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Aftermath of World War I - Wikipedia

The linked speech above may be Hitler's best. It is still relevant today because of the oppression of the Palestinians which Hitler discusses as well at the end of Part 2. Germany could not tolerate the oppression of fellow Germans in Czechoslovakia—and rightly so. Will the moslem world tolerate the oppression of the Palestinians indefinitely? Of course, not! One of Hitler's points was that the US and Britain were so selective in their advocacy of “democracy.” For them, it was perfectly OK to deny freedom and democracy to the Sudeten Germans just as it is perfectly OK for the US and Israel today to deny freedom to the Palestinians, especially those who dare to support Hamas and its election victory. A major war with Iran is far more likely than the emergence of any independent Palestinian state—even though the US has been paying lip-service to the idea of a Palestinian state for decades. Will the US even consider imposing “sanctions” on Israel? Of course, not! The US is still shackled hand-and-foot to the racist and predatory madness of the Jews, just as it was in 1938.

The Battle of the Bulge will forever be one of the most influential battles of World War II.

he said, that the Nazis were systematically executing Jews. Yes, folks—a-f-t-e-r the war. During the war itself and living in the very heart of the Nazi state, he never even imagined that there was any kind of extermination program of his fellow Jews. Is that amazing, or what? Soviet troops reaching Berlin in April of 1945 were so surprised to find any Jews alive in the city at all.

Klaus, the son of the hospital's pharmacist and a hospital administrator, lived at the hospital with his parents all through the war. With the collapse of the Third Reich in April 1945, Klaus Zwilsky was finally able to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah -- the first one held in post- war Berlin.
The real reason for why Klaus “survived“ is that the Nazis never tried to kill him in the first place; they clearly wanted him and the 800 others Jews to survive. But not to worry, Zwilsky's status as a “survivor” was never challenged and he spent the next with all the rewards from German taxpayers that go with such status. Is the Shoah a fantastic business, or what?

Feature Articles - The Causes of World War One

Alliances, one of the main factors of World War I, played a big role in forcing nations to become engaged in the war.

There is one important exception, however, and that is a Dr. Theodore Friedrich Leidig of the Kriminal Technisches Insititut (KTI) who supposedly claimed to have seen an experimental gassing of Russian POWs in a gas van at Sachsenhausen resulting in red corpses. Such a story would have also been perfectly consistent with earlier Soviet claims made in 1943 during the Kharkov and Krasnodar show trials (with red corpses from CO) about homicidal gas vans but with diesel engines. By the end of the war, the Soviets had simply moved their homicidal gas van hoax to Germany itself. Leidig was smart enough to know, apparently, that any competent forensic doctor could not possibly be so stupid as to claim such corpses (from gasoline engine exhaust) were anything but red. No doubt, there were some accidental gassings from the widespread use of producer gas vehicles (18% to 35% CO) throughout the war and that is what probably was involved here—if there is any truth to Leidig's claims at all and nothing more sinister than that. A forensic pathologist like Leidig would have been expected to determine the cause of death precisely. After the war, such incidents were so useful for supporting the hoax and Soviet propaganda, especially in connection with Sachsenhausen which was under Soviet occupation in East Germany. Why would the Soviets change their story about how the Nazis committed mass murder? It had worked so well for them before. Just drive the same message with some “evidence” from Leidig. The Sachsenhausen gassing van claim was essentially the same Soviet claim as had been made by the Soviets in 1943.

The most (5 MB file-slow download) anywhere appeared after the war in 1954 in German written by Sigyn ALMGREN about Sweden's wartime problems with CO toxicity from producer gas. From the Almgren essay (page 101) we learn there were 41 fatalities in Sweden from 1939 through 1944 and all this in a country which (page 97) had a total of only about 100,000 producer gas vehicles. For 1942 alone in Sweden (page 101) there were 1106 cases of acute producer gas poisoning and 2858 chronic cases. Within a short time, producer gas poisoning had become the most common industrial illness in the country.

Britain After WW1 Essay | British Empire | World War I

This one shot of violence began a “war to end all wars.” However, what were the hidden reasons that started World War I.

In general, Jews were treated extremely well by the Nazis, and the SS and the Germans; Jews have nothing to complain about. Can anyone in his right mind seriously imagine that the Germans would not have interned the Jews? And, so what? Until the very last months of the war when the Anglo-American terror bombing had its most horrible effects on Germany, there was nothing comparable to the horrible scenes at Bergen-Belsen in March and April, 1945 anywhere, ever. The real mass murderers during WW2 were the Jews themselves. Masses of gentile soldiers did the actual fighting and dying after having been whipped up by the Jews with the vilest lies and propaganda that the human mind can conceive. No lie was too outrageous for their “Good War.” Their whining and scamming since the war is outrageous. No doubt, some Jews were shot in Russia and elsewhere by the Germans, including innocent Jews—but the true numbers are minuscule compared to what is claimed. Since the war was their doing for which they had worked so hard, they have nothing to complain about. They got their dirty war, perhaps good and hard—but if so, so what? In any event, the gassing claims are absolute rubbish.

But, by their HUMANE measures to bring Jews to the west safely,(for the benefit of Jews who I suspect were at least in some cases still under quarantine against typhus) the Germans and SS inadvertently helped bring about the typhus epidemics in the west in places like Bergen-Belsen during the last chaotic months of the war. It was those horrors and medical catastrophes that are the "real" (but false) basis for most people for the holocaust claims, including the gassing claims. So, by their humanity toward the Jews, the Nazis and SS inadvertently brought about their own vilification. The real mass murderers were the western Allies. The Nazis and the SS were heroes! If they had merely wanted to hide evidence of some alleged “fiendishness,” they could have done that so easily and simply lied about it afterward as the Allies had done throughout the war and continue to do to this very day.

Some historians call World War One the domino war because of how super powers (one by one) got involved in the war....
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A professional chemist named Roth foolishly and falsely testified that cyanide could NOT have penetrated brick and stucco more than just a few millimeters at most. The simple fact is that brick must be porous in order to allow good bonding between it and the mortar cement. Otherwise, one would have the relatively weak bonds that occur between mortar and granite (non-porous) for example. The porosity of brick allows the moisture in wet mortar to escape through the brick and, in effect, allows the mortar to adhere (temporarily) to the brick by suction even before the mortar has dried.

As to the porosity of brick and stucco, there is a simple test anyone can make. Take one or more pieces of brick and stucco and weigh them separately and dry. Then weigh them after they have been soaked in water, preferably overnight. The differences in weight will be due to the water absorbed and the porosity which is substantial. Water molecules of H2O are slightly heavier and larger than cyanide molecules of HCN based on their molecular weights. One of the reasons why cyanide, according to the German literature on Zyklon-B, was such a good fumigant is that the molecules were physically so small that they could penetrate even extremely small, microscopic openings. Since water can easily penetrate brick, cyanide must be able to penetrate also—right? To prevent losses of significant amounts of cyanide in their fumigation chambers, the German literature stressed the need for impermeable coatings on the gas chamber walls to prevent the cyanide from seeping out of the gas chambers. I imagine that even linseed oil-based paints would have been quite effective at reducing such losses. At the Birkenau delousing stations, the cyanide clearly had penetrated the double-brick walls from a clothes rack holding area a short distance from the actual gas chambers—and blossomed as on the exterior walls where they remain for everyone to easily see with their own eyes in spite of fifty years of weathering. In some of the pictures of the blue staining on the stuccoed interior walls of the delousing stations, one can clearly see outlines of the bricks behind the stuccot. Some bricks absorbed cyanide far more readily than others. Please see the images on

Germany after ww1 essay hook - Vernon Guest House

The holocaust story is a monstrous hoax for four important reasons: 1) no one was ever killed in gas chambers by the Nazis, 2) the numbers of Jews who died in German-occupied Europe is minuscule compared to what is alleged, 3) forensic medical or scientific evidence to support the holocaust gassing claims is non-existent, and 4) Jews were rather well-treated by the Nazis compared with other minorities such as blacks, Hispanics or American Indians in the USA—or non-whites by the British Empire, or Palestinians by Israel. In general, Jews as a group, or as a people, or as a race (take your pick) have no reason to complain about their treatment by Nazi Germany before or during WW2. They had been actively driving the world toward war against Germany since March 1933—and hey eventually got their war. So, stop whining!That Jews were interned in concentration camps by Germany and that by war's end some tens of thousands of Jews were also among the dead and the sick, and among the ashes to which Germany had been reduced should surprise no one. So, stop whining! What should be surprising is that any Jews “survived” at all. In fact, at least five million Jews “survived” as the work of Sergio DellaPergola and others confirm.

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