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As part of the County’s capital improvement program, the County will replace the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at the Boys & Girls Club. The Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club HVAC system has exceeded its useful life and is currently 25 years old. The 2015 Milwaukee County Adopted Capital Improvements budget included $250,000 for planning and design of the project. The 2016 Milwaukee County Adopted Capital Improvements budget included $1,943,208 for construction of the project.

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The ecosystems may not have recovered from Olson’s Extinction of 270 mya, and at 260 mya came another mass extinction that is called the mid-Permian or extinction, or the , although a recent study found only one extinction event, in the mid-Capitanian. In the 1990s, the extinction was thought to result from falling sea levels. But the first of the two huge volcanic events coincided with the event, in . There can be several deadly outcomes of major volcanic events. As with an , massive volcanic events can block sunlight with the ash and create wintry conditions in the middle of summer. That alone can cause catastrophic conditions for life, but that is only one potential outcome of volcanism. What probably had far greater impact were the gases belched into the air. As oxygen levels crashed in the late Permian, there was also a huge carbon dioxide spike, as shown by , and the late-Permian volcanism is the near-unanimous choice as the primary reason. That would have helped create super-greenhouse conditions that perhaps came right on the heels of the volcanic winter. Not only would carbon dioxide vent from the mantle, as with all volcanism, but the late-Permian volcanism occurred beneath Ediacaran and Cambrian hydrocarbon deposits, which burned them and spewed even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Not only that, great salt deposits from the Cambrian Period were also burned via the volcanism, which created hydrochloric acid clouds. Volcanoes also spew sulfur, which reacts with oxygen and water to form . The oceans around the volcanoes would have become acidic, and that fire-and-brimstone brew would have also showered the land. Not only that, but the warming initiated by the initial carbon dioxide spike could have then warmed up the oceans enough so that methane hydrates were liberated and create even more global warming. Such global warming apparently warmed the poles, which not only melted away the last ice caps and ended an ice age that had , but deciduous forests are in evidence at high latitudes. A 100-million-year Icehouse Earth period ended and a 200-million-year Greenhouse Earth period began, but the transition appears to have been chaotic, with wild swings in greenhouse gas levels and global temperatures. Warming the poles would have lessened the heat differential between the equator and poles and further diminished the lazy Panthalassic currents. The landlocked Paleo-Tethys and Tethys oceans, and perhaps even the Panthalassic Ocean, may have all become superheated and anoxic as the currents died. Huge also happened, which may have and led to ultraviolet light damage to land plants and animals. That was all on top of the oxygen crash. With the current state of research, all of the above events may have happened, in the greatest confluence of life-hostile conditions during the eon of complex life. A recent study suggests that the extinction event that ended the Permian may have lasted only 60,000 years or so. In 2001, a bolide event was proposed for the Permian extinction with great fanfare, but it does not appear to be related to the Permian extinction; the other dynamics would have been quite sufficient. The Permian extinction was the greatest catastrophe that Earth’s life experienced since the previous supercontinent existed in the .

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Leon Glicksman, a professor of building technology and mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, points to ceiling fans as an additional cooling mechanism that’s much cheaper than air conditioning. The solar loads on both office buildings and homes can be lowered by using exterior shades and awnings to keep the building from overheating. And he says roofs can be painted white to deflect heat.27 Glicksman is also developing design programs for natural ventilation where cross ventilation and vertical ducts used as chimneys can be used in the spring and fall to enhance airflow through the buildings and reduce the use of air conditioning. Other time-tested ways by which people can stay cool while saving money and reducing energy use include installing window awnings and exterior roll blinds to block sunlight from hitting the house, reducing heat gain from attics through the use of thorough insulation and installation of roof vents, closing windows and doors during the day to block out the heat and opening them at night, installing ceiling fans, and reducing the use of heat-generating appliances.28

The modern use of is little more than pumping electrons to power electrical equipment, in the same basic fashion that running water was used to run . The electron flow, like running water, is not the ultimate source of energy, but is just an energy flow that humans harnessed, although humans the electron flow, unlike the . With electricity, the first major applications had . But coal-fired electric generators quickly became the standard, for the , and coal power today provides . Electrons pumped across copper wires became a major innovation that led to modern homes and cities. Before electricity was used to transmit energy, power was only available at the site where usable energy was produced. Watermills, windmills, and heat engines transmitted pre-electrical energy via gears, straps, and pulleys, which were cumbersome and dangerous. With the , factories became far more versatile and humane, and as cities and homes were electrified, they were radically transformed. The USA led the world in introducing electrical appliances to homes; refrigerators, thermostatically controlled central heating and air conditioning, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, dish washers, radios, televisions, and computers, to name a few innovations, made the early 21st century’s home virtually unrecognizable to a home-dweller during the USA’s Civil War. Electricity also powers the process used today to , and modern equipment of all kinds would simply be infeasible without electricity.

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One factor in the blackouts is a weak monsoon season in India, which resulted in below-normal water levels at some hydroelectric dams and less electricity to go around.1 Escalating consumer demand for air conditioners likewise may be implicated. Catherine Wolfram, co-director of the Energy Institute at Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, points to data showing that the increase in energy demand between the hottest and coldest months of the year among the 16 million residents of Delhi, India, more than doubled between 2000 and 2009.2 In a 2012 essay on this research she concluded, “A large part of the explanation for this is that air conditioner sales have increased dramatically.”3

Problem Statement At a local community college, adults of both genders and between the ages of 17-65 with diverse work experience as well as different ethnic backgrounds, entering into the career field of air conditioning and heating must take the “Refrigeration Principles” class before any advanced courses of instruction offered in refrigeration and heating....

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Vehicle having higher seating capacity will have higher thermal load and providing thermal comfort to all passengers uniformly is a challenging task for the automotive HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning) industry.

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In an automobile air conditioning system, the main function of HVAC third row floor duct is to get the sufficient airflow from the rear heating ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system and to provide the sufficient airflow within the leg locations of passenger.

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Pablo LaRoche, a professor of architecture at California State Polytechnic University Pomona who also practices in the Los Angeles firm HMC Architects, believes the true solution for temperature management is passive cooling systems. Such a system transfers heat from a building to any combination of exterior heat sinks—such as the air, water, and earth—through special design details in the building itself. By providing pathways to carry heat from the interior of the building to the outdoors, he explains, the building itself becomes the air conditioner, using little or no energy at all.19

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