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Senator McCain would like to cut taxes and simplify the tax code.

has actively sought out 18-24 year olds, the group collectively known as "Generation Y." The Arizona Senator reached out to young voters with a message of personal honesty and government reform, drawing large crowds on college campuses in New Hampshire and South Carolina (Sullivan, "McCain Gets").

McCain has addressed some of the issues that concern America's youth today.

John McCain endured five and a half years of torture by the North Vietnamese in their prison system after he was shot down during the war with Vietnam. It would seem that a war hero running for the presidency might be a shoo-in but that certainly is not the case. First there is Laura Ingraham, a right-wing radio commentator, who contends that McCain is not conservative enough for her and her listeners. Then we have Ann Coulter, who purports to be an author of some sort, but when she appears in interviews, her vitriol is unending. Madame Coulter is the most unlovable creature that I can imagine. Yet there was a gossip columnist who reported that she and her boyfriend had recently broken up. I am at a total loss to understand why any man would find her the least bit attractive.

Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin called the McCain-Feingold Bill.

Senator McCain has been a United States Senator since 1986, and he was a Member of the U.S.

I suspect that I am as patriotic as any other American. It is quite true that I enjoyed the days when I could walk on the streets of Muslim cities without fear of being kidnapped or killed. That is probably no longer true. All of this has flowed from the thought that we have declared war on the Muslims by contending that a good number of them are radical Islamic extremists. The simple fact is that we can not go around the Muslim world and stick our fingers in their eyes and expect them to respect or love us. It has been my lot in life to enjoy the hospitality of Muslims living in Rabat in the west to Bahrain in the east. I have no intention of ever making a pilgrimage to Mecca. But I believe that fairness indicates that Muslims deserve our respect. If we attempt to recreate the Crusades of 1000 years ago, the Muslims will resist and will no longer be friendly to us. Perhaps when George Bush goes away, sanity may return once again in our relations with the Islamic nations. If John McCain succeeds George Bush, all bets are off. There will be prolonged warfare for the foreseeable future.

"Jack McCain was transferred to New London a few months later, but for that brief period Panama became the epicenter of three generations of a family whose distinguished naval service would eventually span the great national upheavals of the twentieth century, from World War I through Vietnam and its still murky aftermath"(Timberg, 1999, p....

Thank heaven McCain didn’t make it to the oval office.

Senator McCain has led the effort to ensure trigger locks are sold with every firearm.

Thus it is no surprise that the has withheld support of George Bush in this election.

I daresay that if you were to put labels aside and take candid inventory of your moral and political ideals, of your aspirations for your country, and of your concern for the rights and well-being of your fellow citizens, that you would find yourselves far more in accord with Senator Kerry than with President Bush.

The question before the house is whether McCain has the competence to carry out the office of the presidency of the United States, not whether he was shot down or served a term as a POW. The fact that he was shot down is irrelevant as it pertains to the American presidency.

"Senate Inquiry in Keating Case Tested McCain." New York Times 21 Nov.
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Senator McCain believes that our military is the finest in the world, but has serious readiness problems due to declining budgets and increased deployments.

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Each page varies; some simply list contact information, while others have inspirational letters from McCain supporters and extravagant graphics like waving state flags.

Mary Gaitskill's Classic Essay on John McCain | Literary …

Obama versus McCain research papers are custom written on the two presidential candidates and . Often it is difficult for to sort out the political issues between the two candidates. Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate and John McCain is the Republican. Beyond that, many students don't understand the issues and where each candidate stands due to the myriad of confusing messages. Simply put, the Obama versus McCain presidential election is in danger of becoming merely an exercise in the quasi-science of television . Â

John McCain: Modern Progressivism Essay - 655 Words …

The danger of this is that advertising is essentially amoral, as we can illustrate in an Obama versus McCain research paper. Â It should be remembered that advertising aims to sell a candidate rather than to educate, inform, or offer a rational choice. Â It is indifferent to the truth and seeks to sway the public as often by disinformation as by information. Â Unfortunately, this Obama versus McCain advertising has become very effective, so effective that both parties are trapped in a vicious circle; the party that abandons advertising techniques and seeks to conduct politics on a higher plane will probably suffer crushing defeat at the polls. As a result we are confronted as students trying to sort out the Obama versus McCain issues with a devaluation of our politics, a cheapening of political debate, the substitution of manipulative techniques for honest proposals, and an ever-growing cynicism towards politicians and in general on the part of the electorate. Â

John Mccain for President - Essay - Leroy3Wade

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