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The Prophethood of Muhammad (sws) - Khalid Zaheer

If anyone is interested in reading a historian’s case AGAINST Joseph as polygamist, Richard and Pamela Price have a book “Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy” which can be read online for free. They mention that when polygamy debate was argued in court (to determine which restoration offshoot could claim title to the Temple Lot in Missouri) the judge was not convinced the witnesses who claimed to be wives of Joseph and Hyrum were credible. Also, DNA has not proved any offspring from either man by anyone other than a legally recognized wife.

This is an unfortunate example how little Lori, and those praising this essay understand

Is spite of what you document about Helen Mar it simply was a strange and abnormal situation. So what if it was not sexual. Her we have her father giving her like chattel to a man 24 years her senior. She was a child. She grew up believing JS spoke for God, What else could she do? It was a marriage at least given she could not socialize, At some point it would have been a marriage for more than just eternity had JS lived. There really is nothing godly in any of this. But active Mormons need to defend the indefensible in order to maintain a testimony of Jospeh. They would never accept this from anyone else. They would run from. It. But I understand. I used to do the same.

The Prophethood of Muhammad (sws) ..

The presence of Jews is attested to by the so-called Jewish Gate in Kiev.

I agree on all accounts; it is nearly inextricable from mormonism. I did, however, try to address a venue that it could still work:
Option 1: If Joseph was a prophet of God, then it is plausible that he had a vision or insight into what we now know of families and sealings and he completely misinterpreted it and polygamy was the result. God knew that it would one day be rectified by a later prophet (60 years later), and people do have their free agency to believe or accept things, so God let it stand until it could be corrected at a later point in time. This paints a lackadaisical deity, but at least he’s not a misogynist.

I never want to hear again that we need to overlook the ugly details of polygamy and polyandry because Joseph Smith did so many amazing things for mankind; that these unpalatable narratives are merely unworthy distractions from his amazing legacy. Joseph Smith was NOT the restoration; he was part of it. The thousands of faithful saints who believed in him sacrificed beyond reckoning– THEY deserve for their stories to be told as well. The women who gave their lives to Joseph, who were passed off as inherited wives to Brigham after Joseph’s death, and the thousands of women who entered polygamous marriage against their wishes– their stories and sacrifices are equally important. The husbands were stretched beyond reason to try to provide for ridiculously large-sized families; we can’t forget the hurt they must have felt in not being able to satisfy the needs of all those who depended on them both spiritually, mentally, or fiscally. By silencing their pain we do a great disservice to their sacrifice. These stories need to be told in their entirety and not just in scholarly biographies (7). This needs to be something that is carefully and openly addressed within the Church Education System in a forthright manner. If Joseph’s legacy is tainted by it, then so be it; for that is the true legacy he left. Even if these stories never get the limelight in church history classes that they deserve; we at least owe it to God to remove Him from being the one to mandate this practice. No good has ever come from blaming God for the sins and follies of men; not even to save the reputation of a prophet.

Prophethood - Muhammad (pbuh) - Prophet of Islam

As for his comment about Krymchaks, it is contradicted by another essay in the same book.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Jews of the Caucasus are genetically related to other Jewish communities around the world, according to a study by Dror Rosengarten, and their main origins are therefore from the eastern Mediterranean region.

If any residue of them has survived, it is more likely to be near the very area in which they first arose, that is the Crimea, which in fact has had a centuries-old indigenous tiny Turkish-speaking Jewish community locally known as the Krimchaks...

It is generally believed that only a minority of Khazars were Jews, not the entire nation.
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UNGS2030 Chapter 5 Prophethood and Its Relevance to the Muslim Life

Joseph Smith’s testimony was powerful because he said he saw Christ and taught that all people can have that same witness. I do not believe that Joseph was perfect, but I do believe he was an honest witness of his experiences. I do not have that assurance about any other person who accused him. The number of accusations have nothing to do with their veracity. Under what circumstances were they written? What was the capacity of the person to stand up against personal pressure? What was their character? There are so many unknowns and rumors involved in deciding truth here that I am choosing to have faith. I believe when we know the full story, I will not be any worse for standing with Joseph.

The Notion of Prophethood in Islam - Essay Samples

The cost of this assumption is that Joseph and everything he taught could be thrown out, regardless of actual truth and light it contains. Satan would love to destroy faith in the Book of Mormon and the reality of Jesus Christ talking with men (and women) personally by simply rehashing the same lies that he used when Joseph was alive to defend himself. The irony is that now the lies are repeated by those who claim to believe Joseph’s testimony in everything except polygamy.

Prophethood in islam essay - Marino in Trentino

It’s really funny to hear a believing member ask why use the church’s information, source , and narrative. I have looked at other sources. The humor comes in that so many defend the church against the use of its own narrative and sources. Of I can’t trust the church to give proper information…and information that has not been twisted with a faithful narrative….then with what information can I trust them? The answer is that we can’t trust them wit any information.

Examples Of Compare And Contrast Essays Elementary 5 Paragra

This leads me to believe that there are other opinions on this issue, and Joseph may not be the womanizing fallen prophet he appears to be from the stories written by historians that assume his guilt. I have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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