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"Why Do So Many College Students Drop Out Of College ..

[…] Students Drop Out Posted on November 27, 2007 by Mike F. Go College has a list of 11 reasons students drop out of college. While they try to be positive (”Hey, this […]

Why Students Dropout Of College Essay

Gina DeLapa, a licensed professional counselor who spent over 10 years working as a career counselor at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, has seen many students who fit this profile. “First, over the last several decades, college tuition has risen not just incrementally but exponentially, and families expect to see some sort of return on that investment.” If they don’t – for example, the student is earning poor grades – DeLapa says families question why they’re sacrificing so much for so little.

Why do students drop out of school? (cause-effect essay)

Basically, that is why I feel that many other students drop out of highschool/college: too much shit from teachers. =)

I seem to find college to be a bit ridiculous with all these requirements to move into your major. I always had the mindset to go to college, but now I’m just bummed out because of math. I have put so much effort in studying, tutoring and cannot do it… It really makes me angry that for a business major you have to take things like stats, calc, finite math, etc..The truth is these subjects are irrelevant to a business degree.. I think I’m going to drop out because I’m sick of wasting my time and money when a trade could provide a decent financial path. These colleges really need to reorganize and get with the real world, BASIC MATH is all you need to succeed. I find the system is set up to fail the student, so they can suck the money out of you.

College is a great experience and you havce access to many important educational features. Take full advantage of everything your college has to offer because whether you know it or not- you are paying for it! Learn about student loans, the FAFSA and all means of paying for school. This can be a significant part of why people do not go to college. There are numerous scholorships and grants available for various people such as grants for mothers,ethnic backgrounds and 1st time college applicants in families. Research is key when finding out information about payments.

(cause-effect essay) Why do students drop out of school?

Why Students Drop Out Of College - Essay by Carita1Q

It’s half and half with me. I actually go to school and work part time and I make more than enough to pay my bills and still go to school. It depends on how much you like to spend and how you handle your money if you can’t keep money and feel you have to drop out to get more. I do understand that sometimes its stressful, but you have to look at the plus side of the situation as to why you are in college. No, I don’t have any children and I’m not married, but all of my friends have children and they are still great parents who are in school and even have jobs. Its all about time management when you take on other things like school and work.

students flunk out for many reasons. all the above are true. i am in college right now. i got 2 kids that are 2 and 3 years old. i also got a third one due in 6wks. i have tooken semesters off for family issues and perwonal reasons, but i am back and trying again. it is very hard on me right now. but i know im never going to accomplish my dreams without my career degree. thats what keeps me pushing on. knowing i need the money for my kids to have a good life and to do that i have to finish college. i was a dropp out but now im back to try again.

Why Students Drop Out Of High School Education Essay
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Reasons Why Students Dropout Of College Essay | …

Im dropping out of college because of soaring costs and the sudden realization that college is nothing more than a business draining every student of money and time. The problem is that there are toooo many people going college. And unfortunately many of them will or already ending up debt. And one major problem I find with my classmates is that many DO NOT know what major they should pick, so they get stuck in the system, never getting out and feeding money to these “schools” and for what , a f…ing piece of paper???

Reasons Why Students Dropout Of College Essay

Im in my second year of college im seriously thinking of droppin out.I’m actually a good student and I’ve passed all my classes, but its just too expensive and they make me take all this useless classes that have nothing to do with my major, and I’m just wasting money and time with those classes. It sucks man.

Why students dropout of high school or college essay

i dropped out of college after 3 and a half years it was the best decision of my entire life i hated the bullshit. the only reason why i went to college was because i waspresssured to go, i hated my major and after 3 years of the bullshit i was clinicaly depressed. now i have been out of college for 3 years. im an electrician im engaged and currently buying a house. if you dont like college DROP OUT NOW! dont waste your time for a stupid useless peice of paper!

Why Students Drop out of Classes Essay

College is honestly not for everyone. After 3 1/2 years I have learned more from myself than I have from any of the courses I have taken. Maybe I am just too self motivated to sit through the masses at college and I know that even if I dropout I am still miles ahead of my peers. The only thing that was keeping me in school was my parents forcing it upon me, but now that I have created my own business I am finally perusing my own dreams and doing things my own way. If you have a creative enough mind, and you know you are smart and feel “why am I wasting my time in college” research your other options and way to the choices before you make the decision. If you have 30k of debt built up, it isn’t wise to drop out only to work at a job paying 8$ an hour, you will be living in poverty and working off your loans the rest of your life. On the other hand, if you have a set list of skills, look to the market and find your true calling. Not everything requires a college degree and sometimes passion and drive is all a person needs to succeed in this crazy world. Don’t fall victim to the idea that you absolutely need college, although this philosophy should be applied to the majority, there still does indeed have to be a minority. If you have brains and can use them outside of college, just do it… it is as plain and simple as that.

Why students dropout of college essay

2009 figures from the U.S. Department of Education show that, on average, only 36% of American students finish a bachelor’s degree in 4 years. 53% take five years, and 58% take six years to complete a 4-year degree. These reflect the students who do finish, and not counting up to the estimated 44% that drop out or never finish. Girls graduate at higher rates than boys, and the lowest 4-year graduation rate is for young men at public universities: Just under 24% finish a degree in 4 years. Private, non-profit colleges have higher graduation rates, but only slightly.

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