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Criminal Law Test with Answers Essay Sample - Bla Bla …

Introduction Treaties are the highest source of international law besides jus cogens norms that have binding effect on the parties that ratify them.2 International human rights treaties rely on the “name and shame” mechanisms to pressure states to improve practices.3 However with “toothless” international human rights norms, moral coercion is not always effective.

You cannot learn how to take a law school essay exam by attending class and reading case books

A weakness, however, is the legal instability and uncertainty those adaptations often produce.” (Mallor, 2007) A few of the most important functions and roles of laws are to peaceably settle disputes, check gover...

Criminal Law Test with Answers Essay Sample

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The EU is supposed to be about trade. Group of people who help each other out.
So why do they pass laws on how powerful a vacuum cleaner can be or a kettle or a hair dryer, or spend millions on meetings and consultations deciding which plug socket we will have in our house in the future, or what VAT rate we should have or what chemicals we can put on our crops, I could go on and on the list is endless. it is no longer about trade it is about control !!!
Even Mervyn King the last Governor of the Bank of England has spoken out about the outlandish statements from the BSE camp and stated in his book that the proposed Fiscal Union of the EU will Tear it Apart!.
Do we really want to be in the middle of that when it happens ?
Even German voters are asking for a referendum on leaving the EU.
I live in North Derbyshire and the farmers around here have got Vote Leave Banners everywhere. I work in an engineering company that has replaced 40% of it’s staff with EU staff, why ? I guess because they are cheaper. It is destroying the UK. we own 70% of the water in the EU but get 13% of whats in it. Will be interesting to see if Scotland joined as a member STATE (we are no longer countries we are states) in it’s own right if it would have to give up some of the oil rights to other countries in the EU.
How anyone can believe Cameron, who tripled university fees, claims we will have world war 3 and has not actually got any agreement on anything as they wont vote on his concessions unless we vote to stay!
There are 10000 officials in the EU that earn more than Cameron. Of course they want to stay in the club, it’s there next job, there next bonus, there next gravy train, 70% pension and only 6% tax if you get on that gravy train.
in the words of JFK “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” the answer is

Stephen, The point of the EU is that you have to ask why it passes any laws ?
The WTO does not or any other trading group. And most of the laws already exist in the UK, and the average law takes around 4 years to pass and goodness knows how many hours of debating! So it creates a massive administrative burden for the EU. Great if you work for the EU but not so great if you have follow all these laws as well as all you local laws that cover the same things. The point of most of the laws is to make the EU a level playing field, i.e. take away competition between member countries (oops sorry STATES).
That means that the only thing that differentiates between countries is cost of labour. So the lower costs states get all the work. Not good for us as manufacturing is moved out of the UK. in fact i watched a very large lorry form the east of Europe unloading today at a factory in staffordshire. The contents of that lorry used to be made at that factory 6 months ago. And that factory has laid 6 people off.

The answer must surely be no, given the hierarchy of norms in EU law

Eu Law Free Movement Of Goods Free Essays - StudyMode

The new 7th edition of Q&A Law is designed for students preparing for exams in law. Professor Foster brings his examining experience to bear, pointing out common pitfalls and providing examples of ideal answers. He explains how to tackle successfully the sort of problems and essay questions typically found in exam papers. He guides students clearly through the process of planning and structuring answers, providing advice on what to include and on what to leave out.

History shows, be it Canada or US or the EU, competition law enforcement has never been welcomes by big business enterprise as it has the potential to hamper profit and ability to form cartels.

Nigel Foster, Questions and Answers: EU Law 2009 and …
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Business Law I Chapter 9 Answers Essay Example for Free

He then goes on to state how long trade deals with other countries will take citing the time that the EU has taken for the process. First of all, the EU has a single Commissioner to negotiate all trade deals for 28 Member States simultaneously with countries outside of the EU. In Britain’s case, we would be able to have a dedicated team to look after ONLY Britain’s interests and would be considerably quicker. In any case, there is a convention under International Law that says that an existing trade deal would not have to be abandoned simply because an individual member has left a bloc. Both the parties simply need a simple accord to continue trading under the same conditions as before.

Business Law I Chapter 9 Answers Essay

However, in time it would enable the voter to choose political parties that would have the power to remove us from the EU-US stranglehold presently holding us to ransom. Which, for any countries freedom, it is imperative to be in a position to choose those who rule over them. And whilst in Europe thise we don’t have. Europe is passes laws, sets up alliances and trade deals that are not in the best interests of the British people. Immigration being a dastardly part of that project to change our culture, expectations and aspirations to those of a third world mentality. In essence slave labour with no way out.

EU Law (Law Express Questions & Answers): …

According to the textbook, The Legal Environment of Business, tort law provides “remedies for the invasion of various protected interests.” (Cross & Miller, 2012) In this essay about tort law, I will talk about a tort case that has personally impacted me.

Buy EU Law (Law Express Questions & Answers) ..

Kevin, I like the way you are pinpointing the problems. However, I must disagree with the solution and the source of the problems. You are right companies like cheap labour but:
1) the same companies pay tax that go back into the country to subsidise the low earners
2) this a problem of globalization (and not the merely the EU)
3) limiting labour (through immigration laws) can make companies move hence less tax into the treasury. You may say this doesn’t happen in the US but they are in a completely different geo-political environment and their economy differs greatly from ours in the way it operates.
4) government is in power to change laws to make work conditions better (they are the ones that came up with zero-hour contracts not the EU).
5) an EU reform is required that will limit immigration for in- and out-of-work benefits (that was in progress before the referendum and I personally hope other member states will introduce it in order to stop the fallout of the EU)
6) Housing shortage is due to oversea investors. Whenever they talk about supply and demand they never define the demand side! The growing Asian markets and the fact that Chinese can not export more than 40 000$/year from China. That’s the reason In 2013, three-quarters of US investment immigration visas were issued to Chinese nationals. That is also why the “buy to leave” is gaining momentum in the UK, especially London. Yet again the only institution that can put the breaks on it is the government. Instead they are milking the stamp duty money source to subsidise the failing UK economy.
7) Eastern Europe is a different story all together. To sum it up, we had the common wealth, they were part of the Soviet union. That puts them in a disadvantaged position and it is hard to draw any comparison between the Eastern bloc and the UK.
8) The government is in power to boost apprenticeship schemes. The same way it can lower tuition fees and reintroduce maintenance grants.

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