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Pros of Childhood Vaccines Essay - 497 Words

Vaccination has changed the modern world. Indeed,it has led to the elimination or significant decline of manydiseases that once posed significant and potentially deadly healthrisks. Public health officials in the United States have managed toinstitute a program that, though subject to variations on a stateby state basis, essentially mandates certain vaccinations as arequirement for school attendance. While these vaccination programsare touted by most public health officials, a significant number ofpeople oppose mandatory vaccination. The County Nurse episode helpsilluminate the perspectives of the various sides of the issue, aswell as one possible solution.

published in  said they follow their doctor's recommendation for childhood vaccines.

Autism is a dramatic illness, or regarded by some-disorder. There are opinions that autism is caused by the parents who have damaged their children by withholding love and affection that those children withdrew and never came back. Then it was proven that families are susceptible to autism, that the damage is done to the child in the womb and in the genes, not in the pediatrician’s office with a syringe. At the same time, it must be noted that children’s illnesses are tragedies for the family. When a child is sick, severely sick, sick without any hope to ever be fully cured, it is natural for parents to start blaming other parties for what has happened to their children. In my opinion and also according to some publications, the first wave of the assumptions that vaccination causes autism has come from the parents who wanted to shift the blame from the family onto medical science.

Free Essays on The Necessity of Health Vaccines

health officials to warn of the importance of a common childhood vaccine."

The response of health officials has been to askwhy the burden should be placed on them to disprove a link betweenthimerosal and autism; cell phones, ultrasound, or diet soda couldjust as easily be the culprit. Indeed, the typical response to thosecharging vaccination with causing many of the adverse effectsoccurring in life’s first few years is to point out thatusually such accusations are based on nothing more than thetemporal proximity of the vaccine and the illness. Some havesuggested that the rates of autism may be on the rise not becauseof thimerosal, but because of generally more accurate diagnosis ofthe affliction. In the past, an autistic child may have beenwrongfully diagnosed with other mental disorders. Figures showing a correlation between therise in autism and the drop in other diagnosed mental disordersbolster such assertions, and suggest that vaccination may simply bea convenient scapegoat.

As the thimerosal issue makes clear, vaccines oftenprovoke strong feelings amongst various segments of thepopulation. Proper consideration of public reaction toits actions is a delicate aspect of FDA regulation of vaccinesafety. To complicate matters further, one can easily imagine anequally vehement response and similar claims of conspiracy had theFDA not worked to reduce thimerosal from vaccines as aprecautionary measure. Indeed, public confidence in the safety ofvaccines is often influenced by factors outside the typical FDAcalculus. Though FDA must act in the interests of the generalsafety regardless of public opinion, it may sometimes be necessaryfor FDA to consider public opinion, at least when exercisingdiscretionary oversight. After all, the entire VAERS system is to alarge extent dependant on public cooperation. Nevertheless, whenthe choice is between FDA popularity and doing what is right forthe safety of Americans, the FDA should not allow itself to beswayed by a misinformed public.

Childhood vaccination - Term Papers - Moffatharoun

In any case, whether infectious diseases diminished without inoculation is irrelevant to the causal effectiveness of vaccines.

Though state governments determine whichvaccinations are mandatory for school attendance, the federalgovernment plays a key role in vaccination. Perhaps mostimportantly, the federal government regulates the safety andeffectiveness of all vaccines. The FDA’s Center for BiologicsEvaluation and Research (CBER) is charged with this criticaltask. The role of CBER ranges from pre-approvaltesting of potential vaccines to facility inspection to continuedoversight and sampling after approval. Regulation of vaccines can be more stringentthan for other biologics or drugs. Even after a vaccine is licensed, forexample, FDA oversight is prevalent. Since vaccines are derived from livingorganisms and are particularly susceptible to contamination andother environmental factors, manufacturers usually must submitsamples of each vaccine lot for testing before release.

Before a vaccine can even be licensed fordistribution and use, it must go through an extensive testingprocess relatively similar to that of drugs and otherbiologics. First, a new vaccine must be tested forsafety on animals. The vaccine manufacturer next must file anInvestigational New Drug application (IND) with the FDA. Studies are then undertaken to ensure safetybefore any human testing takes place. In addition, the IND must describe thestudies intended for humans.

Nevertheless, rabies cases overall has decreased compared to previous years due to increased restrictions that includes vaccinations and laws.
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Against Vaccination - Essay by Hannahmilam - Anti Essays

In addition to medical exemptions, almost everystate grants religious exemptions for those with sincere religiousbeliefs opposing vaccination. Individual states tend to vary with regard to thelevel of religious conviction necessary to obtain a religiousexemption. Such exemptions reflect the sometimes uneasy balancebetween mandatory vaccination programs and First Amendment FreeExercise rights, even though the Supreme Court has validated theright of states to mandate vaccination without providing for suchexemptions. West Virginia, for example, does not providereligious exemptions.

Understanding Childhood Immunization Essay Example …

A better critique of these programs would focus onwhether mandatory vaccination causes more overall harm thana voluntary system; that is, is it better when viewed at thegeneral, rather than the individual, level? Ironically, the verysuccess of vaccination programs in reducing the incidence ofonce-prominent diseases has led some to ignore the overall andcontinuing benefit of community vaccination (herdimmunity). But for parents to decry the “remotechance” of harm from vaccination while ignoring the very realchance of outbreak in an under-vaccinated population is to reframethe issue entirely.

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In what may be a combination of the two challengespreviously discussed, many individuals challenge vaccine programsbecause of a lack of information about vaccines. Many people, for example, legitimately questionthe wisdom of forced vaccination before long-term effects of avaccine are studied. One website that purports “to provide awide range of news and views on vaccination and vaccinationpolicy” has summarized this challenge to vaccines simply asopposing the idea of “a parent, any parent, being forced todo something that has even a remote chance of harming theirchild.” Since long-term (ten or more years down the road)and low-risk (on the order of one-per-million or less, for example)side effects may truly be unknown, this concern does present achallenge for public health officials.

Autism And Vaccination Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

Some religious exemption statutes have spurredchallenges on Establishment Clause grounds by those who claim theyfavor organized or recognized religions over the sincerely heldreligious views of others. These challenges, if successful, would lead to theinvalidation of many religious exemption statutes. Rather thandecrease the number of religious exemptors, however, this mayactually lead to more religious exemptors. The political climate ofour day, along with the experience of a few states already (such asArkansas), suggests that legislatures may respond to invalidationof religious exemption statutes that require adherence to anorganized religion by drafting more general and expansive religiousexemption statutes. By subjugating religion to compulsory vaccination,courts may actually be helping to bring about a system with evenmore religious exemptors, thereby harming the very vaccinationprograms to which religious objections had beensubordinated.

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