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(HOA), a national organization committed to preserving the rare and historic Colonial Spanish horse, has announced an essay contest for all ages to benefit the HOA Youth Program.

If you want information about what horse slaughter operations do to cities, go here:

Additionally, (you and I are roughly similar in age) electrocution of horses is and has been for many years regarded as an unacceptable method for equine euthanasia. Huntsmen use captive bolt guns. When used correctly the method is humane. Perhaps what you wrote is true (I have seen this done in Iowa) or not-for effect, regardless, readers should understand this is not an option.

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Yet this excessive rebelliousness is often the effect that too much authority has on spirited pupils.

Well, Jane, when you can get the horse slaughter industry to advocate for better regulated transport (there’s a bill sitting in Congress waiting), please let me know. Better regulated industry sounds good, but that regulation tends to cut into profits. That’s why the industry had done nothing to advocate for more humane methods when it was operating here. And where and when is this distribution of horse protein happening in this starving world? More fiction.

Its sad someone post that they have read to many stories of starving horses and believe everyone to be true. In fact we have investigated some of these news stories and called authorities most stories were untrue and mere lies. Just as the same lies that we are all Peta or we are Terriorist or that we are out to hault the production of all meat products. When will these Pro slaughter Morans stop the lies. For years horses have traveled to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. closing Texas and Illinois had only increased naturally. These foreigners that operated in America had already made plans should they be exposed and forced to be shut down for operating for years in Texas against the law. Now a few elected sellouts that are only listen to the Cattle Industry and the Over breeder Assocation such as the AQHA ,and the APHA and others. Most Pro Slaughter people should NOT own a horse they fail Responsiblity they cry its to much to euthanize a horse or bury it.. Then dont own one plan and simple.. I can bet not one of these pro slaughter people even donate to any horse rescues in the US or Canada. Nor does these organizations such as the AVMA or the AAEP They all knew Double Deckers where used and inhumane they knew horses are a flight or fight animal they sat there and told lies to promote slaughter. They say there not pro slaughter and that slaughter is humane euthanisa. Then I got a Hawian Horse Ranch to give you.. According to the USDA’s (FOIA) Freedom of Information Acts the years of neglect and inhumane treatment went on and Not one of these organizations that took an Oath to protect animals did nothing to stop it. Do some really think if we had the US plants open abuse and nelgect would stop Please get real. Reality is these are criminals that abuse and neglect animals the same kinds of people that would do this to there children. Fined them Jail them dont reward them. What kind of world is this… Wake up its time to stop horse slaughter for good and stop exports too.

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There is a great danger in the tendency to suppose that opposition to authority is essentially meritorious and that unconventional opinions are bound to be correct: no useful purpose is served by smashing lamp-posts or maintaining Shakespeare to be no poet.

One alternative form of euthanasia not mentioned here is euthanasia by gunshot. This sounds terrible, old-fashioned and barbaric, but if done properly, a single bullet to the head is fast, painless and does not leave toxins behind; the body can then be buried without a coffin. While not ideal, I vastly prefer this scenario to horses being shipped long distances across borders to slaughter, or being left out on their own to starve because that’s the only thing their owners can afford.

Free Essays on Essay On Horse In Urdu. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30
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But the U.S., while breeding an abundance of horses, has not made any provision for their disposal. Anti-slaughter activists would like all excess horses to be cared for, but have not designated who would pay what Robert Lawrence of the Equine Industry Program at the University of Louisville estimates to be $400 million dollars a year. A few years ago, an anti-slaughter bill was passed in California. The result was just as veterinarians opposed to the bill feared. Horses were still sent to slaughter — only they had farther to travel (Mexico and Canada as opposed to Texas) and they traveled in worse conditions. Many other horses (as the veterinarians also feared) were simply left to starve when their owners could no longer feed them, since euthanizing and rendering cost money that an owner may not have. And abandonment is a problem that has burgeoned since the beginning of the current recession. Last fall, a certain town in Northern California announced that horses could be brought to town on a certain Saturday for no-questions-asked euthanization. It was the most merciful thing to do.

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he arguments in favour of a great degree of freedom in education are derived not from man's natural goodness, but from the effects of authority, both on those who suffer it and on those who exercise it.

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Through author's use of characterization, symbolism, and language in The Rocking Horse Winner, Lawrence successfully portrays a greedy and cold hearted mother, Hester, who attempts to fulfill the dissatisfaction in her life using wealth and material comfort.

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While I’m not a fan of slaughter per se, I want to see a humane, environmentally sound method of dealing with equine death, and neither mass chemical euthanasia nor “warehousing” hundreds to thousands of unwanted horses in an underfinanced sanctuary will properly address that. If bringing back slaughter in this country reduces long, painful, deadly trips in crowded trailers to Mexico, or prevents horses from being turned loose to fend for themselves and likely die of starvation, then bring it back until we can do better. The current situation is simply NOT acceptable.

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