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Did kubla khan is a poem by professional essay writing.

In the grant team's discussions of how to use this software, we have focused on its notetaking capabilities to improve students' reading and writing abilities. Some of our ideas include having students take notes on everything related to the class: lectures, readings, activities. Others were summarizing readings, excerpting importation quotations, and responding to the summaries and quotations. We also considered having students review their notes at the end of the semester (and also throughout), reflect on them, and use them as a springboard for an essay on their learning.

Kubla Khan: An Evaluative Essay - CommNet Kubla khan essay topics.

Yet many American high school teachers feel compelled to teach the Five-Paragraph Essay even though they know it kills creativity. Teachers recognize good writing is good thinking. But even though the Five-Paragraph Essay forces students into a boring uncreative style teachers must teach it. If the students can manage the essay well they will score better on state mandated exams.

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Evaluative essay, in 1798 and studied a description: the a complex and classics.

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Although I would instinctively think that learning to think systematically and logically should be of help in solving certain types of problems, I know too little of philosophy to evaluate its practical use. Yet, isn't this claim about creative thinking and thinking outside the box the same as claimed by English majors? And wouldn't it also be subject to the limitation of a lack of subject matter knowledge? Perkins and Salomon in write,

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But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.A bad usage can spread by tradition and imitation even among people whoshould and do know better. The debased language that I have been discussingis in some ways very convenient. Phrases like a not unjustifiable assumption,leaves much to be desired, would serve no good purpose, a considerationwhich we should do well to bear in mind, are a continuous temptation, apacket of aspirins always at one's elbow. Look back through this essay,and for certain you will find that I have again and again committed thevery faults I am protesting against. By this morning's post I have receiveda pamphlet dealing with conditions in Germany. The author tells me thathe "felt impelled" to write it. I open it at random, and hereis almost the first sentence I see: "[The Allies] have an opportunitynot only of achieving a radical transformation of Germany's social andpolitical structure in such a way as to avoid a nationalistic reactionin Germany itself, but at the same time of laying the foundations of aco-operative and unified Europe." You see, he "feels impelled"to write — feels, presumably, that he has something new to say — andyet his words, like cavalry horses answering the bugle, group themselvesautomatically into the familiar dreary pattern. This invasion of one'smind by ready-made phrases (lay the foundations, achieve a radical transformation) can only be prevented if one is constantly on guard against them, andevery such phrase anaesthetizes a portion of one's brain.

Writing is not the only activity that can challenge students. But it is an activity that does well at "pushing" and "stretching" our ability to write and, through the corollary skills of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating, our ability to think. Writing is an activity that lends itself to creating a flow of learning.

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Similarly, dialect use depends upon audience, purpose, and context. We are not helping our students if the resumes they send out do not have a formal dialect, if the company's reports they write do not have a business dialect, and so on. So, although we need to explain and help our students learn contextual uses of language, we also have to evaluate and give feedback on how well they use a dialect for the audience and purpose for which their text is intended. Generally speaking, internet abbreviations don't cut it in school and business writing.

Evaluative essay on name calling - …

Again, the issue is not whether a dialect or abbreviations are "wrong." They're not. The issue is, How can we help our students use the language expected by their audience in a particular context? Of course, as Gardner states, we must orient our students to noticing contrasts between Internet-speak and academic language. Their ability to do so, however, should be evaluated just as we assess other aspects of their writing.

Evaluative essay on name calling - Santa's United

In other words, DeConick is recommending that scholars follow the resolution. So, whether in evaluating school administrators, crafting opinion pieces in the , or writing essays in first-year composition, the elements of argument--claims, evidence, interpretation, and evaluation--exist. So, it seems that school writing does have some authenticity.

Evaluative essay on name calling

The second speaker at the Spilman Symposium was , professor of English at the . I have one of his books, , and it's an excellent guide for, as the title says, assigning, responding to, and evaluating writing. White talked on "Why write?: Teaching writing in an era of over testing."

Free argument evaluation Essays and Papers

Well, today,as a member of the board for , I attended training for observing and evaluating administrative staff: the board's responsibility in doing so, creating instruments and criteria for doing so, following those criteria, and documenting all evaluation. The evaluation itself should be in the form of a narrative report (that is, an essay) with the following elements:

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