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Judicial Sentence of Life in Solitary Upheld

Was he humane in his handling of his victim? Was it humane to send his victim to the ground? Was it humane to sentence the victims family and friends to a LIFETIME and generational lifetimes of solitary pain in the loss of their loved one?

It then makes 14 statements about this one solitary and unique life that we believe.

I am at ease knowing you are in a place far worse than hell. You killed an innocent man and shot another. Did you once in your pathetic essay tell how after 25 years of sitting in solitary with all this boredom have any thoughts of remorse? What about these men who put on their uniforms, kissed their wives and children goodbye and went to work? One to never return home and the other to lay in a hospital surgery after surgery being put back together because of you? Do you know what hell it has been for their families? This essay is nothing more than a woe is me story. You have nobody to blame but yourself. All these people defending your poor upbringing ~ what about David Pelzer? He went through hell as a child. Do you feel as though you deserve anything but the lowest level of care? To fester in solitary and think of all the things you once loved and enjoyed? A person like you is not capable of those things. Death would have been an easy way to take your waste of skin out of this world but suffering is far more just. I truly hope that you spend the rest of your days alone with nothing but your sanity slowly slipping away. Thank you Gov. Mario Cuomo for keeping Billy Blake in this hell and I can only hope he is never granted a pardon!

is his murderer in solitary for life?

I’ve been busy with lives little trials but I commend you two’s efforts to put together ideas to solve the problem of solitary confinement.

As with previous Epochal Events, the advances in mental achievement were as dramatic as material changes. However, other than the , humans largely possessed the same cognitive equipment. If an infant girl from the that left Africa could have been placed in a home in an industrialized nation today, there is little reason to believe that she would not live a normal life. The changes in mental achievement during the journeys of have had little to do with biological changes and, in fact, in the past 30,000 years. Humanity’s material and mental changes were thoroughly interrelated. The human world became vastly more complex with the rise of industrialization, so much so that most people today have very little understanding of how their world actually works. It usually takes systems thinkers with scientific training to to understand the modern world’s complexities. For instance, about 95% of Americans are scientifically illiterate and have little idea where their energy comes from or how the myriad moving parts of their civilizations operate and interact. Americans are effective and are , and the rest of the industrialized world is close behind, but they have little idea where any of it comes from or how it was produced and delivered to them.

Serfdom largely replaced slavery in Europe by about 1000, but . By 1434, the first captured Africans to use as slaves were delivered to . The sitting pope , and one of humanity’s greatest disasters began. Portugal dominated the for more than three centuries. The other Portuguese commercial obsession, before they seized the , , was gold. African gold began pouring into Lisbon when the slaves did, and the Portuguese began minting gold coins in 1452. The pursuit of slaves and gold characterized Portuguese and Spanish efforts in the Western Hemisphere during the 16th century, which caused history’s greatest demographic catastrophe: . Life was also cheap in the imperial nations. The mortality rate for the crew during the centuries that Portugal used its spice route . , and Europe ignored the cures for centuries.

One Solitary Life - an essay on the life of Jesus Christ

Solitary confinement sure does sound like a living hell, no comparison to the hell of the surviving family of the victim.

I had a friend serving a life sentence who had a severe medical condition which, untreated, would certainly kill him within a year or two. He refused treatment, saying he had nothing to live for. The only argument I could come up with that had any traction with him was this: Just by being alive, regardless if he was in prison for his natural life, he still had a role to play in the lives of his children and grandchildren. Just by being alive he prevented the infliction of pain and grief upon those he loved, even if he did only see and talk to them every couple of weeks. I told him if he truly loved his family and friends, he owed it to them to inflict as little pain and suffering upon them as he could manage. It worked. He recently passed away, painlessly, from natural causes, at an age nobody would think of as too young. That makes about nineteen years he put off that inevitable suffering his family would endure after that conversation we had about his illness. And ultimately, I believe, due to his advanced age, his death was easier for his loved ones to accept than it would have been when we had that discussion.

“People get over the death of lost ones. There are stages of grief, and acceptance is the last part. Grief of a lost one exponentially decreases with time, while the pain of a life sentence in solitary only increases.
All of you lack of empathy.”

Now that is what I am talking about Life in Solitary confinement and NO PAROLE, the DEAD can not receive Parole, so why should he?
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One Solitary Life,Inspirational Christian Story

In 2013, average Americans used about 80 times the energy that was provided by their diets, which has been called having 80 energy slaves, but that understates the reality. A barrel of oil provides about one year of the calories needed to fuel a human body, but if that oil were used to power machines, it would perform more than ten man-years of work, often doing work that humans could not perform in any case, such as propelling an automobile. Each American really has several hundred energy slaves working for him/her, which is why the average American lives a richer lifestyle than Earth’s richest human of two centuries ago. In 2013, the energy in the oil wrested from Earth’s crust contained enough energy to power several hundred energy slaves. Add in the other energy resources, and industrialized humanity rode on the backs of about one energy slaves. In today's industrialized nations, humans perform a tiny fraction of one percent of the actual work done; energy-powered machines perform more than 99.9% of it. In contrast, the reproduction of intelligence is in its infancy. In 2012, humanity's 500 most powerful supercomputers achieved the combined computing power of three human brains. The day that each human has even one "mind slave" is a distant future event.

Christian Medical Comment: One Solitary Life

But what led to English success in North America, more than anything else, was the energy-rich continent that they stumbled into. Intact forests and soils were long gone in Europe, and seemingly virgin lands were there for the taking, as long as the natives were removed. Soon after the USA achieved its independence from Great Britain, during a meeting of English and American diplomats, a British diplomat noted that despite their many similarities, among them their common heritage, the Americans at that meeting were all about a foot taller than their British counterparts. Colonial New Englanders lived several years longer than their British counterparts. The rich soils of North America grew larger people than Europe’s depleted soils, and Americans always had one of humanity’s longest life expectancies. That was largely why they could .

One Solitary Life by Ken Blanchard, James A. Francis, …

At this juncture, I will ask my readers to perform an exercise that I first saw described by Peak Oil advocate , which is to lay aside data and graphs and just think about how energy makes everything in our daily lives possible. Think about your food, water, mode of transportation, and materials that comprise your home and possessions, and think of the role that energy played in providing them. Think about the energy that you use each day in powering your home and in your transportation, even if it is just walking. Then imagine running out of energy. When you flipped on a light switch, nothing happened. When you turned on the tap, no water came out. Your refrigerator stopped working, food deliveries to your community ceased, and no electricity, oil, gas, coal, or even wind or water power was available. Everything in your life would come to a sudden halt. When people have tried to demote energy below spirituality, social relations, or even made it irrelevant to economics, my question is for them to see what they can forego the longest: prayer/meditation, social interaction, sex, or energy. The fossil fuels burned to power industrial civilization provide several hundred energy slaves for each American and no less than hundreds per person in every industrialized nation. All that those energy-leveraged humans do is direct the energy, like holding the reins of a gigantic beast that each person rides each day. Airline pilots half-joke that they begin their workday by strapping jet airliners to their waists. Without that energy to direct in the myriad ways that industrialized humans use it, modern civilization would come to an abrupt end.

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