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Essay references - Monash University

We follow Matt Lucas as he prepares for the performance of a lifetime, we hear from those involved with the show's creation including Cameron Mackintosh and Michael Ball, and of course we enjoy wonderful moments from the show itself".

Includes interactive menu with credits, slideshow of photos from final show and stage door footage!

At this point, it is worth pausing to note just how significant thedifferences are that have been posited to obtain between the mechanisms by which names and indexicals refer. With respect to names, it seemed at least plausible that such terms might refer by means of an associated description, which might also serve as their meaning or content in context. With regard to indexicals, in contrast, such a suggestion lookedhighly implausible. Many indexicals seemed to be sensitive to highly variant aspects of the context, such as what is salient or what the speaker's mental state happen to be. Names, on the other hand, appeared to be far less sensitive to these sorts of factors. Such considerations would seem to cast into doubt whether there is just one way in which referential terms refer; in other words, such considerations make it look rather plausible that there is more than one basic mechanism of linguistic reference. Perhaps this is right. Perhaps there is no one mechanism by means of which speakers use linguistic items to refer. On the other hand, there are several ways in which one might try to bring greater order to the various cases we have considered.

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Many of psychology's most famous texts were originally written in another language and then translated into English.

Bentham was one of the more ardent proponents of theconspiracytheory, referring to "lawyer's cant" as "an instrument, an iron crow orapick-lock key, for collecting plunder." After all, he wrote, ifyoustrip away all the jargon, "every simpleton is ready to say--What istherein all that? 'Tis just what I should have done myself."

That lawyers actually created legal English, orclingto old habits, to keep the public in the dark and protect theirmonopolyon legal services is surely exaggerated. Still, lawyers seem totrotout their most ancient, redundant, and convoluted phrases when writingdocumentsdirectly for clients, particularly wills. The average will (foranestate without potential tax liability) is not conceptually all thatcomplex,and most of the language is pure boilerplate. Yet lawyers areableto charge hundreds of dollars for drafting one. All too often,complexityof language masks simplicity of content.

Actually, lawyers can be quite creative and innovative when itsuitstheir purposes. They have readily coined neologisms like (alimony paid to a "pal" or unmarried partner) and (money damages for loss of the pleasure of life). And, as wehaveseen, lawyers can speak eloquently and very understandably to jurorsduringtrial. If legal documents are inscrutable--as many are--it ismorethan a matter of tradition.

Some critics have suggested that the long retentionoflegalese is not just due to the profession's general conservatism, butcomesfrom what might be called a "conspiracy of gobbledygook." Assuggestedby David Mellinkoff, who wrote a classic critique of the language ofthelaw: "What better way of preserving a professional monopoly than bylockingup your trade secrets in the safe of an unknown tongue?" Mellinkoff'sreference was to Law French, but he could just as well have beenwritingabout legalese today.

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Includes Lennon Medley on The Today Show, RENT on The Today Show singing Seasons and What You Own, E!

This early version of the show featured dancers from some of the Broadway musicals, but no "name stars" participated (but some of the dancers who have gone on to greater things include Michael Barresse, Scott Fowler, and Greg Ramos) The production values were also not as elaborate as more recent versions of the show.

1 DVD (6/21/09), pro-shot, Sutton Foster, Allison Janney, Kevin Chamberlin, Norm Lewis, Mo Rocca, Whitney Thompson and Michael Urie, internet themed game show, including skits inspired by e-mail, shopping, recipes, gambling, dating, crashing computers, Youtube and much more, A+

How do I Write an Essay Using References? | The Pen …
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References are often used to support information discussed in essays

What’s the difference? A reference list consists of all sources cited in the text of a paper, listed alphabetically by author’s surname. A bibliography, however, may include resources that were consulted but not cited in the text as well as an annotated description of each one. Bibliographies may be organized chronologically, or by subject, rather than alphabetically.

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A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique string of letters, numbers, and symbols assigned to a published work to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet. The DOI is typically located on the first page of an electronic document near the copyright notice and on the database landing page for the document. When DOIs are available, include them in the reference information. Place the DOI at the end of the reference, and don’t add a period at the end of it. Here’s an example:

Essay about In Vitro Fertilization No Refernce - 988 …

Furthermore, the legal system desires to have thelawappear maximally objective. Court orders are typically in thepassivevoice (the writ of certiorari is granted), creating the impression thatsuchacts are accomplished without the intervention of a fallible humanagent. The objectivity of the law is reinforced by judges' use of the thirdperson,referring to themselves as , rather than . Broad and impersonal statements of legal rules (Any person who does Xshallbe guilty of a misdemeanor) make the law seem supremelyimpartial. Of course, such impersonal statements once again reduce clearcommunication. Broad and sweeping generalizations are far less effective than warningsthatif you do the following, I will throw you into prison.

Much more could be said about legal language, and tothosewho are interested, I recommend beginning with my book, , as well as the additionalresourceslisted below.

On the history of legal language

Baker, J.

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Justifying fees is not the only reason for thepersistenceof legalese. Their distinctive language allows lawyers to markthemselvesas members of the profession. Law students soon learn how to"talklike a lawyer." Use archaic words like and. Embed them in convoluted syntax. And neveruseone word where a longer phrase is available.

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