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Why Politicians Have to Lie (Thinking Hard about Politics)

It would be foolish even to try to say in the space remaining to me what might be done to increase the prospects for love of country over jingoism. Clearly though, if we do not care for truth, then the prospects are zero. Our responses to lying will be a function of the kind of value we place on truth and truthfulness. A serious concern about truthfulness must extend beyond a concern with lying. If we cease to care about it more extensively; cease to care, for example, about the seriousness with which academia and the media seek the truth, and protect the conditions under which it can seriously be sought, then after a time it will matter less to us whether our politicians lie to us so long as their mendacity does not affect our material interests. I believe that has happened.

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In politics mendacity can affect the kind of collective that citizens can honestly believe themselves to be, what kind of "we" they can honestly say that they are – we Australians, we French, we Italians, and so on. Even if the lies of their politicians do not at all affect their material interests, pervasive mendacity can defile citizens' love of country, making it impossible for them to love clear-sightedly without pain. In one of the great speeches of our recent history, former prime minister Paul Keating expressed his pained love for Australia in the shame he felt because of past injustices and our refusal to acknowledge them adequately in full truthfulness. "We took the traditional lands, committed the murders, took the children," he said in his 1992 Redfern address.

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It would therefore be quite absurd to deny that politicians must sometimes lie if they are honourably to rise to the responsibilities of their calling. Acknowledgement of that, however, is a far cry from the cynical expectation that politicians will lie to protect their parties and even their careers. Because our political language is now so debased, we think little of the difference between what belongs to the very nature of politics, and what, contingently if pervasively, politicians do. There is no good reason to think that our expectation that politicians will routinely lie to promote party and career is an insight into the nature of politics. It seems, to the contrary, to reveal incapacity to understand the possibilities in politics. Our cynicism is not so much a moral failing as it is the expression of how impoverished our life with the language of politics has become.

In modern times Max Weber distinguished, in his essay "Politics as a Vocation", between the "ethics of absolute ends" and an "ethic of responsibility". There is much confusion in Weber's essay, but it is deservedly a classic, partly because of the way it captures the age-old sense that to make politics everywhere answerable to the ethical is to undermine the distinctive sense of responsibility to the world that a politician who is sensible of the terrors of his or her vocation must possess. Readiness to do evil when it is necessary to safeguard the conditions of political communality is, as Weber put it, the most salient aspect of the "ethic of responsibility" that defines a political vocation. But it defines it only when it is in genuine tension with what he called the "ethics of absolute ends". He tended to identify that with a form of Christian pacifism, but he need not have done. His purposes would have been served equally well if he had contrasted an "ethic of responsibility" with the Socratic doctrine that it is better to suffer evil than to do it, or with St Paul's injunction (with which the Socratic doctrine is often associated) that one must not do evil though good may come of it. Both are examples of an ethic of renunciation and, for over-determined reasons, renunciation cannot be the way of politics. These doctrines and their challenge to politics have shaped a fundamental part of our tradition. Politics that avoids or subverts that tension declines into moralism of a kind that threatens the conditions of political communality, into reckless adventurism or into the ruthless pursuit of economic or strategic interests justified by appeal to necessity when none exists. Politicians must, as politicians, sometimes do what morally they must not do. That dilemma, soberly acknowledged, constitutes the misery and the dignity of a political vocation.

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Do politicians really think they won't be caught when they lie? With the presidential and congressional campaigns in the homestretch, the quadrennial contest for. Capitalists are moved by unreasonable passions, but are politicians and bureaucrats any wiser or more disinterested? Come On Baby, Why Do Politicians Lie? Bob Edgar I'm convinced that politicians are no more dishonest than the rest of us. Jun 01, 2012 told CNN's Wolf an associate business professor at the Harvard Business School who studies how and why people lie. Apr 23, 2014In defense of political lying. Politicians lie for so many reasons that its hard to pin a single motivation on them. Is Legitimate For Politicians To Lie Politics Essay. Published: 23rd March 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015. This essay has been submitted by a student. We even lie to our significant others about who Cause and Effect Essay This event has been thoroughly dissected by a whole herd of politicians and pundits. Noam Chomsky Why Do Politicians Lie? Professor Colin Hay on Why we hate politics; YouTube. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Politicians. When politicians lie: reflections on truth, politics and patriotism by Raimond Gaita. SIMONE WEIL SAID in her book The Need for Roots (Routledge and Paul, 1952) that. Politicians errors seem to fall into three categories: We think hes equivocating. Offensive comments made while somebodys trying to be clever or score points when they shouldnt be. Read Politicians quotations and famous sayings about Politicians on Read Print. Answers: Some people say that sometimes you are obliged to lie, that occasional lies dont hurt anybody and are. Politicians mislead voters because there's no one to stop them, Lying politicians: A fact of life. So you get the effect of the big lie. Nov 06, 2012Why All Politicians Lie It's a the only the way to get elected is for her to get her hands dirty argues political Michael Walzer in his 1973 essay. And that vision meant that Americans demanded that our politicians not lie to us that they cohere to our Photo Essay. Defending America About; Institute. Sep 25, 2012I'm constantly amazed by how often politicians lie and then, Do you have information you want to share with the Huffington Post? All politicians lie but its better if not mentioned. We dont need to be relativistic about it, we dont need to introduce kneejerk. Lying by Jonathan Wallace we talk about politicians lying, not leaders; (It was an important goal to include in this essay at least one example of a lie I. Dover Beach By Matthew Arnold Essay Research. Why Do We Lie Essay Research Paper. While many people are resigned to being lied to by politicians, few will defend the premise that a leader should lie to us for our own good. The use of the language of the lie as a trompel. Politics Government Lying Politicians: Why They Do It, And Why We Let Them Lies may be the norm in politics, but are they ever ethically defensible. Is Legitimate For Politicians To Lie Politics Essay. Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015. This essay has been submitted by a student. Politicians have come and gone and their mouths have moved in front of large images of themselves, and they often wave at someone. May 05, 2010Essay about The Art of Lying billboards and politicians are examples of the different levels of Imagine a lie being the last thing you said to a. What are examples of politicians being caught in an outright lie? Why do politicians lie so much? What should I do if I am caught lying. Politics and Lies Why Politicians Lie Perkel Politics and Lies Why Politicians Lie Politicians lie because the public wants to be lied to The reasons. The Difference Between Being Lied TO, and Lied FOR. Psychopaths have played a disproportionate role in the development of civilization, because they are hardwired to lie, kill, cheat, steal, torture, manipulate, and generally inflict great suffering on other humans without feeling any remorse, in order to establish their own sense of security through domination. Politics and Lies Why Politicians Lie Politicians lie because the public wants to be lied to The reasons politicians lie is because the public doesn't want to hear

When it comes to the conflict between politics and morality, the left/rightpolarisation has a corresponding moral polarisation, based mostly on uncertaintyabout whether those worse off "deserve" their fate. If we could study every person'sindividual circumstances, we might decide that some do deserve their fate and othersdon't. But political policies are necessarily based on averages, and everyone hasa different opinion on how much the poorer and the richer in general deserve theircurrent economic status. And most people have opinions that are conveniently consistentwith their own personal economic interests (and which therefore determine their voting decisions).

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A sign of the conceptual loss that I have been pointing to can be seen in the fact that in the universities, serious talk of a vocation gave way to talk of a profession and that in politics, talk of a vocation moved quickly past talk of a profession onto talk of a career. Perhaps that is why so many people accept that there is nothing in the very nature of politics, as there is in professions like law or medicine, for example, that should make politicians ashamed to lie as often as they seem to – ashamed, not just as human beings but as politicians. Few people believe that politicians who lie regularly disgrace their profession. The ethical standards of a profession do not only regulate the conduct of its practitioners, they define what it is to be a professional of this or that kind. Were they merely regulative rules, like the rules of the road, observance of them could not be a deep source of pride and satisfaction, so deep as to be partly constitutive of a person's identify. Our failure to see politics as more than a career may be the effect of longstanding disillusionment with the conduct of politicians. If that is so, it is nonetheless important to see that what were once standards constitutive of an honourable profession (and before that, a vocation) are now merely rules (considerably relaxed) that protect us from the low behaviour that we have come to expect of many politicians.

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We fully understand value and meaning in personal relationships and in politics when we see them in lives deepened by them. That is why there are no whiz kids in this area. Understanding of value and meaning is, I believe, necessarily mediated by example, example that moves us and which we take as authoritative. There is no purely discursive route, available to any reasonably intelligent person of goodwill, to the appreciation of the value of anything important, let alone the value of a lifetime seriously devoted to politics.

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