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Robert Hand - Astrodienst - Horoscope and Astrology

In one story, Heracles was very attracted to a young virgin by the name of Deianera, and so he slept with her....and then agreed to marry her. In another story (which may not conflict with the former story at all,) Heracles married Deianera because, while he was in the underworld, he promised Deianera's dead brother that he would. Anyway, Eurytion (another Centaur...possibly one of the as yet unamed ones) asked for Deianera's hand in marriage, and her father consented (perhaps he was afraid of saying no to a Centaur?) Well, Heracles found out, burst angrily into the wedding celebration, killed Eurytion, and took Deianera to be his bride. I am not sure if Heracles was on his honeymoon or not, but he and his new wife had to cross a river that was overflowing. Nessus, according to the myth, offered to ferry Heracles' wife across a river.....and when he reached the other side, tried to rape her. Heracles, quite naturally enraged, shot Nessus with a poison arrow. As Nessus lay dying, he told Heracles' wife that, should Heracles ever be unfaithful, she could bring him back to her by placing the blood-soaked cloak (now on Nessus' back) over Heracles' shoulders. (In some of the more graphic stories, though, it was a mixture of his blood and semen that Nessus told Deianera to scoop up....and to put on a cloak one day should Heracles stray in his affections.) Years later, she remembered Nessus' words, and did precisely that. But Nessus lied....on his death bed, he wanted revenge. The cloak caused Heracles to burn up with flames of magic, and he was in terrible pain. Hera finally relented, allowed his physical body to die on earth, and translated him to Mount Olympus where he was made one of the gods for all time. (Something to ponder....it was Nessus' poisonous act that, in actuality, healed the feud between Hera and Heracles.) It is interesting that, many years earlier, Zeus had told Heracles that he would be killed by a dead enemy! Robert von Heeren just added this additional information he found about Nessus' mythology:

"Pausanias 10.38.2 [paus. 10.38.2]
"[10.38.2] Others believe that Nessus, ferrying on the Evenus, was wounded by Heracles, but not killed on the spot, making his escape to this country; when he died his body rotted unburied, imparting a foul stench to the atmosphere of the place. The third story says that the exhalations from a certain river, and its very water, have a peculiar smell; the fourth, that asphodel grows in great abundance and when in flower...because of the smell.
Nessus links up the orbits of Saturn and Pluto. Once upon a time, Saturn was thought to be the last planet out, and was equated with endings, and even with death. These two certainly have a lot in common, don't they? We have just begun to explore the implications of this, so we can certainly use your feedback!

Essays on astrology robert hand ..

If, on the other hand, your PI has done hundreds of investigations and in every case has found either a natural explanation or an unsolved mystery, you've probably met the person you should hire for your investigation.

Essays on Astrology by Hand, Robert

Arhat Publications: Books, articles and information on the history of astrology from Robert Hand.

The Aries Ingress of 2002 takes place on March 20, 2002 at 2:17 p.m. EST. Again, we have a fixed sign rising; according to Masha Allah, this means that this chart should rule for the entire year (see ). This chart is a source of some concern. Mars is in detriment in the 10th house squaring the Ascendant and Neptune on the Descendant. Mars – by its house placement, at least – qualifies as the Lord of the Year, but its being in detriment might disqualify it. (Determining the Lord of the Year is not an exact science.) It certainly suggests a belligerent administration whose attitude toward open enemies (Neptune on the Descendant) is neither clear nor especially wholesome. The Lord of the King (Venus) is also in detriment in Aries in the 9th house of foreign affairs. Of course, Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries are also in mutual reception. The problem here is that two planets in their own detriments do a rather poor job of mutual reception. Based upon my own experience, such a mutual reception does have an effect, but it is quite weak. Having an occupant of the 10th house in detriment and square Neptune on the Descendant and having the ruler of the 10th house in detriment in the 9th does not bode well for the conduct of the administration in many regards, and it is an especially unpleasant signification when considering war. This by itself does not indicate the inevitability of war, but if there were conflict, it is unlikely that it would be handled well.

Robert Hand has been a student of astrology since 1960 and a full-time professional astrologer since 1972. His books include Planets in Composite, Planets in Transit, Planets in Youth, Horoscope Symbols, Essays on Astrology, and a short text on astrological sect, called Night and Day. He has explored heliocentric, sidereal, Uranian/cosmobiological, and in mundo techniques, and he uses a synthesis of these, along with more usual techniques, in his practice. He has a B.A. in history from Brandeis University and did graduate work in the history of science at Princeton. In 1976, he began writing astrological programs for microcomputers, and in 1979, he founded Astro-Graphics Services, Inc. (now Astrolabe, Inc.) and Astrolabe Software, to make the benefits of computers available to astrologers. Currently, he is involved with ARHAT (Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts) Media, Inc., a company that publishes translations of ancient and medieval texts. He and his wife, Elyse Karin, also have an active astrological consulting practice in the Washington, D.C. area. Hand has served as chairman of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and has won numerous awards from various astrological organizations for his work. He may be contacted through the ARHAT Web site or by e-mail at

Books by Robert Hand (Author of Planets in Transit)

Essays on Astrology by Robert Hand 4.23 avg rating — 31 ratings — published 1982

Horoscope of Robert Hand, born on 1942/12/05 - Astrology
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