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Why people think that mobile phones should be banned in school?

— Should students be allowed to take cellphones to school? Or should cellphones be banned in schools, as New York City has officially done for several years?

I think camera/video phones should be banned from schools.

No it shouldn’t be banned from schools because it can be a very helpful tool for the learning environment. Not sure what the school policy is about cellphones, however I do know they cannot be used during class hours unless otherwise stated by the teacher.

Should Mobile Phone Be Banned in Schools will be available on

keeping in view of this situation it is always better to ban mobiles in the schools and colleges.

I believe that as a student, having your cellphone at school is very necessary. I do not believe that carrying a cellphone on you during school should be banned for students. My school policy regarding cellphones is that as a student it is allowed to be brought to school but turned off and put away during school hours. Although, it is allowed to be used if you have a free period or a lunch period. I personally bring my phone to school everyday. My cellphone has both helped and hurt my learning. Sometimes having a cellphone can be a great learning tool for certain activities during school. Also, during my free period , first period it has helped me with finishing my online homework without me needing to go to the library and use the computer. Having my cellphone during school has also hurt my learning because sometimes it can be used as a distraction during class. I believe that cellphones can be a distraction during school to a certain extent because some kids are focused on their work and know when and when not to use their phone and others care more about the use of their phones then actually learning. Sometimes when someones phone goes off during class or they feel the need to text someone they might use their phones during class and they will not be focused on the lesson that their teacher has present to them. I myself have seen a student use their phone to cheat but it is not something that happens often. I feel as if cellphones do cause social media drama and bullying during school at times but that can also happen at home or anywhere. I believe that some students use their phones for good learning tools during school and others may use it as a distraction depending on the student. A big reason why kids need their phones during school is to communicate with their parents. I, myself use my phone to contact my mother after school everyday because I do not have busing to and from school. There are many different personal reasons why someone might need to contact a parent during school.

Some people think that the use of mobiles (cell) phones should be banned in public places such a in libraries and shop and on public transport. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Should mobile phones be banned in schools? | …

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As New York prepares to lift its longstanding ban on cellphones carried by students in schools, it joins an increasing number of cities, including Chicago and Miami, where school leaders are yielding to the ubiquity of mobile phones and the futility of trying to keep them out of the classroom.

The use of mobile phones in public places is as antisocial a smoking. Smoking is banned in certain places, so mobile phones should be banned in the same way. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Or do you think that the problem is so serious that all phones should be banned in schools if this will help stop it?
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Mobile Phones Should be Banned in School Essay -- …

Report authors Louis-Philippe Beland and Richard Murphy say despite the benefits of new mobile technology phones cause distractions, reduce productivity and are detrimental to learning."We found that not only did student achievement improve, but also that low-achieving and low income students gained the most," the economists said."We found the impact of banning phones for these students was equivalent to an additional hour a week in school, or to increasing the school year by five days."The report surveyed the test scores of secondary schools in Birmingham, Leicester, London and Manchester before and after phone bans were introduced.

mobile phones, schools, - Mobile Phones Should be Banned in School

I strongly believe that there should be no attempts to prevent anyone from using mobile phones in public sites. Not only would this mean a breach of the core rights of individuals, but it could also cause an emergency situation to be neglected.
Centuries of fights culminated in a free society, where people have their basic rights, such as talking on the phone or texting their loved ones, guaranteed by the state. Hence, were any policy against individual freedom of choice put into action, our civilisation would be moving several steps backwards. Obviously, it is expected that each one show their respect towards others while using their handsets, but by no means should they be forbidden to do so. History is full of such foolish ventures, and the results have constantly shown that this is the wrong way to go.
Moreover, those who stand up for the band turn a blind eye to potential emergencies or unexpected situations. Five years ago, I was in a 5 hour long train journey, when my grandfather had a serious domestic accident. Fortunately, I was able to receive a call straight away and take timely measures. However, had I not picked up my phone immediately, the outcome could have been tragic. In other words, communicating while on the go is a feature enabled by technology, which has made peoples` lives much easier and safer. There is no reason to go back in time and ignore the benefits from this.
To sum up, any civilised debate is healthy and people are entitled to share their opinions and suggestions about a whole range of topics. Nevertheless, when it comes to communication and, ocnsequently, to individual freedom, the community in general should think not twice, but three times, before adopting any measure to curb it.

Should mobiles be banned in school Essay Examples

hi Liz, please check my writing, i am a beginner here.
My target is 6,5.
Please tell me how can i get it? thanks in advance.
here my essay:
it is true that mobiles(cell) phones should be prohibited in general places such a libraries and shop and on public transport. I completely agree with this idea because of some the following reasons.

Should mobiles be banned in school Essay

I only have time to give you one comment. This essay is about banning mobile phones in public. The instructions ask if you agree with this. Where is your answer? Please watch my free video lesson about writing an introduction for an opinion essay. You need to learn how to give your answer directly in the introduction.
All the best

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