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Democratic discourse is at the center of what has become known in recent years as public realm theory. Political theorists such as Hannah Arendt and Jurgen Habermas have devoted considerable attention to the importance of public discourse in latter-day democracies. They maintain that an institutional arena of public discourse and civic participation is essential to counterbalance the dual pressures of state and market. They conceive of the public sphere as both a process by which people can deliberate about their common affairs, and as an arena, or space, in which this can happen naturally. Their work is aimed at establishing a normative framework for a robust public sphere as well as preserving it from the erosive influences of modern society. Arendt believed that the in latter-day democracies the "rise of the social" has created a public realm increasingly dominated by non-political — and therefore non-public — elements. Habermas's primary concern is with the changing rationale for politics. He contends that the "structural transformation" of contemporary societies means that the discursive and interactive politics of the past are being increasingly replaced by technical and administrative politics devoid of genuine public judgment.

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Giroux, H. A. (1989) , New York: Routledge. Very helpful collection of essays that examine schooling, citizenship and the struggle for democracy.

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Grounded in a way of life in which all can develop their qualities and capacities. It envisages a society that itself is intrinsically educative and in which political socialization is a distinctively educative process. Democracy is a moral ideal requiring expanding opportunities for direct participation.

This transformation has been paralleled by a similar shift of emphasis about the underlying rationale for political discourse. Advocates of the new "teledemocracy" maintain that since it is impossible for millions of people to have the sort of participatory democracy available to members of small communities, such as the Greek polis and early New England towns, new electronic mechanisms need to be invented to connect citizens with each other and their leaders. The sort of political discourse they advocate aims not to foster public deliberation, as it was described by the framers of the Constitution or the classical philosophers, so much as to safeguard freedom of expression, provide alternative avenues for the expression of public opinion, and allow citizens to participate in the processes of government.

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True democracy ought not to know resentment, not even when faced with the fate of an utterly oppressive and exclusionary history.Heller is well-known for being the most popular regime critic.

After years of segregation and oppression of blacks, many different chronological events put together led to an eventual reform in South Africa of equality and democracy for everybody.

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1. The Straits Times, Bid to End Dispute at Chinese Newspaper, Singapore, January 9, 2013.
2. Samuel Brittan Speech, Why Democracy is Overrated, Cambridge, March 9.

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Therefore, claiming democracy as overrated is not fair. Though this political system possesses a number of drawbacks, and is sometimes inefficient, it is still the most suitable form of government for most modern societies. Though some critics blame democracy in the oppression of the minority by the majority, in practice, a democratic process is a constant search of compromise that satisfies as many people as possible. Democracy is an important factor of economic efficiency, and a reliable mechanism of ensuring the rights of each individual, and a proper functioning of authorities and social institutions.

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Carr, W. and Hartnett, A. (1996) , Buckingham: Open University Press. 233 + xii pages. Useful collection of essays that detail developments in England and Wales. Includes a very helpful chapter on democratic theory and democratic education.

Democracy Uprising | Articles and Essays by Mark Engler

Critics of democracy point to the economic success of authoritarian China, as opposed to the economic malaise currently faced by the democratic West. They connect economic success to the type of political regime, claiming that manual management of the economy, in various degrees, is typical for authoritarian countries and is more efficient than a free market economy. However, China’s progress is specifically caused by the liberalization of the market and the society. As China grows into an economic superpower, capable of rivaling the United States, its people aspire for greater political freedom, as shown by the more relaxed leadership style adopted by President Xi Jinping (The Straits Times, 2013). To ensure the People’s Republic of China continues developing successfully and that its current political and social foundation remains intact, the Chinese Communist Party needs further support of the people. This means the deepening of the democratization processes. Economic gains is difficult or impossible without loosening the reins; thus, democracy positively affects the state of the economy.

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Democracy garners much support from the popular belief that an alternative regime is a dictatorship or a monarchy. While not all monarchies or dictatorships bring disaster to their subjects, the critics of democracy often elude that democracy results in the oppression of the minority by the majority. Critics also say that elections, especially in third world countries, are not conducted in a free and fair manner, and this is necessary criteria for a real democracy. However, the point about oppression by the majority is not always valid. The results of elections, and thus, the efficiency of the people’s declaration of political will, depend on various factors, such as the type of electoral system in place. A proportional electoral system is considered to be the most fair, since it covers the diversity of outlooks that exist in every society. Depending on local peculiarities, each country uses the most suitable type of electoral system: proportional, majority, or mixed. Besides, considering all points of view, it is impossible to please everyone; therefore, a compromise is needed. Democracy provides more possibilities for a consensus than any other political system. Thus, it is difficult to unequivocally claim that in democracy one group of people implicitly oppresses another.

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