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Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo

: Sri Ramanujacharya who lived between 1017 and 1137 was one of the foremost exponents of the Vishishtadwaita (qualified dualism) philosophy, which was based on the premise that God and soul were separate entities as opposed to Shankara's philosophy of Advaita (Non duality). He was born at Sri Perambadur in Southern India and was given the name of Ilaya Perumal by his parents. After his father's death at an early age, he and mother shifted to Kanchipuram, where young Perumal grew up and mastered all the Vedas by the age of 16. He was married a year later. But the marriage did not prove to be very successful. His wife did not appreciate Ramanuja's deep interest in the lofty ideals of Vaishnavism and had scant respect for the deeply religious Vaishnavites. Probably these difference made his task of taking to Sanayas easier. He renounced the worldly life at the age of 30 and got a new name as Ramanuja Muni. After being initiated into the secrets of Vaishnavism, he decided to help the people with the knowledge he gained. Soon his popularity grew. He acquired a number of followers. He traveled to various parts of India spreading the message of Vishishtadvaita and winning many people to his path. He wrote Sri Bhashyam, a commentary on the Brahma Sutras, and also composed many other works. After a period of intense activity, during which he ensured the success of his movement, he left the mortal world in 1137. His body was said to have been preserved within the temple presincts, at Sri Rangam, in a sitting posture. To read more about Sri Ramanuja please .

Bhagavad Gita Essay bhagavad gita essay Bhagvad Gita - In the Light of Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo's mystic researches as well as investigation of the Rig Veda revealed a similar schema, with three lower worlds (Earth, Antariksha or the middle region, and Heaven (Dyaus), corresponding to body, life, and mind, divided from the higher divinity by an intermediate region known variously as Truth Consciousness, Greater Heaven (Brihad Dyau), the "Wide World," the "Vast" (Brihat), or the "Great Water," or "Maho Arnas"; this is the fourth Vyahriti mentioned in the Upanishads as "Mahas", most likely corresponding to Vijnanamayakosa / Buddhi.

Essays on gita by sri aurobindo - Correct Recovery …

Essays and criticism on Sri Aurobindo Ghose - Critical Essays

: Sri Aurobindo was born in Calcutta on August 15,1872. His father, K.D.G was an atheist who wanted to bring up his son on the ideals of western culture. So he sent young Aurobindo to England at the age of seven. Sri Aurobindo completed his education in England very successfully and also, at the behest of his father, participated in the Indian Civil Services Examination. But he contrived to fail the horse riding test and returned to India in 1893. He joined the Baroda State Service, where he spent the next 15 years, working in various capacities. During this period, he also developed deep love and reverence for Indian Culture, Nationalism and Yoga. He also translated some Upanishads, the Gita, the two epics, the works of Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti and some other prominent ancient writers. At the same the political situation in the country was drawing into the whirlpool of the nationalist movement. But unlike many educated, middle class and moderate Indians, he chose to join the revolutionary movement as the means to overthrow the British rule. In 1906 he shifted his residence from Baroda to Calcutta and joined the National College as its Principal. Simultaneously a remarkable inner transformation took place in him. He turned increasingly to the practice of yoga and meditation. Due to his revolutionary activities, he was sentenced to one year imprisonment. While serving the jail term, he experienced the universal presence of Lord Krishna. After his release, he shifted his residence to Pondicherry, where he spent the rest of his life exploring the various levels of consciousness and trying to bring the supramental consciousness into earth conscsiouness. He wrote a number of books explaining the process of the descent of higher levels of consciousness and the way they would transform the human world eventually. In his efforts, he was assisted greatly by the Mother who came originally from France. Sri Aurobindo left this world on December 5th, 1950. The Mother continued his work in the earthly plane till she passed away in the seventies. To know more about these remarkable personalities

: Born in 1854 AD, Sri Vasudeva Shastri, who was later to be known to his followers as Sri Vasudevanand Saraswathi, led an ordinary householder's life before he turned completely to spiritual life. As a householder, he led a rather difficult life, owing to the disputes between his wife and mother. As he turned to spiritual life, he made rapid progress and received direct guidance from Lord Dattatreya. Shri Govind Swami whom he met at Wadi acted as his guide and mentor during these testing times. After his wife's death, he renounced the worldly life completely and went to Ujjain, where he was initiated into monastic life by Shri Narayananand Saraswati, who also gave him the title of Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati. The Swamiji spent the next 23 years of his life in the service of Lord Dattatreya, traveling to various parts of the country by foot and propagating the Vedic ideals. To more about Sri Vasudevanand Saraswathi please .

The Essays on the Gita,Sri Aurobindo Yoga , Swabhava and Swadharma

Essays on gita by sri aurobindo - …

: Sai Baba was born at Puttaparthi, a remote village in southern India, on November 23, 1926. As a child he performed many miracles and at the age of 13 underwent a miraculous transformation, after he was bitten by a scorpion. Two months after this incident he declared himself as an incarnation of Shirdi Saibaba and started manifesting his immense spiritual powers. Soon his fame spread and many people started visiting the otherwise obscure and remote village called Puttaparthi, in the Anantapure District of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. Today, Sri Sathya Baba perhaps commands the largest following of devotees in the world, which include many politicians, rich business tycoons, actors, artists, singers and scholars from all over the world. Known for his miracles and emphasis on unconditional love and equality of all religion, Sri Sathya Saibaba however is not free from controversy. While his critics are ever busy finding faults and crevices in his personality, his devotees worship him as God incarnate. To know more about him please .

Eventually the combined effect of extensive soul development in the higher planes, and finer bodies developed in the lower planes (through transforming karma and 'upgrading' the elementals that make up one's manifest character), allows the consciousness of the deeper self [this is similar to what Sri Aurobindo referred to as the 'psychic entity'] to shine through the lower bodies, giving rise to more and more illumined states of consciousness expressed in the lower bodies.

  After death, the individual in their astral body will become more permeable to the higher self's consciousness, allowing more wisdom and virtue (and ultimately nondual illumination) to shine through, how much depending on the state of evolution of the soul, but always more that the physical self experienced because there is now one less sheath to veil it.

Kurukshetra (Chapter-5 of ESSAYS ON GITA by Sri Aurobindo)
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An Essay on the Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo


  These last two paragraphs are examples of the philosophical poetry of Sri Aurobindo; they use Vedic imagery and are not meant to stand alone in total clarity without further study of his work on the Veda.

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