheek lip service to that outlook. Readers prefer — or are perceived by publishers to prefer — a book that consists of serial chapters, not free-standing essays. They want something that obeys the niceties of predictable progression, moving from beginning, to middle, to end, with everything neatly linked together, introduced, resolved, concluded. But I'm reminded of the sentiment expressed by the nameless protagonist in the opening paragraph of Flann O'Brien's :

Stories and tales - The story of the hummingbird

Last year around humming bird season we bought a humming bird feeder. I was so excited to have humming birds! For weeks, and weeks, and weeks we had no humming birds. I even set up a camera to catch the ones that we might be gone for. Nothing. There were no humming birds in sight. With humming bird season over, I was disappointed but would not give up.

Humming Birds Between the Pages - Chris Arthur's Irish …

… It's risky, I know, to use something as exquisite as a humming bird as a point of comparison by which to explain the nature of a book. Beside them, words look heavy, clumsy, colorless. Instead of the intricate perfection of form and motion that's so evident in these aerodynamic jewels, sentences seem lumbering; even the most poetic of them can appear as plodding parodies of a hummingbird's poise and grace. Like pressing, writing can reduce things to a faded husk, something emptied of its life and beauty and smacking of the mortuary. I hope my words avoid this, but I certainly don't want to suggest that they possess the brilliancy of color or artistry of flight that real hummingbirds so effortlessly display; it's simply that the keepsakes I've pressed into form in words and assembled here are things that caught my attention as compellingly as those free flying birds did on my first visit to London. Also — color, iridescence, and flying skill apart — in terms of their small scale, and the way in which they move — forwards, backwards, hovering, meandering, moving from one thing to another and then back again — hummingbirds offer a pleasing mascot for writing that likes to dart and wander, rather than following some ruled line that's straight as the proverbial crow's flight. …

Humming Birds Between the Pages

The following extracts are taken from the Introduction, which refers to Arthur's first journey out of Ireland when — at the age of eight — he saw hummingbirds at London Zoo:

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