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Whos to Blame Fast Food or the Buyers.

This article is only partly right. Food allergies are definitely connected with vaccines but not because food are eaten at the same time as vaccines are in the system. Vaccines cause food allergies because there are minute amounts of food protein in the vaccines. Prior to the final culture medium which appears on the package insert, food waste is used. Every food known to man can be used. Even more alarming is the fact that pharmaceutical companies can self-affirm Generally Recognized As Safe ingredients. What this means is that a pharmaceutical company can decide that it wants to use GMO soybean oil as a GRAS ingredient in pharmaceuticals. They do a study, have the study reviewed by experts they hire, then they are free to use GMO soybean oil and nothing ever gets submitted to the FDA or the public. Nothing appears on the package insert. It is against the law for anyone who works for the pharmaceutical company to divulge any information about GMO soybean oil being used as an ingredient. It is a protected trade secret, protected by international law. These minute amounts of protein are not uniform in any vial of vaccine so not every shot contains the food protein.

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A related development was the healthfood movement of the 1830s spearheaded by Sylvester Graham...As early as 1839, Graham'sspirited efforts to overturn the ancient bias in favor of bolted wheat flour had met with successsufficient to lead Sarah Josepha Hale to acknowledge that her recipe for "brown or dyspepsiabread" might better have been called "Graham bread." However, Hale's brown bread was notsteamed Boston Brown Bread but rather a version of "bran bread," in our terms, oven-bakedwhole wheat bread...A typical recipe for steamed brown bread from the second half of thenineteenth century, "Mrs.

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By from Could you be and not even know it? After starting to , I often found myself drawn toward highly successful professional men who are competitive in business and strongly determined to continue to build their own financial empire. Their determined, confident attitudes and visible business successes appealed to my strong desires for security and stability. A recent first date I went on was with this type of guy. My date with a dentist turned into a three-hour marathon of misery for me when he insisted that we sit in a back booth that he had reserved in advance with the hostess by visiting the restaurant the night before and then he told our server that he would leave an extra generous tip if she served our meals at a very leisurely pace. Right away he launched into a one-sided brag fest about how he got elected president of his college fraternity and why he easily scored highest in his graduating class on the dental board exam. He then dropped names of all the famous people he knows who live in our city and then went on to reveal the names of all the famous people his dad knows too. By the time the pasta finally arrived, I wanted to collapse into my plate from sheer boredom and exhaustion. After that mind-numbing experience, I ran to my car and swore off dating for several months. Unfortunately this was just one more very disillusioning . I had already experienced many others. Several times I dated a man exclusively for three to six months, expecting things to become more serious over time, only to have them abruptly break things off with very little explanation or distance themselves with vague excuses about why they couldn't continue to spend time with me. After spending many frustrating weeks trying to figure out how to get each of these men I had dated exclusively to connect with me on an emotional level so that our relationship could continue to grow, I finally discovered that there was a big disconnect between the type of relationship I was expecting to unfold and what these narcissistic men were able to contribute in terms of intimacy, emotional connection and respectful two-way communications. I discovered that I was living on crumbs and pretending it was a whole nutritious meal. 1. He is pre-occupied with how things around him appear and how he is perceived by others. He aggressively pursues financial success and is not content with what he already has acquired or achieved. He has a strong craving for admiration, praise and his home, car, clothes and high status are a direct measurement of how successful he appears to others. 2. He exploits or takes advantage of others to get what he wants. Narcissists are highly skilled at using others' talents; taking advantage of their desire to avoid conflicts and their good natured helpfulness as a means to an end to achieve their own goals. 3. He does not appreciate or even see your unique abilities and natural gifts. Highly self-absorbed, narcissists are so driven by how they can use others to benefit themselves that your own individual strengths, abilities and achievements are often ignored or dismissed as inconsequential. 4. He resents authority and despises correction or being told what to do. He is reluctant to accept any blame or criticism and strongly prefers to be in control of things and those around him at all times. Having his faults pointed out to him or even having to admit that he made a mistake can set him off into a fit of rage. 5. Petty arguments often erupt into power struggles. The narcissistic man thrives on being right so disputes are rarely resolved. Mediation and counseling rarely helps to improve communications with a narcissist because this type of person sees themselves as under attack and can't stand for their actions to be subject to the opinions of others and held up to the light. 6. He disregards your healthy needs for attention and affection. Since narcissistic men often lack empathy and the self-examination necessary to create an intimate relationship, you'll often find yourself running on empty. Attempts to get more affection from him often leads to him creating a secret life to run to and evading your questions about what is really happening or not happening in your relationship. If you recognize these signs in a man that you are dating, it is helpful to remember that narcissists have very rigid expectations (especially for themselves) and so this type of man rarely changes his ways. Understanding or experiencing intimacy and love within the context of a balanced and healthy relationship is not on the agenda of a narcissist. Unfortunately, many times we keep trying to change a narcissistic man into who we'd like them to become or the reverse - trying to twist ourselves like pretzels into a perfect version of what he wants instead of cutting our losses. Recognizing the traits of a narcissistic man and realizing how deeply rooted they are is critical so that we can begin and start to move forward in a healthier direction.

I always tell my clients to take the time to really get to know the people they are dating before getting too emotionally invested or putting all their eggs in one basket. There are definitely fairy tale stories out there of two people falling madly in love with each other right at the get go and spending their lives happily ever after, but that is generally not the norm. Keep your guard up the more intensely the person is into you and the earlier on it occurs. Past relationship patterns are also very important to look at. As mentioned above, people who are narcissistic are intense very quickly and end up leaving a trail of shattered relationships and people who are left to pick up the pieces (and often need quite a bit of therapy after being in the destructive path of a narcissist). If you get an idea of the dating history of someone and it follows a certain pattern, pay attention to that. Yes, people can change, but past relationship patterns can raise a lot of red flags. The reason people have a hard time of extricating themselves from a narcissistic relationship is because it is hard to get past the fact that someone who used to be so wonderful and loving can turn so cold, hateful and lacking in remorse. These people hang on because of the glimpses they get of the good side and hold out the hope that if they were only "good enough" or "better", or unconditionally accepted and loved this person then they could get the nice and kind person back.

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You've never felt this much passion with anyone else. Pushing all the right buttons in just the right ways, it's like they're reading your mind and its desires. The reason sex is so mind-blowing, at least in the beginning, isn't because they know what to do with their hands; they know what to do with your mind . They'll make you feel like you're the only one who's ever existed to them. Yes, narcopaths are indeed that great - at acting, that is. By mirroring your every emotion they're able to make their own emotions seem genuine and fool you into thinking yours are real.

A high school friend of mind saw this post and asked me to weigh in on this subject since I am an expert in metabolically induced immune incompetency disorders to which food allergies are a part of. First I am a food/metabolic chemist, applied/actuarial mathematician and neuroscientist in private practice for 30 years working closely with doctors from Harvard, MIT, Tufts and Emory University so my work has been scrutinized by the top doctors in the field of immunology, environmental science and neurology. So this is not layperson opinion or anecdotal conjecture, this is clinical fact. First it is important to clarify the terminology people are using here especially the term allergy. Allergy is a medical term used to describe an adverse immunological reaction to any exogenous substance. This can include foods, food components, naturally occurring chemicals, synthetic chemicals and any form of organic or inorganic matter. The correct term for what everyone is talking about here is food sensitivity or intolerance for which in fact food allergies make up a very small subset of. Food allergies can be easily determined from a battery of immunological testing which is available today from doctors who are allergists and clinical ecologists. The clinical ecologists have a much broader and highly developed model for allergenicity and empirical testing methodology than the atypical allergist. Most allergists prescribe drugs which are anti-inflammatory and immune suppressive in nature and although can provide immediate symptomatic relief it does nothing to resolve the underlying reasons for the allergies and in the long run contributes to total toxic exogenous load which was one of the primary precipitating factors in the first place. Clinical ecologists often provide a combination of homeopathic based desensitization, dietary change and nutraceutical supplementation to provide both symptomatic relief and longer term core functionality resolution and therefore is generally more effective than allergists treatment is. But the problem is that both sciences rely too heavily on a one cause/one cure approach to multidimensional challenge resolution which is a product of germ theory thinking. The allergy or sensitivity provoking substance is seen as an external provoking agent just like a pathogen. The germ theory model in terms of both pathogenicity and toxicology is now being challenged on every level as the new model of health viability is now becoming more host competence centric as opposed to exogenous exposure centric. Both are important in therapeutic model development as the disorder is environmentally induced and internally experienced so both domains of influence need to be considered. But there is just no way to protect oneself from every external toxin or pathogen in life that can cause metabolic mutagenicity and pathological morphology. Any competent therapeutic model focuses on environmental exposure as only a stop gap measure for further symptomatic aggravation but puts its resources into building the metabolic and regulatory functionality that was damaged due to exposure but also the underlying etiological factors underlying both the severity and frequency of reaction to the environmental stimuli. Most adverse food reactions are actually sensitivities that can be caused directly and indirectly by many cumulative factors including genotypical predisposition, concurrent total metabolic and specific metabolic organ/pathway efficiency loss, prolonged or acute exposure to any toxic exogenous substance not just foods, specific biochemical individuality imbalances and intolerances, fetal development issues, and collective and specific macro and micronutrient density challenges. One of the most important overlooked factors is thermodynamic and not chemical in nature which is loss of ergogenic capacity or the ability to produce potential energy and convert it to kinetic energy. Intrinsic to all chronic disorder development is precursive energy loss which creates a deficit in the capacity of the body to sustain normal catabolic detoxificative processes and anabolic restoration. Genetics play a part but only on a very conditional level because most people have thousands of genetic mistakes but will not be incited unless there are prolonged adverse conditions. Another very common significant component to environmental reactivity is toxicological substances introduced into the ecology of the body during fetal development as some posters have accurately stated the dangers of peanut oil based vaccines. Something that would not be a challenge to an adult can be a very destructive force when introduced during sensitive biogenesis processes in fetal development especially during the state of neurogenesis. Many “allergens” are neurotoxins and this is causing all sorts of adolescence development issues with the brain and nervous system. The truth is that the average American woman of childbearing age is an incredibly unhealthy person with numerous subclinical nutritional deficiencies and core vitality weaknesses which can have a profound effect on the liver’s detoxification capacity increasing turnaround time for these chemicals pharmacokinetically and increasing the duration of in vivo exposure and potential mutagenic chemical production exposure to the fetus. So effectively there is no such thing as an isolated allergy, that is an phenomenological impossibility. We just cant blame vaccines for these problems, potential parents are playing a probability crap shoot by bearing children when their states of metabolic and nutrition health is so questionable. Many nutrients enable the body to maintain regulatory control of metabolic pathways and membrane surfaces which protect us from direct and deleterious exposure to exogenous toxic compounds. Everyone is walking around with a Love Canal of pesticides, inorganic compound, medical drug, heavy metal and artificial food component residues in their bodies. Most people will not experience the negative effects till later in life as a variety of metabolically based challenges reach critical mass and create real organic medical diseases especially ones that are inflammatory in nature. You get the life you invest in and the author is not a biochemist or specialist but is trying to provide useful general information for taking proactive action to reduce many direct and indirect contributors to metabolic inefficiency caused by toxicological exposure and nutritional deficiency from food. She is not a highly technical clinician like myself who can run sophisticated testing on all sorts of potential exogenous and endogenous conditions. I am part of a field of therapeutic intervention specialists called functional medicine or environmental/metabolic biochemists. The clinical ecologists have put way too much emphasis on allergenicity instead of metabolic efficiency. I have helped thousands of people recover from just about every form of environmental sensitivity and complex sensitivity syndrome there is including agent orange exposure and EPA super dump exposure. So the narrative of food intolerances is incomplete if seen as separate phenomena from all the other combinatorial factors that create the conditions for hyper reactivity which also includes toxic chemical and pathogenic exposure like molds and internal regulatory imbalances caused by neurotransmitter, neuropeptide, nucleopeptide, pheromone, hormone, cell messenger and cell activator imbalances. So no conversation about any kind of allergy is coherent with out a discussion of the role of nutritional chemistry in metabolic functionality. To state that the primary biomass exposure we experience called food does not play a significant role in sensitivity development and onset is ludicrous. Our ancestors were healthier than us on certain levels but they did not have as high an incidence of food sensitivities not because of the stellar nature of their diet, in fact they endured massive food shortages and chronic pathological contamination, simply because they just did not eat the variety of foods we do which increases the potential for sensitivity and their foods were more basic and not adulterated with partial food components from wheat, corn and rice which is the cause of many developmental intolerances and across generations is increasing allergenicity genetically. The suffered from overt clinical nutrient deficiencies. The average American today is suffering from a host of subclinical deficiencies when by themselves do not elicit actual disease but the combinatorial effect of many imbalances is causing metabolic entropic states of such complexity and etiological confusion modern medicine with its “cure” model is not up to the task of understanding and treating properly. They do not use system thinking in their assumption and assertion models and the gold standard of empirical evaluation called the double blind study just does not emulate real life conditions accurately. It is one thing to test for the relative benefit or pathogenicity of one drug but you cannot do this with nutrients. They are synergistic and many false positive and negative outcomes have been generated by medical researchers when it comes to nutrient value contribution which makes renders much research irrelevant. We need more holographic models for observational coherence. Myself and other mathematicians in the biomedical field are working on that right now using complex mathematical models to approximate functionality. There are so many latency variation issues with exposure to most environmental toxins that you can only test for the big offenders for economic reasons and then construct a diet plan of general food adulterant avoidance and optimal nutrient density provision. That is the service the author provides to the public. But I would rather have the choice of eating selectively from a wide variety of food sources today and experience the occasional avoidable allergen that endure the kind of hard scrabble food existence they endured. They ate organ meats not for health but because of poverty. Eating a lot of organ meat is not advised because of the nutritional imbalances they can create and the relative toxicity of them. They often had very little access to medical care and were often powerless to recover from conditions we see as common ailments today. They did not trust their bodies more they just had no choice but to just get rest and drink water. Medicine has failed across the board in terms of educating people about healthy lifestyles which could prevent most chronic diseases but they are geniuses in the area of trauma and communicable pathogenic disease control. And children did not play on a regular basis they worked which was tough on their bodies for many reasons. The current social orientation of exercising for health and children having appreciable time for recreation is only a modern development. And home cooking was actually boiling the hell out of everything because just about every food source was suspect so their diet was very poor in fact. The availability of fresh produce could not make up for so many other life and food quality issues and the infant mortality rate and overall morbidity rate reflected that. So our grandparents generation was far from a food panacea. The modern person has to deal with an onslaught of toxic chemicals in their environment (400,000 since the early 1900s) as the industrial revolution provided prosperity but also rampant toxicity in the environment and our abundant food supply has come with its perils like pesticides and GMOs. A healthy metabolic rate is your best insurance against all of these challenges because it enables your body to convert these toxic compounds rapidly into less toxic compounds which can be excreted otherwise they build up in the body. Most people above 40 have very inefficient bodies and the rate of metabolic toxins created per calorie produced has increased dramatically which is a perfect environment for environmental sensitivity development.

Presumably, the reason is *obvious* to folks who know.
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