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There are 3 components of Fordism.

“The significant difference here between the contingency approach and the configurational approach is that these configurations represent ‘non-linear synergistic effects and higher-order interactions’ that can result in maximum performance”.

If the band works well together, the final performance might have fewer mistakes.

Why was Last Samurai so praised and Memoirs of a Geisha so castigated? Both are objectively cultural fictions. Because Memoirs was apolitical and therefore did not serve the higher cause (self-immolation) required of the “meaningful” modern film.

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“Fordism combines the manufacturing division of labour with Taylorism and adds the moving line”(A.

I’ve gotten pretty used to pissing sitting down (as I understand Turkish men, scarcely poster children for feminism on the whole, usually do), as I’m rather tired of cleaning up the floor afterwards if I stand up. The exception is in public toilets, where sitting down tends to get my pants wet with other people’s piss.

P.S. Did you really call us paranoid, mock and mimic our supposed paranoia, and then confirm that we should in fact be paranoid becuase Karma has it out for us? Unreal.

Creating a job plan to set out the simplest of tasks for the workers.

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Good guess. The dominent influences in Wiccan symbolism remain Greco-Roman and Celtic, but there’s a strong sense among us that what we’re actually groping for is a form of shamanism appropriate to our cultural context. Thus there have been continued and conscious efforts to stir Native American shamanism into the mix. Sioux mysticism has been expecially influential because there are good primary sources on it, notably .

Without actually having been elected to speak for these people, I suspect most liberals, slack and effete and GUILTY though they must surely be, would be more impressed by memetic influence than by a few random base pairs. Of course, Wicca might for all I know have absorbed a dose of Native American shamanism, in which case they would be forced to concede respect despite themselves.

Hoffman, 2009, “Taylorism and Fordism”, quote found on page 3J.
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Though it can be costly for the business.

Thanks for the comment. I am quite familiar with the traceback through the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyed Qutb’s work and on to Fascism. A lot of folks are surprised to learn, for example, that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem traveled to Germany to meet the Nazis as early as 1937 and was actually on the Nazi payroll for a time. Yes – these are certainly peas in the same pod.

Max Weber is known for his analysis of the bureaucratic institution.

I think he’s always going to save his most concentrated bile for those of his fellow-countrymen who’ve taken the (to?) Stalinist shilling, on account of the treachery aspect. Though I imagine there will always be some left for the French.

This called for a shift to a new, improved way of organizing work.

That thought did occur to me… but with the high standard of debate around here I don’t need to worry about ad hominem attacks, right? :-) Besides, I think Eric needs a better target for his fulminations than Michael Moore.

Will the health care reform bill cut costs as we are being told....

I also agree with your take on alcohol-based fuels. My concern is that environmentalists will force an enormous, but eventually wasted, investment in pure hydrogen out of concern with greenhouse emissions. While I think it fairly reasonable to conclude that the earth is warming and that this may be helped along by humanity’s CO2 emissions, the ‘gaia-panic’ that seems to follow this conclusion makes no sense (unless you are an enviro-fundamentalist, I guess). It is something that we can certainly approach with a sober, well-thought out strategy for CO2 reduction but we needn’t – and shouldn’t – run away from alcohol-based fuels and into the arms of hydrogen – a fuel that will present a far greater aggregate risk to life and limb than a slow warmup of a few degrees over the next century or two. (Damn – gotta go – sorry if this is all fragmented…)

It all seemed rather cold, and formal.

There are no fundamental unsolved problems in the way of moving to an energy economy in which alcohols replace petroleum as the principal energy carrier for transport; the technology of alcohol synthesis and transport is quite well understood. All that needs to happen is for oil prices to rise to the point where conversion pays off in the foreseeable future. This is why I don’t even waste a thought on the peak-oil crowd; peak oil is a self-solving problem.

His starting point for his theory is meaningful social action.

Also, my bet is on ethanol/methanol as a long-term hydrogen carrier. Molecular hydrogen is too explosive in the presence of oxygen and too good at leak-seeking; alcohols have the huge advantage of being liquid at room temperature and thus can be handled with much less expensive infrastructure. Also, a transport net based on hydrogen fuel cells would need more palladium (for catalyst) than we’re going to get without large-scale asteroid mining. But best of all, converting current internal-combustion engines to burn alcohol is an almost trivial modification, well within the capabilities of a neighborhood auto shop.

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