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Why should you respect your parents?

A variety of different strategies have been employed in arguing forsuch respect claims. For example, the concept of moral respect issometimes stripped down to its bare essentials, omitting much of thecontent of the concept as it appears in respect for personscontexts. The respect that is owed to all things, it can be argued, isa very basic form of attentive contemplation of the object combinedwith a prima facie assumption that the object might haveintrinsic value. This does not involve the valuing commitments thatrespect for persons does, since respectful consideration might revealthat the object does not have any positive value. What we oweeverything is an opportunity to reveal any value it might have, ratherthan assuming that only persons have the kind of value that morallywarrants attention (Birch 1993).

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Pramukh Swami Maharaj teaches youngsters that parents must be respected, even if there may be some flaws in their attitude and behavior.
The parents of a devotee from Amdavad were in the habit of favoring their younger son who was insincere and prodigal.

How To Respect Your Parents Essay Free Essays

In the family, there are various reasons as to why children should strive to respect their parents.

My Value essays When first born to a family, as a child we don't know what race we are The top three values that I was taught were to respect my elders, family

My Value essays When first born to a family, as a child we don't know what race we are The top three values that I was taught were to respect my elders, family

Respect Your Parents Essay - 449 Words - StudyMode

18 Jul 2011 There are many reasons why you should always listen to your parents.

If you do not have someone there to help you through this time, you often turn to other things like acting crazy and wanting to take your own life because you feel as if you are not loved and you want to get rid of the pain.

In moral philosophy, theorists have also focused on connectionsbetween self-respect and various virtues and vices, such as self-trust(Borgwald 2012, Govier 1993), justice (Bloomfield 2011), honesty(Mauri 2011), benevolence (Andrew 2011), humility (Grenberg 2010),self-forgiveness (Holmgren 1998, Dillon 2001), self-improvement(Johnson 2011), general immorality (Bagnoli 2009, Bloomfield 2008),and arrogance (Dillon 2003, 2007).

These are the suggestions of how to help your loving parents that Allahhas given you.
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Essays > Respect Your Parents

Finally, respect is generally regarded as having a behavioralcomponent. In respecting an object, we often consider it to be makinglegitimate claims on our conduct as well as our thoughts and feelingsand are disposed to behave appropriately. Appropriate behaviorincludes refraining from certain treatment of the object or actingonly in particular ways in connection with it, ways that are regardedas fitting, deserved by, or owed to the object. And there are verymany ways to respect things: keeping our distance from them, helpingthem, praising or emulating them, obeying or abiding by them, notviolating or interfering with them, destroying them in some waysrather than letting them be destroyed in others, protecting or beingcareful with them, talking about them in ways that reflect their worthor status, mourning them, nurturing them. One can behave in respectfulways, however, without having respect for the object, as when a teenwho disdains adults behaves respectfully toward her friend's parentsin a scheme to get the car, manipulating rather than respectingthem. To be a form or expression of respect, behavior has to bemotivated by one's acknowledgment of the object as calling for thatbehavior, and it has to be motivated directly by consideration thatthe object is what it is, without reference to one's own interests anddesires. On the other hand, certain kinds of feelings would not countas respect if they did not find expression in behavior or involved nodispositions to behave in certain ways rather than others, and if theydid not spring from the beliefs, perceptions, and judgments that theobject is worthy of or calls for such behavior.

How to Respect Your Parents Essay ..

There are many different kinds of objects that can reasonably berespected and many different reasons why they warrant respect; thuswarranted responses can take different forms beyond attention,deference, and judgment. Some things are dangerous or powerful andrespect of them can involve fear, awe, self-protection, orsubmission. Other things have authority over us and the respect theyare due includes acknowledgment of their authority and perhapsobedience to their authoritative commands. Other forms of respect aremodes of valuing, appreciating the object as having an objective worthor importance that is independent of, perhaps even at variance with,our antecedent desires or commitments. Thus, we can respect things wedon't like or agree with, such as our enemies or someone else'sopinion. Valuing respect is kin to esteem, admiration, veneration,reverence, and honor, while regarding something as utterly worthlessor insignificant or disdaining or having contempt for it isincompatible with respecting it. Respect also aims to value its objectappropriately, so it contrasts with degradation and discounting. Thekinds of valuing that respect involves also contrast with other formsof valuing such as promoting or using (Anderson 1993, Pettit1989). Indeed, regarding a person merely as useful (treating her asjust a sexual object, an ATM machine, a research subject) is commonlyidentified as a central form of disrespect for persons, and manypeople decry the killing of endangered wild animals for their tusks orhides as despicably disrespectful of nature. Respect is sometimesidentified as a feeling; it is typically the experiencing of somethingas valuable that is in focus in these cases.

Enlightening Essays - Respect Parents

The attitudes of respect, then, have cognitive dimensions (beliefs,acknowledgments, judgments, deliberations, commitments), affectivedimensions (emotions, feelings, ways of experiencing things), andconative dimensions (motivations, dispositions to act and forbear fromacting); some forms also have valuational dimensions. The attitude istypically regarded as central to respect: actions and modes oftreatment typically count as respect insofar as they either manifestan attitude of respect or are of a sort through which the attitude ofrespect is characteristically expressed; a principle of respect is onethat, logically, must be adopted by someone with the attitude ofrespect or that prescribes the attitude or actions that express it(Frankena 1986, Downie and Telfer 1969).

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