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Social Acceptance and Belonging

As a result, Sandra Dee later suffered from anorexia, depression, and alcoholism throughout her life. All this made her cynically manufactured façade of sweetness even darker and more complex. This was the conventional, repressed, hypocritical, manufactured life from which Sandy Dumbrowski must escape.

Category: Frankenstein essays; Title: Victor Frankenstein: The Real Monster of Mary Shelley's .

Famous Monsters of Filmland, the “Chiller”-era fan magazine, was hopelessly corny in comparison, with its recycled features on Lon Chaney and Val Lewton, its black-and-white ads for Frankenstein model kits and “Planet of the Apes” action figures.

In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Dr.

It is a sad but beautiful story of the need for love and acceptance in society.

Throughout history down to today we are moved by these things, and perhaps nowhere is this nature of humans present and brought to one's attention like in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Also like , is about , the watchword of that first rock and roll generation. Teen sexuality has been an issue in America since the invention of the rumble seat, always moving forward like a freight train, forever going faster and farther; and is a snapshot of America right before teen sexuality exploded, examining the early cracks in the armor of middle-class "respectability" and repression, the fantasy American Dream that never was but that came beaming into Americans’ homes over the television airwaves. Movie star Sandra Dee becomes ‘s overarching metaphor for the artificiality of adult American life, a symbol that needed piercing. Sandra Dee was a big star at this point, and just in the two years that spans, she released (1958), (1958), (1959), (1959), (1959), (1959), and (1959), jumping back and forth between empty-headed teen comedies and stark melodrama. Today, it may be hard to understand what Sandra Dee represented, but she was the poster girl for the big studios’ attempts to make teen movies, a genre which was up until that point the exclusive territory of small, low-budget producers like the ubiquitous Roger Corman (, and others). But the studios’ teen flicks were inevitably artificial in the extreme, creating a freakish – and clueless – adult imitation of the teen world, a kind of cultural Frankenstein, that teens could see right through. To savvy teenagers, Sandra Dee was a teen sellout, and in a world where authenticity was the goal, there was nothing worse. She was a fake – in her life, in her acting style, and in her onscreen emotions. Teen audiences didn’t want that; they wanted and . But adults loved Sandra Dee; she reassured them that teen was a "good girl."

-- What do you think makes someone "socially acceptable?" The End!

She is portrayed as a possession for Victor Frankenstein to protect.

Narrative in Frankenstein shifts from Robert Walton to Victor Frankenstein to the monster and finally back to Walton. With each shift Victor Frankenstein Essay of perspective, the reader

Frankenstein essaysIn the novel Frankenstein, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley tries The main character of the novel, Victor Frankenstein, plays the role of God by

It is the purpose of this essay to illustrate that it is actually society that has made a monster of Frankenstein....
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Frankenstein Appearance and Acceptance Essay - 1422 …

Another major theme in Frankenstein deals with queer theory. In queer theory, the text in Frankenstein is examined from a different standpoint. In the novel, there exists a relationship between Victor and the creature. In queer theory, the male hero, in this case Frankenstein, is in a close, usually murderous affiliation to another character of the same sex, which in this case is the creature. In the theory, the two characters usually are connected mentally, or share the similar thoughts and feelings. Some people, like James McGavran, even think that Frankenstein created his creature to satisfy a homosexual desire: "For James Holt McGavran, Victor is driven to create a giant male who would adore him because of his own unconscious "homoerotic desire" - desire that turns quickly to panic" (Schor 58). Schor believes that Victor has unconscious homoerotic desires that he tries to fulfill in the creation of his creature, and this does have some validity. The quote spoken by Victor proves that he wants recognition, but why from a male? Why also does Victor create the male creature of such gigantic proportions? It could not just of been for the minuteness of the parts because the monster is not too much bigger than a normal human being. Also, the queer theory can give an explanation as to why Victor kept putting off the wedding between Elizabeth and himself. Perhaps Victor had unconscious homosexual desires that made him uncomfortable at the thought of marriage to Elizabeth .

free essay on Frankenstein: Appearance and Accept

A major theme in Frankenstein is the issue of social acceptance and belongingness. In the novel, Frankenstein's creature is created and immediately after, left alone to fend for himself. He alone learns how to control and understand his senses, impact his environment, and skills such as reading. It is also around this time that the creature begins to observe human behavior and social structure, made possible by a tiny hole in the wall of the De Lacey house that allowed the creature to watch the family engage in their daily routines. During the time the creature spent watching the De Lacey family, he learns from them and also analyzes his own situation in life: "Fatherless and motherless, the monster struggles to find his place in human society, struggles with the most fundamental questions of identity and personal history. Alone, he learns to speak, to read, and to ponder "his accursed origins." All the while, he suffers from the loneliness of never seeing anyone resembling himself" (NLM lines 5-6). After reading Frankenstein's journal, the creature realizes he is all alone in the world. The creature does not belong to any group and has no family. It is later through the realization that the creature will never be accepted among humans that prompts him to demand a female counterpart from Victor. Without a counterpart, the creature engages in violence as a means of lashing out. The two most primal instincts for any animal are sex and vengeance. If one cannot be fulfilled, the other must. As we see throughout the novel, the creature continues to lash out against Victor and human society because he is not accepted by humanity and has no other means of satisfying his belongingness needs that he so desires

Essay about Appearance and Acceptance in Frankenstein …

These desires are filtered, made to be as societally acceptable as possible, and rationalized by their keeper’s mind all while keeping the original motives secreted away within the unconscious.

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